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Friday, February 18, 2022

Garnish Indian Restaurant on 2-17-22--Swakopmund copy

I hadn't had real Indian food since Malaysia nearly three years ago. This place is OK, if a bit pricey. My Indian landlord in Windhoek would probably let out a loud scream after the first bite, then call in an airstrike.

Local Germans at three tables were the only other guests. The two waitresses were Namibian. Cook was Indian, and so was a woman who appeared to be the owner.

1 comment:

Rabbit said...

You need Pakistanis to make real Indian food. Indian food wouldn't have a lot of Beef Vindaloo or much else without the other side of the border. All the good "Indian Restaurants" I know are owned by Pakistanis. They can't call it Pakistani though eh? They may go with Punjab though which can be Pakistan or India and Westerners assume Indian.