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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Saigon hospital overwhelmed by Covid patients

Saigon is under a three-week lockdown, scheduled to end on August 1st. All wet markets are closed. Only supermarkets are open, but they're too expensive for most people. Saigon gets an influx of rural people each day. They come to work or sell stuff. Now, many are trapped inside the city without any income.

The friend who sent me this video is quarantined inside his apartment building, where 15 people have tested positive for Covid. My friend can't even go outside to shop for food, but must get it delivered.

In this disturbing video, there's a man's voice, "Oh God, I can’t even find a doctor at this hospital since this morning. They’re all hiding. There’s a dead body lying here since this morning, with no one to remove him to be cremated or be buried. Give the old man some oxygen! He’s about to die and there’s no doctor around. He probably won’t make it. All the doctors are hiding somewhere. The doctors don’t even dare to be here. There’s a corpse lying here since this morning. No burial, for real. There’s not a shadow of any medical personel or doctor. Oh God, there’s an old man who’s about to die and there’s no doctor to save him."

Monday, July 26, 2021

Sunday, July 25, 2021


Tagliatelle with shrimps for $5 at Detari Fish on Mine Peza on 7-20-21--Tirana

Very tasty tagliatelle with four large shrimps, plus some tiny ones, for just $5 at Detari Fish on Mine Peza, near where I'm staying. There's no menu of any kind, much less an English one. It's attached to a fish market, so you just choose your very fresh seafood, then ask for risotto, makarona [spaghetti] or bukë [bread], if so desired. One of the workers does speak some English. This morning, I had a large bowl of clams in an excellent broth for $4!


Spaghetti with sauce and cheese for two bucks at Gjelltore Sauku on 7-19-21--Tirana

Spaghetti with sauce and cheese for $2, at Gjelltore Sauku, just off the Avni Rustemi Circle. This joint is for older men, mostly, with slim wallets. There is no English menu.