Monday, October 25, 2021

Mislabeling, Misthinking, Misanalysis, Sure Death

As published at Unz Review, 10/25/21:

This happened in Tirana, Albania. As I walked across Skanderbeg Square one fine morning, a black dog darted across my path. As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, there was a woman chasing after him, shouting, “Nigra! Nigra!”

It’s 2021, lady! At least have the decency to call him, “My nigga!” (Consult Rachel Jeantel for exact pronunciation.) Slurred from birth, how will Nigra grow up to have a long, productive life and contribute to global society?

I’m just joking, of course. Nigra merely means black in Albanian, so it’s not wrong to call a black dog “blackie,” or, for that matter, Jewish power as quintessentially Jewish, and not just “Zionism.” That’s weak shit, pussy. Reread your Old Testament!

With mass death near, it’s evil to mislabel the Covid jab as a vaccine. By definition, a vaccine is supposed to protect you from a disease, not increase your chance of getting it, plus just about everything else, since your immunity’s wrecked by such a death jab.

Is “death jab” hyperbolic? No, if it’s already killed thousands of people, with millions more to come. Note that “Covid vaccine” deaths are only counted as such at least two weeks after the lethal jab, with the rest mislabeled as Covid deaths.

If you collapse right after the needle’s pulled out, you’re dead from Covid, sucka, and not the “vaccine,” and that’s no Jewish lawyer jabbering, but your government.

Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tells us that “Covid vaccines” aren’t just safe for pregnant women, but especially useful to them, “Data show that pregnancy increases the risk of severe Covid disease. And sadly, Covid-19 infection during pregnancy can also increase the risk for preterm birth and other pregnancy outcomes that have impact on the baby. The good news is that we are now fortunate to have the tools to largely prevent these tragic outcomes when they are related to Covid-19. For all three vaccines, there have been no safety concerns in animal studies, there have been no safety concerns in the clinical trials, and there have been no safety concerns in multiple safety monitoring systems that have followed over thousands of pregnant women to date.”

“Safety” repeated four times in such a brief message, and notice also the meaningless “over” to precede thousands. Interestingly, its video on YouTube doesn’t just have comments turned off, but LIKE and DISLIKE disabled.

Ex-Jew Brother Nathaniel is no fan, “She’s a lying Jewish tramp who fudges the death stats of the nasty Vaxx. I’m talking about her false statistics of her CDC’s ‘VAERS.’ She works hand-in-hand with Albert Bourla, Jewish CEO of Pfizer. He and Larry Fink—principal shareholder of Pfizer via his BlackRock Investments—are making millions on ‘divisive’ mandates. Throw in Alex Gorsky, Jewish executive chairman of Johnson & Johnson, and you’ve got four soulless ghouls from hell.”

Online, there are so many claims and counterclaims, people can believe just about anything, but the weeks ahead will bring much greater clarity, should your double jabbed relative(s), or even you yourself, still die from “Covid,” just like Colin Powell.

“Covid vaccines” were introduced into Vietnam in March of 2021. With only 35 Covid deaths by then, Vietnam was lauded worldwide as perhaps the most successful at fighting the pandemic.

As a point of honor and pride, Vietnam spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a British pilot who had just been hired by Vietnam Airlines. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2020 at Saigon’s Buddha Bar, Stephen Cameron caught Covid even before his first flight.

Released from the hospital after nearly three months, Cameron told the BBC, “I’m very humbled by how I’ve been taken into the hearts of the Vietnamese people. And most of all I’m grateful for the bloody-mindedness of the doctors in not wanting me to die on their watch.”

With its borders still closed, plus recent crippling lockdowns, Vietnam now has nearly 22,000 “Covid” deaths. The only difference is the introduction of vaccines, primarily Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

If Vietnamese doctors were brilliant enough to save Stephen Cameron, why haven’t they figured out that American and British vaccines are killing Vietnamese by the thousands?! I’m sure many have, but in a totalitarian society with no free press, you can’t question official policies. Sounds familiar?

American doctors and nurses have also not spoken up, except indirectly, by leaving their jobs by the thousands instead of being death jabbed.

America’s most visible public intellectuals generally support “Covid vaccines.” Amy Goodman, for example, complains that Pfizer doses are not reaching poor countries fast enough. Meanwhile, Chris Hedges laments that the “neo-fascist” states of Texas and Florida “prohibit local vaccine and mask mandates.”

On the fringe, you have very vocal death jab critics, such as Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Brother Nathaniel. Adams also thinks extraterrestrials may be coming to eat us, however. Like Jones and Brother Nathaniel, Adams has also zealously backed Trump, though the ex president’s support for death jabs has cooled this ardor. Sticking strictly to the science, Whitney Webb, Mike Whitney, Paul Craig Roberts, Del Bigtree and James Howard Kunstler have been most helpful on the anti vaxx front.

Title of a recent Mike Whitney article, “It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They’re Trying to Kill Us.” It’s not like there aren’t enough clues via kosher sources, though they’re mostly glancing teases.

They’re trying to kill us because we’re useless eaters who can’t stop breeding. In 1800, there were just one billion people. Now, there are over seven. Cheeseburger chompers, we’re cutting into their Kobe beef feast. Even if we’re just digging through trash cans outside their restaurants and mansions, we ruin their neighborhoods and planet. We befoul their evening walks by lying half dead on sidewalks.

Club of Rome co-founder Alexander King in 1991, “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

Problem is, the global poor want more meat, not bugs, and they don’t see why they shouldn’t finally have a car?

Those at the very top of the all-seeing pyramid want us bottom feeders to change our attitudes, so they can increase consumption. Can’t blame them. They’re winners.

Chris Rhodes in Forbes on 8/13/12, “We are an overshoot species, and may expect a rapid cull, as in the S-shaped curve that prevails for bacteria. The initial growth is slow, but then given sufficient resources (food, oil, and gas in the human situation), the population rapidly escalates until it can no longer be sustained by its food. Then the bacteria begin to starve and consume each other.”

As oil, natural gas, coal and food become scarce this Dark Winter, many of us will certainly consume each other, but why not boost this die off with a few billion reassuring jabs?

Our planet will thank us.

Suki update:



When I left Hanoi at the end of February, 2020, I thought I would stay in South Korea for maybe a month, with perhaps two more weeks in Japan. I never thought the Covid mess would drag on this long, thus preventing my return to Vietnam.

Though being outside Vietnam during Covid has been invaluable for my thinking and writing, I miss my nephew terribly. I've seen Suki in countless dreams and talked to him while wandering foreign streets.

I'm happy to say, though, that four-year-old Suki is doing well. Before the recent lockdown in Saigon, he was in preschool, so made a bunch of friends, he's such a charmer. Rather surprisingly, Suki remembers me well, partly because he loves the toy cars I bought for him in Hong Kong!

I've sent Suki short videos, which he enjoys. Just like before, I use pretty much a full vocabulary, to teach him new words. Even as a one-year-old, Suki was very attentive to each word I taught him. He even knew how to joke with me, such as when he shouted "tôm" ["shrimp"], with a wicked grin, when I showed him a picture of a "cua" ["crab"]. If there was one animal Suki could always indentify, it was a crab. He just loved them. We often went to Saigon wet markets and supermarkets primarily to look at crabs, believe it or not.

In the below video, I tell Suki that though he has seen the ocean, he hasn't seen a mountain, so we'll go see a mountain after I get back to Vietnam. "In time, you'll see everything," I say. "Oceans, mountains, foreign countries." Children force us to be hopeful.

OK, enough of the personal stuff. Now, I get back to my article in progress. It's always a grind, I tell you...


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Saturday, October 23, 2021

To make up for the retarded Nasty C, here's a track from Max Normal,

as filmed in the center of Cape Town:

Max Normal would become the much more famous Die Antwoord. I prefer Max Normal.

A Captonian friend has a son who went to the same school as Sixteen Jones, the daughter of Yolandi Visser and Watkin Tudor Jones, who make up Max Normal/Die Antwoord. One evening, the school had a function where kids would perform, so my friend was there. From afar, he could see Tudor Jones with a girl on his shoulders, so he said to his son, "Look, there's Ninja and his daughter!"

"No, dad, that's his wife."


ZULU MAN WITH SOME POWER mural on Long Street on 10-22-21--Cape Town copy

Zulu Man with Some Power is a CD by rapper Nasty C. (He really sucks.)

The Zulu have only a small presence in the Cape regions. Bushmen have been here for at least 25,000 years. The first Zulus arrived in present day South Africa no more than 2,000 years ago, according to the latest researchs. Their territory is on the eastern part of the country.




RED ROAD TO FREEDOM on 10-23-21--Cape Town

[Clarke's Bookshop on Long Street]