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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Incubating hen behind television on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

[about eight eggs under that hen]

Man with tattooed necklace on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

Man in TWAT shirt on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

Girl and boy laughing at something on cellphone on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

Three girls on 3-24-23--Don Det copy

Woman in conical hat on 3-24-23--Don Det copy

One More Bar on 3-24-23--Don Det copy

[One More Bar]

Writing station at One More Bar on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

Writing station at One More Bar, 8:36AM.

Boy playing with a box on 3-24-23--Don Det copy

$4 14 a night room on 3-25-23--Don Det copy

I saw a sign for $10 a night room with AC, but the owner was not there. At the second mini hotel, a white man at the desk told me he had no vacancy, but I could get a room the next day for $35 a night, so I thought no way! At the third place, a Lao lady said she had rooms for $6 a night, so I had her show me one. Satisfied, I asked what she would charge if I stayed ten days. She promptly lowered it to $4.14 a night, so here I am.

Linh Dinh on 3-24-23--Don Det copy

I'm paying $41.41 [700,000 kips] for ten days for a room with ceiling fan, private bathroom and wifi, plus tiny table and hammock on a deck facing the Mekong.