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Friday, September 22, 2023

João Guimaraes interviewing Linh Dinh (part 4)

As published at SubStack, 9/21/23:

[pro-Israel demonstration in Philadelphia on 11/16/12]

Given that, for the purpose of writing Postcards, you played the role of both observer and commentator, and weren’t a mere outsider looking in and documenting the lives of the people you represented, how did you navigate the ethical considerations of representing the people and communities you encountered during your travels? Especially when it comes to those facing challenging circumstances, how did you navigate the decision to include some sensitive information to the detriment of other information?

-In nearly all cases, a man doesn’t like how he’s seen or depicted by others. If you take ten candid photos of him, he’ll reject eight or nine, if not ten, for he didn’t get a chance to dress up, pose, open his mouth a certain way and suck in his beer belly, etc. If you show him an exact transcription of what he said just an hour ago, he may disown it. An artist’s job, then, is not to flatter his subjects, but be truthful, and not just on any surface level. Further, this truth, no matter how glancing, has nothing to do with the artist or his subject, for both will disappear soon enough, with their names and reputations essentially irrelevant. Ghosts don’t care if they’re slandered or praised, with either likely undeserved anyway. How many have died thinking their achievement, in whatever field, will last, only to have it rot faster than their body! As clueless actors in an endless series of outlandish parables, we’re useless to others, but only if we’re noticed or read. That’s the artist’s job.

“When the world starts speaking your name, change your name,” I remember Rilke as saying, but I can’t find this quotation online. It’s an interesting reminder and tease.

The Postcards book engages with the idea of “spectacle” and how media and technology shape our perceptions of reality. How do you view the relationship between the hyperreal and the authentic in contemporary American life, and where exactly does one draw the line? Despite it being seemingly motivated by a rejection of mainstream media, by existing in a certain media space, doesn’t this book ends up inadvertently falling partially flat on its propositions in that regard? Could it be that the book is inevitably also part of the problem? Would you say there is any way not to be a part of the problem at all?

-As humans, we’re trapped in media, even if we watch, listen and read nothing. Sitting alone in the dark forever, we’re also mediated, for all our thoughts are in language. That said, there are infinite degrees of separation, isolation or alienation, but also of realness. Trapped in a bullshitty funhouse, Americans often urge each other to “keep it real,” but their notion of realness is limited to what’s crudest, most violent or ghetto. If you spend an hour discussing one square inch of a Canaletto, you’re not keeping it real, according to most people, but that’s their poverty.

Using media, we grope and fumble our ways back to the real, so we yawn through insufferable novels, artsy movies and museums seemingly without exits. To clear space for a petting zoo, skateboarding park and Holocaust memorial, they should just be blown up, frankly. For most people, the quickest route to the real is violence, with war the ultimate bonanza. That’s why so many are hankering for it. To sate their sadism and always assuming they’ll be spared, Americans like to say, “I’ll get out the popcorn.”

Didn’t Simone Weil say, “What separates also connects,” so through media, you’re in touch, sort of, with me, the past, distant countries and your grandma, etc. The need to be in regular proximity with other bodies, faces and voices, though, is not just essential to health, but sanity. That’s why lockdowns are torture, and so is much of contemporary life in the most advanced societies. In Pakse, I overheard a group of young Europeans lamenting their return home. In Laos among strangers whom they could not readily communicate, they had suddenly found themselves, finally, among their own kind. Why do you think so many Americans are so enraged all the time?

Neruda’s “Walking Around” begins, “Just so happens, I’m sick of being a man.” Those who can’t or won’t walk around are much sicker, constantly. Walking around, I look, listen and write. Even in the US, I did that constantly. That diseased nation of the most alienated has become even deadlier.

You have many times voiced your opinion against Israel’s expansionist policy in the Middle East, a position I believe most sensible people across the political spectrum would agree with. However, you draw a connection between Israel’s sense of impunity and how Jews in general have embraced an attitude of victimhood, because of the Holocaust and other historical atrocities. Their victimization, you claim, gets them off the hook for present-day crimes and keeps the money flowing in from Washington. You of course know that many Jews oppose Israel’s cruel stance towards Palestine, so why would you make general claims about an entire ethnic group, which you, furthermore, accuse of being behind some sort of grand conspiracy to force people to get vaccinated against Covid-19?

-I’ve said many times I have nothing against anyone born Jewish. I’m only an enemy of Jewish thinking. Every population is shaped by an ideology, or a combination of ideologies. For a quick introduction to Jewish thinking, just skim the Old Testament, where Yahweh is no universal god, but only a psychotic and genocidal god of the Jews. Often, Yahweh incited Jews to massacre even their enemy’s animals. Just one example, “Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” The Buddha or Jesus would never say anything like that. If you’re fine with the Jewish god, thus Jewish thinking, that’s your business, but keep such insane, raging hatred very far away from me.

You cite many Jews’ opposition to “Israel’s expansionist policy” and “Israel’s cruel stance towards Palestine.” To steal someone’s land, raze their villages and kill them, year after year, is more than a “cruel stance,” so you’re betraying your deference and bias, which makes you complicit with Jewish crimes. Jews have also instigated wars against Iraq, Syria, Libya and, now, Ukraine.

A Tablet headline from 3/2/22, “Jewish Ukraine Fights Nazi Russia.” With Jewish thinking, it’s always neatly us against them, with no nuances whatsoever. Utter one wrong word and you’ll be branded a Nazi. Accompanying the Tablet article is a photo showing Ukrainian President Zelensky, Chairman of the Verkhovna Stefanchuk and Minister of Defense Reznikov, all Jews. A vulgar comedian, Zelensky was converted into a clownish politician by the Jewish oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky. To groom Ukrainians for this deadly farce, Kolomoisky had Zelensky cast as president in a TV show, Servant of the People. Jews have long used media to brain or white wash.

Jews shut down all criticism of them by screaming “antisemitism,” so let’s consider this. If someone says, “Vietnamese are hideous looking,” I won’t like it, but I can’t accuse him of racism. He’s entitled to his opinion. If he claims, “Vietnamese are mostly thieves,” I will certainly call bullshit, because it’s just not true. Although much of what I wrote in the preceding paragraph will offend many Jews and their sycophants, nothing is untrue. One’s highest aim and duty is submission to the truth.

In 2020, I spent two months in Lebanon, mostly in its Hezbollah-controlled south. In this country devastated by Jews, with a huge population of Palestinian and Syrian refugees, I could hear Jewish planes daily. After the first few times, I stopped looking up.

I wandered among the ruins of the Beirut port explosion, which most Lebanese believe has been caused by Jews. Refusing to help with the investigation, the US and Israel wouldn’t turn over satellite images from that horrific day. Beirut was once as elegant a city as you could find.

Many Lebanese are also convinced their prime minister, Rafic Hariri, was assassinated by Jews in 2005. Of course, the West blames Hezbollah. Respecting their request not to photograph, I was treated most courteously by these freedom fighters. In each Hezbollah village, there were memorials to their martyred young men, killed by Jews.

In Beirut, I stared at its 26-story Holiday Inn, destroyed in 1976, just a year after its opening. In 1982, it was again fought over, for its height afforded tremendous strategic advantages. Of course, almost no Westerner is aware of Lebanon’s trauma from that year, or any other. “We must not forget” doesn’t apply to victims of Jews. Robert Fisk, though, was there to witness:

It was the flies that told us. There were millions of them, their hum almost as eloquent as the smell. Big as bluebottles, they covered us, unaware at first of the difference between the living and the dead. If we stood still, writing in our notebooks, they would settle like an army—legions of them—on the white surface of our notebooks, hands, arms, faces, always congregating around our eyes and mouths, moving from body to body, from the many dead to the few living, from corpse to reporter, their small green bodies panting with excitement as they found new flesh upon which to settle and feast.


There had been massacres before in Lebanon, but rarely on this scale and never overlooked by a regular, supposedly disciplined army.

That army was Israel’s, as trained and disciplined for massacres of civilians. It’s its specialty.

In 2010, Helen Thomas’ career was destroyed when she said Jews occupying Palestine should go back to Germany, Poland or the USA, etc., for they had no rights to take someone’s land, with continued help from the West, I must add. Brainwashed or malicious apologists for Jewish crimes have rivers of blood on their hands. Cheering genocides for so long, they’re now faced with their own. Meekly, they lie down.

As for Covid, let’s examine this statement by Albert Bourla, on the occasion of his receiving the Theodor Herzl Award on 11/10/21:

As the son of Holocaust survivors, to me, November 9th has always been synonymous with Kristallnacht. On that Night of Broken Glass, the antisemitism that made Nazi Germany went from discriminatory words and policies to outright violence. The destruction of property, the killings, the arrest of 30,000 Jews who were sent to concentration camps marked the beginning of the Holocaust. Because of this, November 9th, 1938 will always be remembered for the horrors that racists and hatred can bring to our world. But then came November 9th of 2020, a day that will always be remembered as well, as an example of the hope that human ingenuity and determination can bring to the world. This is the day that Pfizer delivered the news to the world that it has been waiting for, that clinical trials demonstrated that our vaccines worked.

Two years later, it’s proven that Pfizer shots aren’t just unsafe and ineffective, but actually increase your chances of catching Covid, as well as just about any other disease, since your immunity system has been wrecked. Millions have been killed outright, sometimes just minutes after being injected. And yet, Jewjabs were aggressively pushed by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and, now, Mandy Cohen, both Jewish. As I’ve pointed out, the Jewish agenda can easily be detected whenever there’s a consensus in the mainstream media, such as happened with Jewjabs or the Ukraine war. This time, much of the alternative media also joined in, so we have prominent “dissidents” such as Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky and Ron Unz, all Jewish, heartily endorsing Jewjabs. Even with new evidence emerging, none has backtracked.

During Covid, I spent eight months in Sub-Saharan Africa. There, I encountered widespread indifference, if not hostility, towards Jewjabs. Having been harmed by Western “vaccines,” black Africans knew better. The very day Omicron was said to threaten all of southern Africa, I went to a bar in downtown Windhoek, Namibia. There, I saw everyone drinking, talking and laughing as usual. Unfazed by Covid bullshit, black Africans are in much better shape than most others. Unlike those in the West and East Asia, they’ve suffered no alarming rise in excess deaths.

Linking the mostly mythical Holocaust with his Jewjabs, Bourla, with much help, is executing an unprecedented holocaust right now. A seventh shot is recommended. On TV, smiling, reassuring “experts” are calmly stating Jewjabs have become a permanent feature of life, at least in the West.

Unvaccinated, I traveled through 14 countries during Covid, yet I’m not dead, but go for your 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th shots if you’re inclined, if only towards the grave. I never tell anyone what he must do with his body. Neither should you.

Oi, did I just say, “mythical Holocaust”?!

The layers of bullshit draping that thinnest of skeletons is beyond belief, with even the purple prosaist, Elie Wiesel, admitting, to a rabbi, no less, that he spoke out of his ass. Just as with toxic Jewjabs, don’t let science or just common sense prevent you from believing geysers of blood spurting from the ground “for months after the killings,” millions of skeletons ground to powder with pestles by half dead prisoners, millions surviving “death camps” long after they have become useful for hard labor, human skin lampshades, hair stuffed mattresses and, finally, gas chambers that couldn’t have worked as trumpeted.

Mock Father, Son and the Holy Spirit all you want, then dunk Christ in piss, but don’t you dare ask even the tiniest question about the Holocaust, your state religion! Abjectly obedient, you’ve earned a free pass to Jewish paradise!

[“Piss Christ” by Andres Serrano, 1987]
[Father, Son and Holy Ghost on the cover of Charlie Hebdo on 11/7/12]
[Arnoun, Lebanon, right on the Israeli border, on 11/19/20]








Thursday, September 21, 2023

Building with three superstitious mirrors on 9-21-23--Pakse copy

Notice mirrors to reflect, thus chase away, evil spirits.

Homeless man on 9-20-23--Pakse copy

Within a two mile radius, I'd see two men and a woman who are obviously homeless. There was a guy who always sat in a chair at one corner, but he's gone. There was a family of four who slept at night outside a restaurant for several days, but they, too, are gone.


Phuong Tailor on 9-20-23--Pakse copy


Two monks collecting alms, one with shopping cart, on 9-20-23--Pakse copy


Sellers of sticky rice at 6 05AM on 9-21-23--Pakse 2 copy

Sellers of sticky rice at 6 05AM on 9-21-23--Pakse copy

6:05AM. Selling sticky rice, they make the round of regular customers early in the morning. Besides their own consumption, people need sticky rice to give to the monks.