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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Homeless man teaching bottles of water to read on 4-16-24--Vung Tau copy

Homeless man teaching bottles of water to read. He's still the only visible homeless man in my neighborhood. I've written about another, but that man only slept outside for one night.


swiss reader said...

In my 60 years,I have never witnessed the teaching of water.Curious about his motive. A Doomsday Machine?A well-read water might well refuse to flow any longer.Or,it might bear immortal and popular poems,written in the rain,gaining this man high status.He will live in palaces with dancers and jewels for the bards,and recite water`s poems in melodic Vietnamese.
This had me stumped,thanks for that!

Troy Skaggs said...

As an addendum to swiss reader's wonderful comment,
maybe these water bottles will go on to teach other water bottles how to read and at some point realize that each bottle unto itself is a commercially manipulated entity amd that it might suit water's collective interests to "de-containerize" and return to a more fluid existence.

Anonymous said...

This is a poignant sight to behold: a man without a home teaches water to read.

Those plastic bottles of water remind me of me learning Portuguese; I learned just as much.

Put a tiny dunce cap on the "slowest" bottle of water and stand it in the corner.