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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Israel and 9/11


Twin Towers for Purim
Gilad Atzmon on 3/5/13

Purim has begun, and just like with Halloween, children around the world are proudly parading around in their inventive costumes. This is one of the best times of year for our youngin’s- dressing up, going to parties, playing with friends, and playing make-believe… but what about the poor kids that are used as models for their parents distasteful creative endeavors?

Enter Ilay and Nehaoray, seven-year-old twins from Israel whose parents “playfully” decided to dress their children up in famous twin costumes: the Twin Towers. Not only are the kids dressed as the famous New York City buildings, they are fashioning the structures while on fire… with the planes sticking out of the side right near the children’s eye holes.

Popular news website Ynet originally posted the image, with the headline “Twin Towers and other costumes this Purim.” After several commenters remarked about how the title was almost as distasteful as the costume itself, the publication chose to remove it.

Israel Celebrates Successful 9/11 Operation on Purim Holiday
Kevin Barrett on 3/1/13

For more than eleven years, Israel has been wildly celebrating the success of its 9/11 operation against the United States of America. The latest example: Israeli children recently dressed up as the burning Twin Towers, complete with impaled exploding airplanes, to celebrate the bizarre Jewish holiday known as Purim.

Purim exalts and commemorates an ancient operation very much like 9/11. It glorifies the deceptions of Esther, who concealed her Jewish identity to seduce the King of Persia, then slyly tricked him into slaughtering 75,000 people deemed “enemies of the Jews.”

In other words, Purim celebrates Jews lying, secretly penetrating the highest levels of government, and manipulating the leaders of an empire into mass-murdering perceived “enemies of the Jewish people.” That is exactly what the neoconservative Likudnik extremists – Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby, and the rest – did on September 11th, 2001. The only difference is that these modern, neocon Esthers would eventually kill millions of innocent people, not just 75,000.

And if they succeed in tricking the US into attacking Iran on behalf of Israel, thereby launching World War III, today’s neocon Esthers could kill tens or even hundreds of millions.

The Israeli schoolchildren dressed up as the burning Twin Towers are not the first Zionists to wildly celebrate Israel’s biggest-ever attack on America. That honor belongs to the “dancing Israelis,” five Mossad spies who set up their cameras in Liberty State Park, across the harbor from the World Trade Center, early in the morning of September 11th, 2001, and pointed those cameras at the as-yet-undamaged Twin Towers. (Their video of the first plane hitting the North Tower has never been publicly released.)

When the planes hit the Towers, the “dancing Israelis” went wild. They began leaping, cavorting, and high-fiving each other. As the Towers burned, the “dancing Israelis” took pictures of each other holding up burning cigarette lighters in front of the burning Towers. And when the Towers were blasted to powder in explosive controlled demolitions, the “dancing Israelis” went crazy with joy. Their plan had succeeded.

Unfortunately for them – and for Israel – their wild celebrations did not go unnoticed. An American woman called the police, who arrested the four Mossad operatives, confiscated the thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in their socks, and held them for weeks. During their incarceration, the Israeli spies repeatedly failed lie detector tests. Nonetheless, they were secretly sent back to Israel, at the request of the Israeli government, by Israeli dual citizen and US Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff.

Later, back in Israel, the “dancing Israelis” went on television and admitted their complicity in 9/11, but denied having planted the explosives that destroyed the Twin Towers, saying: “We were only there to document the event.” (How did they know there would be an event to document?)

Another Israeli who visibly could not contain his joy at the success of 9/11’s “Operation Esther” was Benjamin Netanyahu. When the once and future Israeli Prime Minister was asked about his reaction to 9/11, he said: “It’s very good!” Then, catching himself, he added that while it wasn’t exactly good, it was certainly good for Israel.

Netanyahu would never stop bragging about how wonderful 9/11 was. Seven years after the attack, he was still saying: “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.” (Ha’aretz, Apr 16, 2008 – “Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel”.)

Netanyahu wasn’t the only high-level Israeli caught celebrating 9/11. Another culprit was the legendary Mossad spy chief, Mike Harari.

On September 11th 2001, as the dancing Israelis danced and Netanyahu chortled, “retired” Israeli Mossad Chief Mike Harari was in Bangkok, Thailand organizing a huge party to celebrate the success of his 9/11 operation. During the merry-making, Harari bragged to one of his associates, Dmitri Khalezov, that he, Harari, had been responsible for 9/11. (You can listen to my radio interview with Khalezov at .) Khalezov’s testimony is supported by documents showing the fake IDs Harari was using in Thailand.

All of the Israeli celebrations of 9/11 – so far – have been unofficial. But the Israeli government is on the record officially applauding another of its many attacks on the US: The 1954 Lavon Affair, otherwise known as Operation Susannah. In that covert operation, Israeli Mossad operatives, disguised as Egyptians, bombed American targets in Egypt. When the Israeli terrorists were caught by the Egyptian authorities and prosecuted, Israel denied any involvement and complained that the whole thing was an anti-Semitic smear. But later, as the Zionist website Wikipedia admits: “In March 2005, Israel publicly honored the surviving operatives, and President Moshe Katsav presented each with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts on behalf of the (Israeli) state, ending decades of official denial by Israel.”

When will Israel officially award a Certificate of Appreciation to its Mossad operatives who blew up the Twin Towers and WTC-7 and killed almost 3,000 Americans in order to launch a series of US wars against Israel’s enemies?

Not for another few decades, we may safely surmise.

When Israel finally does admit its responsibility for 9/11, and lavish honors on the Mossad terrorists responsible, will it be during Purim – the holiday honoring Jews who seduce gentile rulers and manipulate them into mass-murdering their enemies?

10/4 update:

JASTA Opens Many Doors

Philip Giraldi


The Israeli role in 9/11, insofar as can be determined, has never been seriously investigated at all and any suppositions or conclusions regarding its activities were never included in the final 9/11 Commission Report.

In 2001 Israel was running a massive spying operation directed against Muslims either resident or traveling in the United States. The operation included the creation of a number of cover companies in New Jersey, Florida and also on the west coast that served as spying mechanisms for Mossad officers. The effort was supported by the Mossad Station in Washington D.C. and included a large number of volunteers, the so-called “art students” who traveled around the U.S. selling various products at malls and outdoor markets. The FBI was aware of the numerous Israeli students who were routinely overstaying their visas and some in the Bureau certainly believed that they were assisting their country’s intelligence service in some way, but it proved difficult to link the students to actual undercover operations, so they were regarded as a minor nuisance.

But the hands-off attitude towards Israeli spying shifted dramatically when, on September 11, 2001, a New Jersey housewife saw something from the window of her apartment building, which overlooked the World Trade Center. She watched as the buildings burned and crumbled but also noted something strange. Three young men were kneeling on the roof of a white transit van parked by the water’s edge, making a movie in which they featured themselves high fiving and laughing in front of the catastrophic scene unfolding behind them. The woman wrote down the license plate number of the van and called the police, who responded quickly and soon both the local force and the FBI began looking for the vehicle, which was subsequently seen by other witnesses in various locations along the New Jersey waterfront, its occupants “celebrating and filming.”

The license plate number revealed that the van belonged to a New Jersey registered company called Urban Moving Systems. At 4 p.m. the vehicle was spotted and pulled over. Five men between the ages of 22 and 27 years old emerged. They were detained at gunpoint and handcuffed. They were all Israelis. One of them had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock and another had two foreign passports. Bomb sniffing dogs reacted to the smell of explosives in the van. The driver told the police “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.” The men were detained at the Bergen County jail in New Jersey before being transferred the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence Section, which handles allegations of spying.

After the arrest, the FBI obtained a warrant to search the offices of the van’s registered owner, Urban Moving System of Weehawken, N.J. Papers and computers were seized. The company owner Dominick Suter, also an Israeli, answered FBI questions but when a follow-up interview was set up a few days later it was learned that he had fled the country for Israel, putting both his business and home up for sale. The office space and warehouse were abandoned. It was later learned that Suter has been associated with at least fourteen businesses in the United States, mostly in New Jersey and New York but also in Florida, which was determined to be a main focus for the Israeli intelligence operation in the U.S. that was directed against Arabs.

The five Israelis were held in Brooklyn, initially on charges relating to visa fraud. FBI interrogators questioned them for more than two months. Several were held in solitary confinement so they could not communicate with each other and two of them were given repeated polygraph exams, which they failed. The two men that the FBI focused on most intensively were believed to be Mossad staff officers and the other three were volunteers helping with surveillance. Even though the Israelis were not exactly cooperative, the FBI concluded from documents obtained at their office in Weehawken that they were targeting Arabs in New York and New Jersey, including at least two of the 9/11 hijackers.

There are a lot a dots all leading back to Israel that might well have been connected once upon a time, but the trail has grown cold. Police records in New Jersey and New York where the men were held have disappeared and FBI interrogation reports are inaccessible. Media coverage of the case also died, though the five were referred to in the press as the “dancing Israelis” and by some, more disparagingly, as the “dancing Shlomos.”

Inevitably, the George W. Bush White House intervened. After 71 days in detention, the five Israelis were released from prison, put on a plane, and deported. Now it is just possible that Mossad affiliated Urban Moving was indeed uninvolved in 9/11 but it also must be recognized that Israel had the means, ability and access required to bring down the World Trade Center using controlled pancake explosions. More than fifteen years later it is perhaps past time to reveal what exactly the FBI knew and currently knows about both the scale and modus operandi of Israeli espionage in the United States. Did Israel have critical intelligence either in broad outline or possibly in specific detail about 9/11 and let it happen to bind Washington more closely to it in a “global war on terror?”

Questions about just what happened on 9/11 will not go away. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has called for a new “independent investigation” because the Bush administration’s initial 9/11 inquiry was “dominated by members with an interest in protecting the reputation and careers of foreign affairs and intelligence communities.” It “was not given enough money, time, or access to relevant classified information.” That “classified information” could well include the role of Israel.

I am no lawyer, but it would seem to me that both Israel and Saudi Arabia might well be pretty good places to start in using litigation to determine just who could have been involved in what was to become the 9/11 terrorist attack. It would indeed be ironic if an Israel-loving Congress has, through its passage of JASTA to squeeze money out of the Saudis, also inadvertently opened the door to finding out just what the Mossad and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were up to back in 2001.



Rudy said...

Thanks for recycling that Linh. I remember reading it in 2013, but had forgotten about it.

Chuck Orloski said...

Very timely "recycling," Linh. However, what was known as the USA prior to November 1963 is now totally "cooked in oil," as Texas Tea (Black Gold) is discovered in Golan Heights and off shore to Gaza Strip -- an event which guarantees more thorough ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

I understand & admire your hesitance to respond, but our political arguments and differences are very petty as to the magnitude of evil that is transpiring in our (former) country and a pressing need for exposure. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

While I don't intend to get into a long debate over this, I must clarify something. Clearly, you have never met a real Jew before, so I don't believe anyone has ever explained the full holiday of Purim to you. Using the facts you presented warps what about Purim Jews celebrate.

Purim takes place in Persia, during the rule of a king known as Ahasuerus. In the story, the Jews thrived as a small minority that was loyal to Persia.

At this time, King Ahasuerus's advisor Haman comes to hate the Jews because a Jew named Mordecai refused to bow to him. This hate leads Haman to conspire to kill all of the Jews of Persia in a single night.

Ahasuerus's first wife, a Persian named Vashti, is executed because she disobeyed the king. The King then holds a beauty pagent for any girls in his entire kingdom, one where the most beautiful girl will be his bride.

Mordecai discovers Haman's plan to commit genocide, and convinces his daughter Ester to go to the beauty pageant, telling her that as a Queen she can stop the coming massacre. However, she must keep her Jewish identity a secret or else Haman will make sure that she does not become queen.

Ester's beauty helps her win the pageant, and so she becomes queen. She did not manipulate anyone to get power. There was no grand conspiracy behind her. She was simply the most attractive girl, and so the King chose her.

Haman proposes his genocidal plan to the King. The King is uncertain whether to go through with it. Queen Ester knows that the King has executed his wives in the past, and that if she reveals her Jewish identity and the King agrees to the genocide she will be killed as well. However, Ester decides to risk her life revealing her Jewish identity in an attempt to save her people. The King, who has come to love Ester, is enraged that Haman wanted to kill her and her people. He orders Haman and all his followers to be executed. Queen Ester has saved the Jews from certain destruction, and they live peacefully in Persia for centuries.

Most Jews are only taught the Purim story that far. The celebration of Purim is a celebration of Ester's bravery and the survival of the Jewish people against a potential genocide.

The story does continue after that happily ever after, and the King tells the Jewish people that they may kill their enemies. However, it is worth remembering that those people that were "enemies of the Jews," were the ones ready to launch Haman's Genocide. Thus, it can be argued that this decree from the King was an effort to protect the Jews from those who would have destroyed them.

I wanted to explain this to you for a few reasons. First, it is clear that you are anti-semetic. I want to tell you that as a Jewish man myself, there is no grand conspiracy. We do not celebrate Purim to celebrate destroying the manipulation of foreign rulers and the killing of the enemies of Judaism, we celebrate it to celebrate our survival despite those who in every generation have tried to destroy us.

I hope that this can help lessen your fear and hatred of us. If you do not take the time to learn about other cultures and their beliefs, your life will always be one of suspicion and hate.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Anonymous,

I posted two responses to the Twin Towers Purim costume, one by Gilad Atzmon and one by Kevin Barret. Barret presents circumstantial evidences of Israel's involvement in 9/11. Many people suspect the same.

I've known many Jews my entire adult life and have no hatred of Jews. Several of my strongest supporters are Jews.

Instead of discussing my supposed hatred of Jews, perhaps you can address Barret's charge that Israel was involved in 9/11?


Linh Dinh said...

by Rabbi Arthur Waskow


Most Jews today understand the whole story of Esther not as an historical chronicle but as a novel, the first Purimspiel, a double joke on anti-Semites and misogynists. Haman is hanged on the same gallows he intended for Mordechai; the king who had denounced Vashti and said he would never take orders from a woman ends up by doing exactly what Esther tells him.

And we can understand -- as the angry fantasy of a powerless people -- the bloody denouement of the story, when the Jews respond to a threat of Holocaust first with self-defense and then with a mass killing of 75,000 Persians.

If this is the fantasy of the weak, what shall we do when we are no longer powerless? What spiritual and ethical dangers do we run when we are powerful but pretend still to be powerless?

Jewish tradition connects the Purim story with a story from the Wilderness: the nation Amalek attacked the Jews from the rear, killing women and children. The Torah teaches that forever, Jews must remember to blot out the memory of Amalek. Haman. Torquemada. Hitler. They are all Amalek.

Of course, in the generation after the Nazi Holocaust -- the Holocaust that actually did happen, the one from which no Esther saved the Jews -- this archetypal myth of disaster bites home with intense cruelty and fear. So in our generation, for some Jews the whole Palestinian people becomes Amalek. We must "blot out" their memory.

What does this mean? To [Baruch] Goldstein, it meant murder. And he could make the fantasy come true.


Linh Dinh said...

Israel Shamir:

Purim is the only merry feast of the Jewish calendar, the anniversary of a jolly good massacre committed by their ancestors in Persia some twenty-four hundred years ago, when 75,000 men, women and children, were massacred by the avenging Jews.

In the Purim of 1994, Dr Baruch Goldstein came into the Mosque with two machine guns and a lot of spare clips. The watchful soldiers would not let us bring in a nail-file, but they did not stop him. He entered the prayer hall, called ‘Merry Purim!’ and opened fire. He slaughtered some thirty unarmed worshippers, until the survivors succeeded in killing the rampaging beast. When they carried their wounded and dead out of the mosque, the soldiers opened fire and killed an additional twenty worshippers, calling out ‘Merry Purim!’ When the news of the massacre reached the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, Hanan Porat, a leader of the Jewish Nationalist Religious Party, blessed the parliamentarians with “Merry Purim”.

Dr Goldstein was buried with much respect and love; his grave became a place of mass pilgrimage for the settlers and their admirers from Israel, America and all over the world. Young, plump Jewish maidens come there, lay flowers and light candles on his tomb. Young Jewish soldiers put their American-made M-16 rifles on his tombstone and ask for the holy man’s assistance and guidance. Young couples exchange vows, old men say Kaddish for his soul.


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