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Sunday, March 18, 2018

"The United States is closer to a war with Russia than anytime since the Cuban missile crisis,"

Mike Whitney writes, "but brainwashed Americans don’t have a clue about what’s going on."

So brainwashed that they're more concerned about college basketball, Spring Training baseball or transgender rights than nuclear war, so brainwashed that they're willing to destroy their own country to serve Israel unconditionally, so brainwashed that even their "progressives" support one genocidal war after another against Israel's enemies.

So brainwashed that they couldn't care less about Syrians being mass murdered for seven plus years by American-sponsored terrorists. On 9/21/13, I said on Iran's Press TV:

This whole focus on chemical weapons has been a ruse for the US to attack Syria. The US stated that it would attack Syria if it used chemical weapons, but the Syrian government has no need and no incentive to do this--Syria has been winning the war conventionally against the US-sponsored terrorists, so the US and its terrorists staged the recent gas attack just to blame it on the Syrian government.

[The American readiness] to attack Syria has nothing to do with chemical weapons but a desire to get rid of Assad so a pipeline could be built to pump natural gas from Qatar to the European Union, thus reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

A new Syrian government would also get rid of the Russian naval base in Syria. So, you see, an attack on Syria is actually an attack on Russia itself, and that’s why Russia is not backing down.

On 9/29/13, I elaborated on Iran's Press TV:

What does it mean that trust in American politicians is at an all-time low? It means that trust in the American system of governance is at an all-time low. Though some may see this as a negative, I see this as a necessary awakening. No Americans should trust in this system, for it does not represent them, and does not serve them. In fact, it bankrupts them, puts them in constant danger and has made this country one of the most mistrusted and despised in the world right now.

Take the recent attempt to attack Syria. It is put on hold for now, and many Americans are congratulating themselves for having stopped this suicidal attack, an attack that would certainly have destroyed America itself, not just Syria. Though I applaud Americans for speaking up on this issue, their voices did not stop the attack. The Obama administration did not attack because there was dissension within it. Even its military and the lapdog media showed signs of being against this direct confrontation with Russia, for an attack on Syria is an attack on Russia. If there was a clearer consensus among the American ruling class, they would have attacked already, no matter what ordinary Americans had to say. Americans were against the attack on Iraq and Libya also, and that didn’t stop Washington from destroying those countries.

So the way to move forward is for an overwhelming majority of Americans to wake up to what’s really happening, and reject both of the political parties that are supposedly representing them. I’m not sure this can happen soon enough to save America from itself, or the world from this clearly insane country, but the 46 percent of Americans that still trust their politicians is way too high. That’s sad, really. Given the appalling track record of American politicians, a bunch of lying psychopaths, no Americans should trust their politicians. Not until this entire system is revamped.

On 12/20/14, I was quoted by a Palestinian interviewer:

The US is trying to unseat Assad because he’s a long time ally of Russia and Iran, as well as an enemy of Israel. Similarly, in trying to wrest Ukraine from the Russian orbit, the US has destroyed yet another country. Drenched in blood, the US kills, slanders, stages false flag incidents while fabricating charges against its enemies. With Syria, it’s the poison gas accusation against Assad, while in Ukraine, it’s the Malaysian Airliner that was likely shot down by America’s Kiev puppets, and certainly not Russia. I’m not sure who first described this sanctimoniously immoral nation as ‘The Empire of Chaos,’ but it’s very appropriate. As Vladimir Putin said, ‘Anything the US touches turns into Libya or Iraq.’



grimychaz said...

We must not underestimate the lengths to which the empire will go to distract from the uncovering of its misdeeds. For some reason nuclear events don't worry me too much but there are a host of other shenanigans they could pull (chemical, biologocal, media-induced-mass-riots), riots being the most likely, that we must worry about.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi grimychaz,

As you say, they are orchestrating a host of events, including an ongoing series of false flag terrorist incidents or mass shootings.


Dan said...

There was just a standoff in Princeton, across from the University. The police ended up shooting the guy after five hours. Why? No one was in danger at the time (all the customers and employees had somehow gotten away).

So many levels to this one.

It could have been a small black op, to induce fear in the wealthy, quiet college town. No one is safe, not even you folks here in ritzy Princeton.

It could have been just as it appears, an unstable man with a gun taking over a Panera. Not everything is a black op, of course, and this deranged society creates many disturbed individuals. Oh well, back to work. Nothing to see here. Just a few bad apples in an otherwise healthy society. I wonder how long people can continue to deceive themselves that that's the case. I wonder how many people even reflect on it at all.

What sort of a society utilizes swat teams to deal with a lone deranged individual? I'm not downplaying the inherent danger of the situation, but that much manpower? All the protocols in place seem designed to induce mass hysteria.

Even responses to real events (that aren't psyops) are insanely overdone. Apparently it takes 3,4, and even 5 cop cars to deal with many routine events these days. The police, especially most of the young ones, all seem to be on steroids. They're incredibly insecure individuals whose power goes immediately to their heads and who seek comfort among each other in a sort of pack mentality. They don't even seem to know how to relate to people outside their circle.


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