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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Abdul has been selling on the streets for 7 years, but business is getting worse and worse. He's planning on moving to Senegal, where he has a wife. Years ago, he was busted for drugs, a wrong conviction, he claims, and locked up for 3 1/2 years. In prison, he converted to Islam. Out, he visited Senegal. As he walked into a Western Union, the lady behind the counter exclaimed, "You're my husband! I saw you in a dream."

His wife is 40-years old, and "doesn't have a bad thought," Abdul said. "She can't be any better!" She does not want to come to the States, so he will come to her. He's having a house built over there for $20,000. He sends her boxes of old clothes to sell. "American clothes are popular in Senegal," he explained. "Even used clothes."

"Where do you get old clothes? Where do you buy them?"

"I don't buy them. I get them from my relatives!"


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