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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dead Man Rising

As published in Dissident Voice, Intrepid Report, noticias de abajo and Uruknet, 5/2/11:

Upon hearing that Bin Laden has been officially pronounced dead, I thought 1) Since this man has been dead for nearly a decade, the US killed a look-alike 2) Maybe previous rumors about Bin Laden’s demise, reported in The New York Times, The Guardian and Fox News, among many other places, were false, after all. Still, the US has long known where he was, but only decided to kill him now to a) Lift up American spirits as economic despair becomes ever more acute b) Help Obama get reelected, since he is such a great tool of the establishment. Although his policies hardly differ from Bush's, his charms and skin color have dampened protest from many quarters c) Set up a false flag “retaliation from Al Qaeda,” which would reinvigorate limp support for the War on Terrorism. In any case, it would be interesting to get all the details of this operation and see the physical evidences. For every assassination or murder, there must be a corpse, but alas, there is no corpse! Less than six hours after news came that Bin Laden had been killed, it was announced that he had already been buried at sea. The official explanation: The US must respect the Islamic tradition that a corpse be buried within 24 hours, and since no country was willing to be his final host, not even Saudi Arabia, his homeland, Bin Laden had to be dumped where he could never be exhumed. How convenient. Case closed!

Such respect for a Muslim corpse from a country that seems to be fighting Muslims everywhere, that kills, imprisons and tortures Muslims, whose soldiers draped panties and smeared shit on Muslim heads, raped Muslim women and collected Muslim ears as trophies. America hasn’t exactly been shy about abusing Muslims, dead or alive, so why this sudden delicacy? Remember also that Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed by American troops on July 22, 2003, then buried on August 2, 11 days later.

Had Bin Laden been captured, and I will insist there was never any intention of catching this man alive, he would have to be tried in court, where his involvement with 9/11 must be proven, counter theories could be introduced and questions about 9/11 raised. In short, a nasty can of worms to be avoided at all cost.

Though long gone, Bin Laden had been extremely useful as a boogeyman for the American military industrial complex, but this ruse was running out of gas. Even with a fake, CIA-produced audio every now and then, the Bin Laden brand no longer captured, so it was time to close out this product line, not with a bang, exactly, since there’s no cadaver, but with plenty of noise nevertheless.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


1 comment:

OLKA said...

o bummer.

where are ALL
the american heros
all the muhammads
and the blue folks
and impassable comanches
watering horses and trains
fighting nowhere
for the nobody everybody knows
sowing sanity and eyesight,
deliminal tickets to the twixt and twain
among inner city zealots
not stopped not moving; inbetweeen
always starting
lightning rods of the world,
kites of mediums,
prophecy of whats novel

when all thats left is prosthetic television precision