Sunday, October 18, 2015


Dresden skyline--Dresden

Dresden's famous skyline seems unchanged. Close-up, you can see that most of the stones of its landmark buildings are clearly new. The damaged lesser buildings were never restored. Many are replaced by ugly, Communist-era structures. The "definitive" death count from the Allied bombing raid is said to be 25,000 civilians, but many people, not just Germans, think it must be much higher.



x larry said...

just watched ursula haverbeck, mentioned by rudy, in her panorama interview. she is a holocaust denier and says at least 230,000 died at dresden

Swza said...

x larry, have you noticed the holocaust denial movement gaining steam lately? I seem to be coming across them more and mor frequently.

x larry said...

hi swza,
i have no idea, i'm not in touch. i do know that anything i look up on the internet--anything--has more to read and watch than a lifetime affords. i find the concept interesting. i have been reminded a bit, as in the above interview, of the 911 truth movement, that is people seem to get caught up in one issue. i try, through all the lies, misinfo, etc, to get a picture of what our masters are stearing us towards. thank you

destroytheuniverse said...

Why did Dresden happen? The city was filled with refugees who sought safety there believing the beautiful, historic city would be spared. Instead a nightmare was unleashed that burned unknown tens of thousands - alive. English and US bombers carefully coordinated to ensure a firestorm would eradicate the city a calculated and monstrous effort designed to show the world's most powerful land army at the time - Soviet Russia - what western AIR POWER would inflict on our 'allies'. A demonstration that succeeded. Until now.