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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Woman promoting Tiger Beer--Ben Cat

Năm Lửa seafood restaurant. The woman was promoting Tiger Beer. Her team staged a raffle, for which a table had to drink two cases to qualify. They also had a wall climbing contest, with the winner getting a seaside vacation for two in Phan Thiết. When I left, she was singing, accompanied by a guitarist.

Replacing Communist agit prop teams, you now have roving Capitalist entertainment troupes. Tiger is good. Like nearly everybody here, I like my Tiger.

Twenty years ago, Guinness tried to make inroads into Vietnam, but it failed miserably. I know many people in Hong Kong think of Guinness as nutritious, but it's simply too heavy and soup-like for the Vietnamese, who tend to drink their beer with a chunk of ice, cold and somewhat watered down.


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