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Monday, September 17, 2018


Kebab stand in District 6--Saigon

It looks kosher enough, but everything was wrong, from the pseudo pita bread, to the purple mysterious meat, to the thin, sort of sweet and sour sauce, instead of tzatziki, my favorite part of a genuine doner kebab. Since I always hate to throw away food, I tried to finish it, but each bite was a capital crime against me, obviously, but also Turkey, Greece and undoubtedy God!

The entire day has been a disaster, foodwise, for earlier, I bought two burgers, one regular and one Vietnamese, from this joint, Huỳnh Ký, but neither was a burger in any sense of the word. Though Huỳnh Ký clearly has no idea what a burger is, it's not stopping them from selling "hamburgers," and what's even more incredible, people are buying them!


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