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Sunday, January 5, 2020


WIND WEST PUB--Vientiane

Yesterday, Norwegian Thom told be about being robbed, having his drink spiked and drunk farangs often being targeted by muggers. Today, I ran across Wind West (above), then read these on TripAdvisor:

Stay Away From This Place!

Went there a few days ago. We were a group of 5, the ladies ordered soft drinks and 3 of us had beer. Minutes into the second round of beer I felt I was so drunk and sleepy. When the bill came, to our surprise, we had 12 bottles of beer. We only had 6 bottles! The lady manager insisted we had 12 bottles as corroborated by the waitress with the punched slip showing 12 bottles. I thoroughly agree with an earlier review here about spiked drinks. Be care careful of Windwest or better yet stay clear of this pub! Everyone is in collusion to rob you in your drunken/woozy state. Be warned!
Date of visit: June 2018

Spiked Drink

I had met the manager previously and had no reason to suspect the establishment at all.
The only person near my drink all night was the bar tender, who I watched but not completely. Of this I am 100% sure.
As I had intended just the one drink I left after finishing. Directly outside I was offered a ride back to my hotel on a motor cycle, as I had become more drunk than the one drink would ever have effected, I accepted.

I was robbed but for not much but the establishment either does this or has employees that do.

Do not go there solo and if you empathise with people who do travel alone at times, or feel that spiking people’s drinks for criminal gains is not ok. Do not go near this place.

I have heard from more and more locals that the spiking of drinks and ‘rolling’ of tourists is on the increase in Vientiane.
Shopper beware.

Ketamine is very inexpensive in Lao and is readily available. It’s effect it to make someone appear drunk and loose there motor skills and decrease their natural defences to people they would normal not trust at all.
Date of visit: January 2018

Vietnamese accounts of Laos often stress its people's gentleness and honesty, but then Vietnamese don't frequent joints like Wind West.


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