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Saturday, August 29, 2020


Caffe Loža on 8-29-20--Belgrade

Caffe Loža.

"Here, everybody drinks every day," he said. "After work, I go to see my girlfriend, then I go drink beer with my friends."

"Every day?!"

"Every day."

"But that's expensive."

"Not really. Almost every place here, a beer is only 150 dinars [$1.41]."

Last year, he took a two-week vacation to Turkey. "Serbs, Turkish, we have an ugly history, but Turkey is very nice, the food is great, and the people are very nice. It is the cheapest vacation. Many Serbs go."

He has visited Hungary three times, "Hungary, I don't like. Serbs don't like Hungarians too much..." He paused to think about it and reload his English. "We're Orthodox. They're Catholics. Orthodox and Catholics, there is a problem. We're close to Russians."

"But Serbs don't like Romanians."

"No," he laughed.

"They're Orthodox, and Serbs also don't like Bulgarians, right?"

"No," he laughed even harder.

"Neighbors are like that. Everywhere, you have neighbors hating each other. Well, not always, but usually."

"Like China and Japan."

"Or Cambodia and Vietnam. Cambodians really hate Vietnamese."


"Vietnam invaded Cambodia, took a lot of their land."

For a young man with just a waitering job, he has run around quite a bit, but he probably lives with his family, so doesn't have to worry about rent, and they're feeding him too.

He has also visited Russia, "Too expensive. Ten times more expensive than Serbia."

"Really?! But Russians aren't that rich."

"Outside Moskova and Saint Petersburg, not expensive, but Moskova and Saint Petersburg, very, very expensive."

He tried to get a tourist visa to the US, but couldn't, "That's because many Serbs go as tourists, and they stay."

He wants to go to Brazil and Thailand, "But the ticket is too expensive, and Asian food, I don't like."


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