Friday, July 30, 2021


Maskless people on 7-30-21--Tirana

Although vaccinated, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stepped off the plane in Manila wearing a mask and a plastic face shield! Seeing this absurdity, I decided to take some photos of maskless people in Tirana. Again, Albania is the freest and sanest country right now.


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Anonymous said...

The real virus is the out of control hysterical panic. It is absolutely insane. People are acting like this is the bubonic plague. I'm seeing tweets even from Biden's "Covid response coordinator," trying to get the NY Times and other propaganda rags to tone it down and emphasizing how the vaccines work. Many people want us masked, controlled, and generally fucked with forever. In the Orwellian name of "safety," while the average American gained 2 pounds a month and is getting fatter and unhealthier by the day. You also rarely hear about the billions of plastic masks going into the ocean.