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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

I'm in Namibia.

In Cape Town, I was on the bus by about 4:40. It left at 5PM and was supposed to arrived in Windhoek at 3PM the next day, which was grueling enough, but it finally rolled into town 4 hours late. The border crossing took more than 4.5 hours, with the South African customs officers particularly annoying, if not obnoxious. They tested everyone's patience, but hey, we were at their mercy. Anyway, I made it here in one piece. Since I still have a backlog of Cape Town photos, I'll get them out of the way before posting images of Namibia. After spectacular Cape Town, Windhoek can't help but look drab. Every place has its charms, though, so we'll discover Windhoek's together. My room is just off Beethoven Street!

Nyanga on 10-29-21--Cape Town 12 copy



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