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Saturday, April 16, 2022

At Cafe Ca Dao on 4-16-22--Vung Tau copy

Instead of renting a room, I should have leased this corner at Cafe Ca Dao [Folk Poetry Cafe], from my friend Cao Hong Linh. Here, there's wifi, I can type, the hot and cold drinks are cheap, and there's plenty of eating options within two minutes walking. At night, I can sling a hammock from a nearby tree. Only problem would be the mosquitoes. They'd drain my blood by morning.


Anonymous said...

You look very relaxed in this picture, Linh, very Buddha-like. You deserve to rest up after your long and arduous journeys. Do they have any mosquito repellant in Vietnam that isn't made from noxious American style chemicals? Might be a useful thing to have.

Linh Dinh said...

There's a incense coil that will burn all night to repel mosquitoes. In my 4th floor room, there are no mosquitoes, so I don't even need it.

Cafe Ca Dao is in a quiet alley. The owner is a well read photographer, so I like to go there to chat with him. Within an hour of landing in Vung Tau, I went to Ca Dao.

The last time I stayed in Vung Tau, I was a bit out of the way, though right next to a mostly ignored beach. Now, I'm in the center of town, but several blocks from the nearest beach, so no swimming.