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Monday, April 11, 2022

Woman in ocean with Covid mask on 4-11-22--Vung Tau copy

The gods allowed me to come back to Vietnam so I can witness shit like this. Roughly 12% of the people at the beach were like her. It's beyond pitiful, this level of madness.


Rabbit said...

Fuck me! That's definitely a new one.

Martin said...

Fuck it Linh, the world is full of ignorant, gullible, people. Hell, 90% of America currently thinks Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler even though Zelensky's best troops are Neo-Nazis. Kinda weird for a Jewish president to have Neo-Nazis as his best troops.

Martin said...

I got that excellent Jewish-president-with-a-Neo-Nazi-Military catchphrase from you.

Strange, isn't it, that cancellers will giddily attempt to ruin your career/ life by falsely using the Nazi smear against you, yet will give a pass to Zelensky and his genuine Neo-Nazi foot soldiers.