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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Beefsteak at BO CAT on 4-16-22--Vung Tau copy

When I ordered the $3.40 beefsteak, this came out. It's really bánh mì chảo, or bread with a skillet of this and that. This version has two chunks of steak, a very lame hot dog, one egg sunny side up, tomato and cucumber, with everything drenched in a tomato sauce. The accompanying salad has Russian dressing and seaweed, the last an unusual touch.


Martin said...

Russian Dressing!

They haven't changed the name to Freedom Dressing?

Out of curiosity, what are the feelings you've gotten from the locals towards the Russians/Ukrainians since you've been back to Vietnam? Are the Vietnamese news channels as anti-Putin/pro-Zelensky as the ones here in Europe or in America?

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Martin,

I'm using the American designation. Vietnamese eat hardly any dressing of any kind.

There are many Russians in Vietnam, with a colony here in Vung Tau. They have always been very low key in Vung Tau. Many are workers for an oil company. There was a Russian couple who ran a donut shop, and I haven't looked for them, but I will. There's a Ukrainian restaurant that I think is still operating.

The Vietnamese government is pro Putin, and many Vietnamese, especially in the north, are pro Russian. There was a rather large Vietnamese population in Ukraine, however, with one of the largest Vietnamese Buddhist temples in Europe located in Kharkov. One of the richest Vietnamese made his fortune as an instant noodle and instant soup manufacturer in Ukraine.

Since many Vietnamese are influenced by Western media, at least some of them are buying into the Western propaganda regarding Ukraine.

Three of the Western guys I met two days ago at Matildas, from the US, Australia and Denmark, parroted every Western propaganda talking point, from Putin is insane to Russia is losing in Ukraine and so on. They are also well vaxxed, with the American guy having four shots!


Martin said...

Thanks for the info Linh.

Here is Portugal the Lisbon news (RTP1) is 100% anti-Putin and anti-Russia. Everyone here at my in-law's house hates Putin except for me, the lone American. In my crappy Portuguese I tell them that they need to think more critically, that they are suckers who are buying whatever the news tells them, that they are swallowing the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. I tell them to mark my words and that when the truth comes out about Bucha Massacre (the Ukrainians did it), the missile-at-the-train-station attack (the Ukrainians did it), etc., they'll deserve to feel like gullable fools that they are.

All of them are also Covid vaxxed to the hilt.