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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Charles Orloski's email to me,

in response to some comments at Unz Review:

Linh: In the final ten years of working in the environmental service racket, I took extraordinary flack from a couple intellectuals, and who (without fail) disparaged everything I stood for. All this bullshit made for good reason (for me) to continue standing tall during insults, and clever efforts which boiled down to "making themselves look bigger by making me look small."

I did not even flinch while reading the Unz commenter who intelligently hammered away about my son Dan's college degree and his working at C.V.S. for peanuts. I have a B.S. from U. of Scranton, was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in January 1986, and received a Lehigh University Zinc Fellowship (August 1986). And what happened? I got a job as a EH&S Coordinator with a New York State-based environmental service company (Fall 1990), and I went out and prostituted my mind & body like everyone else does. The person who mocked my son Dan is representative of a considerable segment of U.S. population who are clever, think they are better & insulated from the rubble, and fail to realize that the Wave coming America's way will hit them too. I sincerely take pity on such writers.

As it is, I reiterate my hope you will grow THICKER Asian skin, and EXPECT being talked down to by intellectual scum feeders who ambitiously pick, like vultures, at America's battered corpse. In 22-years of working to protect air, water & soil, I observed "Best & Brightest" vultures who had no qualms about devouring colleagues in order to get at Prime Rib, and found only bone.

There is a terrible Wave building, Linh and I hope you remain unflappable. My first paragraph (above) begs the question, "What does asshole Orloski stand for?" Well... I do believe in the value of the Great Commandment, and that is to love, including one's enemies. Like most, I fall short of the latter, but I feel confident in going to the grave and knowing I never fucked anyone for a buck. Ha -- full disclosure, I did fuck for other base reasons other than love though... and one was being plain horny.

Finally, praise unto Unz Review for allowing "Fat" voices to arrogantly scream while they're headed for the Lean & mean fire. .

Chuck Orloski



Chuck Olroski said...

Here's addendum to above. As a Project/Emergency Response supervisor for a certified Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (P.E.M.A.) spill response/haz-mat team, a for profit enterprise, I cleaned-up many dead bodies from accidents; "expirations" in Nursing Homes, hotel suicides, and even a murder inside a Wendy's Restaurant.

Notably, after Coroner inspection & body removal by an Undertaker, I found all that's left of people to cleanup (on floors/mattresses/walls/mirrors) is liquid, bloody water. Adults with average IQs (like me) already know that Mankind primarily consists of water. These days alert U.S. citizens hear a lot about water, floods, sharks, and even H20 shortages out West. Well, like an A.A.R.P. Narcissus, I looked into the soupy human water and I figured it probably does not differ much from Chomsky's, Hillary's, and Greenspan's.

To the Honorable Critics of Linh Dinh Postcards The End of America, Ashley: It makes me feel humble when I think about comfy intellectuals, and how they think their water is superior and fit for sale at Starbucks. Thank you.

Charles Orloski,
taylor, PA

Elizabeth said...

God, Chuck, I love how you write! As for the "intellectuals," I could tell you stories. OK, I will, sooner or later. When they're online, sometimes I amuse myself by getting them to say foolish things. It's really not hard to do. And although I'm all for peace, etc, I'm an excellent catfighter on paper.

This is really funny and kind of explains my current situation:

Chuck Olroski said...

Elizabeth: Thank you, and having not accepted myself as a polished "writer," the articles & poems I do write (and happen to publish) are typically offered for the sake of America's privileged classes who do not/care not to get acquainted with the down & out, and very often, bizarre OTHERS. Of course millions of upper-Middle Class Americans would like me to join Linh Dinh, and like the commenter on Unz review recommended, go away on "Air Hanoi."

My leverage & ability to share THOUGHTS & REFLECTIONS with even Taylor Borough mildly affluent neighbors is very limited, strained. In "One Day in Life of Ivan Solzehnitsyn," Alexander Solzhenitsyn wisely said, "A warm man can never understand a cold man." No doubt, as long as Orloski gas heating bill's paid, l am rarely cold... can you understand me, Elizabeth?

Finally -- everyone -- here is how it is with me, "straight-from-the-Hale-Bopp-hip-hop!" Readers who manage to arrive at "Postcards from the end of America" are faced with a test. The experience is nothing like Civil Service, S.A.T.s, where partakers have something tangible to gain. Linh's Blog readers have little to GAIN except for enlightenment and subsequent EXPANSION of one's world view. Most importantly, for me, attentive readers will see & learn about something different, occasionally it's a picture of a young & educated girl, begging on a Philly street. For me, such snapshots are like those in gospel, in particular the businessman on road, and meeting someone hungry & hurt.

Everyday, for mass "safety" reasons, American cars undergo state inspections, various tests. In Postcards from the end of America, it's possible for the human conscience to undergo a critical TEST.

Finally, just moments ago, I read the 17th comment on Unz Review, written by Mr. Gary Corseri. Look at it please? He's much less prolix & pontifical than I!

Chuck Olroski said...

Above, I failed to add the fact that Stalinists & many favored Soviet intellectuals did not like the Gulag "Postcards" written by Aleksandr Solzhenitysn. Thank you.

Ian, no doubt you remember Novy Mir's 1953 (pre-thaw) splash?

three eyed goddess said...

Here is found truth and compassion.
The Conscience is a vital organ.

Ian Keenan said...

Chuck the USSR had internationally acclaimed psychology institutes until Stalin took over, and right after he left they were revived.. So the nasty guy in the Unz Review comments and Uncle Joe have at least that in common and perhaps more.

Chuck Olroski said...

Ian: Am so happy I'm not the "nasty" Unz review commenter! In all probability, our Controllers are grateful for US citizens' general submissiveness & acceptance of the help given by the American Psychological Society to C.I.A. torture programs.

Thank you.

Elizabeth said...

Chuck, do you mean Numinous?

Bereft of students, I've been giving people assignments on Disqus: multiple choice exams and prompts for five paragraph essays. So far, everyone flunks, but funny that you should mention that this place is full of tests also.

Mostly people post on sites so they can get into fights. This can be very funny to watch.

Chuck Olroski said...

Elizabeth: "Numinous"? I am lost here, the only "Numinous" I'm aware of was offered by C.S. Lewis, and I have only vague memory as to WHY he used this religious term and WHAT he actually said.

Bible "Genesis" starts with first human couple undergoing an important test, they flunked, and were dispatched to a Paradise Lost address.

Sometimes I get concerned about my having little to do but "post," but perhaps my greatest problem is thinking that I can consistently stop "fights" so reason & goodwill prevails. THAT marked-down Hegelian process, at times, can also be "very funny to watch."

Wish you well, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, intellectuals didn't used to be such assholes, but maybe it's just that I was an asshole 30 years ago, so didn't notice. However I think the wave of assholes began in the mid-1980s or thereabout here in Cleveland, starting with Jeffrey Jones. I had this great Milton teacher, Jeffrey Ford, who was also head of the freshman English department at CSU for years. When some black politician accused CSU of being a racist institution, the president chose Jeffrey to mediate the Roundtable Discussions. Good choice!

Back then, the literary scholarship was actually readable, and CS Lewis was good at Milton. Jeffrey was equally great at teaching epic poetry and teaching ghetto kids how to write, and quite the mentor. He's the one that talked me into moving back to Cleveland. We spent one summer reading the Faerie Queene in his back yard--independent study!

x larry said...

hi e,
you probably won't get this as it's long after you posted and i don't have much to say anyway, but found the intellectual asshole comment interesting. didn't the assholes just come out of the woodwork in the 80s--so true. i loved reading gore vidal's essays on critics and academics, very refreshing and oh so readable


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