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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I Support the Police Breathe Free Don't Break the Law!--Bella Vista

I Support the Police Breathe Free Don't Break the Law!--Bella Vista (detail)




Chuck Olroski said...

Linh: As US presidents, Congressmen, oligarchs, and corporations have formed their own set of unjust Law, your previous photo of "Trump for President" and this one asserting "Don't break the Law" has me concerned.

Last night, sinking down the TV sinkhole once again, I watched The Donald passionately speak to the large Alabama crowd with strong NJ appeal and but a hollow ring of "common sense," and little depth. Odd thing for a guy who knows America's massive immigration problem was managed, engineered, facilitated form on High.

To the 'Bama crowd, Trump, of course, paid homage to Israeli/Zionist Supremacy, and he wants to "rebuild" what he called our slacking military forces, revisit trade treaties, restore America's stolen industrial economy, and return the rest of the planet to respecting America! It was a great kill day for Mr. Trump; like the Fuhrer on 1930s campaign, he passionately hammered stodgy rivals Jeb, Hillary, and all the ne'er-do-wells (like me) who are not charmed by his charismatic "You're fired" style. (Note, in March 2014, I was not technically "fired," but a company District Manager informed me that I was "Employed at Will," less Nazi-like told me to hand-in my cell phone and Roaldex, and told me to immediately leave the prorperty).

I hate modern elections even more than the ones I followed during the 1960s! A long time ago, I got an email from Joe Sobran who offered me a definition of democracy. Author of quote unknown, Mr. Sobran wrote, "democracy is like two wolves and a lamb deciding what's next for dinner."

Couple days before Trump's walk on stadium stage while "Sweet Home Alabama" played, I watched CNN interview with Jesse "the Body" Ventura. He sensibly complained about Trump's building of a Maginot wall at southern border, "The Body" opined "walls having two sides, one to keep people out, one to keep people in, like 1950s Berlin... I don't want that."

Finally back to this photograph message, "Don't break the law." I hope whoever supports such reasonable (?) thought might think deeper, and recognize that current US law and its enforcement is possibly even more swinish than the days of Joe McCarthy & J. Edgar Hoover. Our times are definitely not anything like the good/bad 'ole days of "your daddy's Oldmobile" -- my late-father Charlie liked that saying... a tractor-trailer driver, he admired the powerful 442 engine which ran on leaded gasoline, at $0.30 per gallon cost.

Obey the law, and take the old Reich records off the shelf! Thsnk you.

x larry said...

hey chuck and linh,
i can't quite picture trump talking to alabamans--this guy once had a pretty funny quote; when someone complained about one of his massive buildings in new york blocking the sunlight in their apartment he said, 'if they want sunshine, let them move to kansas'. great display of east coast arrogance for the midwest.
but on a lighter note, i haven't seen the donald campaigning yet as i have no tv and am in england anyway, but from what i've recently been studying i don't at all believe he had anything like the charisma of hitler, or of course hitler's sincerity. check out this interview with ernst zundel.
and there's also plenty of good stuff by david irving.
these of course are VERBOTEN in 'the west' today, as is, really, germany and the german language too perhaps--it certainly raises eyebrows. i'm far from an expert, but have just been, once again, putting two and two together and what do i come up with (same as ever)? whatever they tell you to think, think the opposite. everything's always and forever this way--tv, movies, even the vast majority of books (anything reviewed in big papers), printed press, pop music and other kinds of music (anything Mass Culture), sports and of course ALL SCHOOLING. we. are. brainwashed.
ps i still find it hard in my heart to forgive trump for stealing my childhood nickname from me--trump (he came on the scene when i was in high school or so, and stained that nickname forever!)

x larry said...

my first choice of name for our first son was as follows.
wolfgang adolf maria kim (plus my surname)
i was serious, but there was no chance of it sticking with my wife--we chose ralph instead (after nader mainly but also cramden), which incidentally means wolf too.
anyway, since he was born i've told many people of my first name choice. i just kind of liked wolfgang (or wilhelm perhaps after my favorite, reich), i had a great great grandfather adolf (either german or swiss german), i lived some time in spain hence maria, and some time in korea hence kim.
still, i began to resent that this name adolf is now VERBOTEN. i asked, and ask, 'why not bill, for clinton, tony, for blair, george, ronald, richard, etc.? these are all mass murderers, so why? still no answer.

linh, you are most likely aware of the, shall we say 'free speech' laws in germany, ie Watch what you say, eg don't even think about denying the holocaust (unless it's the albanian or american indian one).

also, i notice in vltchek's latest article (which i pretty much liked) that he stole (in much less forceful and dramatic fashion if i do say so), my line from one of my very few published articles (all in counterpunch). it is this: 'congratulations, empire....' which he repeats often. my line was, 'congratulations, master...', then something like 'you've figured out how to destroy people's soul, or ability to think, or something (my point being obviously the incredible lowlife shit garbage cretins who willfully and gleefully destroy our children, etc.).
thanks again--hope no offence caused

Chuck Olroski said...


You are so interesting, with a sense of humor "to boot." Was very wise how you summarized Trump's funny comment as a "great display of east coast arrogance for the midwest." Watch out... Vltchek might look at the Blog comment, detect more "Larry" originality, and incorporate it into a future article. As I do not know your full name, can you divulge the name of your articles which appeared on Counterpunch?

As I try to get my present "mind" connected to my past" mind, I'm rereading Zane Grey novels, and I'd like to break a bit from the old west "range," and dig in to your writing!

Also I do agree Hitler had more political sincerity and ENERGETICALLY leveled with the German people more than The Donald does (can!) with Americans. Although he's a billionaire and not necessarily as dependent upon other oligarchs/corporations as other ambitious buggers who want to become POTUS, I have to assume Trump is endorsed and anointed by a similar sinister set of people like the ones who helped put Hitler in business.

Thank you, Larry... Linh must be away on business!

x larry said...

hey chuck,
thanks so much for the compliments, i return them to you.
after much thought i've decided i can't send 'go public'--not for any sinister reason but because i say things that can get me in trouble, both with family and god knows who else down the pipe.
however, i give linh permission to send you my email address if he likes and has time. i'd be happy to send you the links then--don't get too excited.
thanks again chuck, looking forward to more fun online conversation.

x larry said...

very sorry, but on second thought (as i lie awake in bed) i think i'd better not send my email address even to chuck.
chuck, sorry but i've reconsidered as i don't want to dredge up best forgotten memories of my fifteen minutes at counterpunch--it isn't worth it, believe me. writing isn't writing unless it's what you want to write--that wasn't.
for now, i wish to remain anonymous (except to master of course). hope that's cool.
cheers again

Chuck Olroski said...

Understood, Larry. Back in June 1999, when US and NATO were relentlessly bombing Yugoslavia, my former professor at the University of Scranton, Montenegro born, warned me to not write anything political which might draw fire from "Above." He said, "Cha-rr-les, when you turn 70 years old, you can write all you think..., by then your kids will be all grown up, but now is not good time for that stuff." Dr. P. passed away several years ago, he's buried in a N. Scranton cemetery, and I still consider his well meaning advice which I did not heed.

All's cool, upholding truth & trust is the key for worthy dialogue, and cheers to you, Larry!


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