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Friday, November 11, 2016

The Trump Ploy

As published at Unz Review, CounterCurrents, Truth Seeker, Starry News, From the Trenches, Transcend Media Service and Intrepid Report, 11/11/16:

Universally, Trump was depicted as an anti-establishment candidate. Washington and Wall Street hated him, and the media were deployed to vilify him endlessly. If they could not discredit Trump enough, surely they would steal the election from him. Some even suggested Trump would be assassinated.

Acting the part, Trump charged repeatedly that the election was rigged, and he was right, of course. During the primaries, Hillary Clinton received debate questions in advance from CNN. More seriously, 30 states used voting machines that could easily be hacked.

A leaked tape of Trump making obscene comments about groping women became further proof that the establishment was out to get him. In spite of all this, Trump managed to win by a landslide, so what happened?

To steal an American election, one only needs to tamper with votes in two or three critical states, and since Hillary didn’t win, we must conclude that she was never the establishment’s chosen puppet. As Trump claimed, the fix was in, all right, except that it was rigged in his favor, as born out by the fact.

While everybody else yelped that Trump would never be allowed to win, I begged to differ. After the Orlando false flag shooting on June 12th, 2016, I wrote:

In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.

On September 24th, I doubled down:

Mind-fucked, most Americans can’t even see that an American president’s only task is to disguise the deep state’s intentions. Chosen by the deep state to explain away its crimes, our president’s pronouncements are nearly always contradicted by the deep state’s actions. While the president talks of peace, democracy, racial harmony, prosperity for Main Street and going after banksters, etc., the deep state wages endless war, stages meaningless elections, stokes racial hatred, bankrupts nearly all Americans and enables massive Wall Street crimes, etc.

Only the infantile will imagine the president as any kind of savior or, even more hilariously, anti-establishment. Since the deep state won’t even tolerate a renegade reporter at, say, the San Jose Mercury News, how can you expect a deep state’s enemy to land in the White House?! It cannot happen.

A presidential candidate will promise to fix all that’s wrong with our government, and this stance, this appearance, is actually very useful for the deep state, for it gives Americans hope. Promising everything, Obama delivered nothing. So who do you think is being primed by the deep state to be our next false savior?

Who benefits from false flag terrorist attacks blamed on Muslims? Who gains when blacks riot? Why is the Democratic Party propping up a deeply-despised and terminally ill war criminal? More personable Bernie Sanders was nixed by the deep state since it had another jester in mind.

The first presidential debate is Monday. Under stress, Hillary’s eyes will dart in separate directions. Coughing nonstop for 90 minutes, her highness will hack up a gazillion unsecured emails. Her head will jerk spasmodically, plop onto the floor and, though decapitated, continue to gush platitudes and lies. “A Very Impressive Performance,” CNBC and CNN will announce. Come November, though, Trump will be installed because his constituency needs to be temporarily pacified. The deep state knows that white people are pissed.

The media were out to get Trump, pundits from across the political spectrum kept repeating, but the truth is that the media made Trump. Long before the election, Trump became a household name, thanks to the media.

Your average American can’t name any other real estate developer, casino owner or even his own senators, but he has known Trump since forever. For more than a decade, Trump was a reality TV star, with two of his children also featured regularly on The Apprentice. Trump’s “You’re fired” and his hair became iconic. Trump appeared on talk shows, had cameo roles in movies and owned the Miss Universe pageant. In 2011, Obama joked that Trump as president would deck out the White House in garish fashion, with his own name huge on the façade. The suave, slick prez roasted Trump again in 2016. Trump has constantly been in the limelight.

It’s true that during the presidential campaign, Trump received mostly negative press, but this only ramped up support among his core constituency. Joe Sixpacks had long seen the media as not just against everything they cherished, but against them as people, so the more the media attacked Trump, the more popular he became among the white working class.

Like politicians, casinos specialize in empty promises. Trump, then, is a master hustler, just like Obama, and with help from the media, this New York billionaire became a darling of the flyover states. Before his sudden transformation, Trump was certainly an insider. He donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill and Hillary attended his third wedding. Golf buddies, The Donald and Bill were also friends with one Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the infamous Lolita Express and a sex orgy, sex slave island in the Caribbean.

In 2002, New York Magazine published “Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery.” This asskissing piece begins, “He comes with cash to burn, a fleet of airplanes, and a keen eye for the ladies—to say nothing of a relentless brain that challenges Nobel Prize-winning scientists across the country—and for financial markets around the world.”

Trump is quoted, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Bill Clinton shouts out, “Jeffrey is both a highly successful financier and a committed philanthropist with a keen sense of global markets and an in-depth knowledge of twenty-first-century science. I especially appreciated his insights and generosity during the recent trip to Africa to work on democratization, empowering the poor, citizen service, and combating HIV/AIDS.”

Epstein gushes back, “If you were a boxer at the downtown gymnasium at 14th Street and Mike Tyson walked in, your face would have the same look as these foreign leaders had when Clinton entered the room. He is the world’s greatest politician.”

Even during a very nasty election campaign, Trump stayed clear of Clinton’s association with Epstein because he himself had been chummy with the convicted pervert. Trump also never brought up the Clintons’ drug running in Mena or the many mysterious deaths of those whose existence inconvenienced their hold on power.

With eight years in the White House, plus stints as a senator then secretary of state, Clinton is considered the ultimate insider. Though a novice politician, Trump is also an insider, and it’s a grand joke of the establishment that they’ve managed to convince Joe Sixpacks everywhere that Trump will save them.

Knowing how angry the working class has become, the deep state could not install Hillary, for that would have been a tiresome rehash of another Clinton presidency. With NAFTA, Bill launched the job offshoring that has wrecked this country, and those most affected by it, working class whites, know damn well who’s responsible. The Clinton brand has become anathema to middle America.

While Clinton says America is already great, Trump promises to make America great again, but the decline of the US will only accelerate. Our manufacturing base is handicapped because American workers will not put up with Chinese wages, insanely long hours or living in cramped factory dormitories. In a global economy, those who can suck it up best get the jobs.

On the foreign front, America’s belligerence will not ease up under a Trump presidency, for without a hyper kinetic military to browbeat and bomb, the world will stop lending us money. The US doesn’t just wage wars to fatten the military banking complex, but to prop up the US Dollar and prevent our economy from collapsing. The empire yields tangible benefits for even the lowliest Americans.

With his livelihood vaporized, the poor man does not care for LGBT rights, the glass ceiling or climate change. Supplementing his wretched income with frequent treks to the church pantry, if not blood bank, he needs immediate relief. It’s a shame he’s staking his hopes on an imposter.

The deep state ushered in Trump because he’s clearly their most useful decoy. As the country hopes in vain, the crooked men behind the curtain will go on with business as usual. Trump is simply an Obama for a different demographic. Nothing will change for the better.



Anonymous said...

He list of actions following election (differing greatly from those made before) show he is putting the banksters first. How far he will go down the road to launching WW II remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Ooops I meant WW III.

1atheo said...

I still think that the establishment aim was to have Republicans endorse Jeb Bush while Democrats endorse a Clinton, thus validating the legitimacy of stasis.

In this scenario, Trump has upset the system.

Anonymous said...

Linh, there is an AU-based information blog, Gumshoe News, coming with a 911truth section that's full with information to the brim.

I thought you may find it interesting.
This is an off-topic comment and you are more than welcome to delete it after reading.

Linh Dinh said...

From Gilad Atzmon's superb "On Trump's Victory:

The 2016 American presidential election divided America into two camps: The Americans on one side and the Identitarians on the other. The Americans are those who see themselves primarily as American patriots. They are driven by rootedness and heritage. For them, the promise to make ‘America great again’ confirms that Utopia is nostalgia and that the progressive reality is nothing short of dystopia. The Identitarians, on the other hand, are those who subscribe to progressive sectarian politics. They see themselves primarily as LGBTQ, Latino, Black, Jews, Women, and so on. Their bond with the American national or patriotic ethos is secondary and often non-existent. The future of the Democratic Party, in its current form, depends upon the hope that American subscriptions to sectarian ideologies will gradually increase and, as a result, will eventually strengthen the context of identity or group politics. The progressive agenda banks on the divestiture of the national and patriotic ethos. Needless to mention that half of America voted for Clinton. Hence, this political agenda is far from being farfetched or delusional.

But the Identitarian agenda backfired. It was only a question of time before the so-called ‘whites’ or ‘rednecks’ grasped that their backs have been pressed to the wall. They also started to act and think as an identitarian political sector. Hillary Clinton calling Trump’s voters a “basket of deplorables” was a clear sign for white poor Americans that Hillary wasn’t exactly their ally. However, Hillary was far from being alone. Almost every Jewish writer within the American press didn’t miss the opportunity to attribute the “White Supremacist” label to Trump’s voters. For Cheryl Greenberg, Trump’s popularity was “the final gasping of white supremacy.” For Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall, Trump’s closing ad was packed with “anti-Semitic dog whistles, anti-Semitic tropes, and anti-Semitic vocabulary.” For Marshall and Goldberg, half of the American people were dogs obeying their master’s whistle.

It shouldn’t take us by surprise that half of the American people would eventually react. They became weary of Jewish progressives like Marshall and Goldberg seeing them as dogs and white supremacists.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Yes, Trump serves some cabal, there's intelops running, but the alternative was glowing in the dark. The Trump affair is a countercoup to put the coup of 2000 out of business...

Now we shall witness a color revolution shatter our country...

bummer !

Ian Keenan said...

When Trump said that our polling system was not without corruption, Hillary and the media attacked him as threatening public confidence in the voting system. Then Trump won Florida, NC, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania while Hillary won the exit polls, which are internationally considered reliable.

Rigging an election entails getting your candidate to legitimately win, and then different forms of voter suppression, followed by electronic tampering. So when the media and the political establishment trashes Trump it's because they really don't want him to win, of course. FBI Director Comey's stock in Lockheed and HSBC has gone up.

swindled said...

I agree now that the whole election was probably nonsense. Nearly two years of nonstop nonsense--and that will start up again in only two more years! who will it be to run against incumbent T? Elizabeth Warren? Cory Booker? Michelle Obama? Julian Castro? Kenye West? But may I confess something? I've elevated T to Muhammadian status. And which is to say the poison of the election cycle has not only alienated me from typing his full name but even just looking at him, as I've gotten to the point after some 18 months of pure hating while imbibing deep at the internet trough that the mere appearance of this man sickens me to the core, his visage whether a photo or cartoon stirring such deep revulsion that I immediately avert my eyes. Now I know what you're thinking, old Swindled is just engaging in high satire, the kind of thing he loves, revving up yet one more vehicle for rolling out yet one more rant against the reality TV star-cum-POTUS who he finds to be the apotheosis of everything he despises, but I will insist there's more to it than that! That I am suffering in fact the symptoms of some psychic injury or trauma incurred by the stunning election result, and which if queried my wife would immediately confirm for I have now banned all news channels and periodicals from the house, all news content related to current events, magazines, you name it, anything with T.'s name or picture on it, until which time I've come to terms with our new reality and feel myself physically healed, psychically restored to good health, and can once again peruse the poison pages, images, and feeds of our politically toxic environment. But until then I will be watching the Food Network and leafing through self-help books and otherwise doing my best to try to get a handle on myself. While praying the nation survives, Ameen Ya Allah. Insha Allah

Linh Dinh said...

Kevin Barrett at Veterans Today:

Heaps and heaps of money and power ride on election outcomes. Any private party with proprietary access to the internal workings of a voting machine WILL rig elections. That is the only conceivable reason that such machines would ever exist. If you do not understand this, please shoot yourself in the head. NOW. It is the one part of your anatomy that you could not possibly damage, because it has long since ceased to serve any discernible function.

So will all of you gibbering idiots blathering on and on about the “elections” we supposedly just had PLEASE just stuff a rag in your mouths and wrap duct tape around your heads? The hideous, meaningless noises you are making are really starting to get on my nerves.

If there is anyone out there with one or two synaptic spark plugs that are still firing, yet who is unfamiliar with the fact that our fake “elections” are routinely stolen through black box voting machines that cannot possibly have been manufactured for any purpose except to steal elections, please familiarize yourself with some elementary data.

TDMS (cited by Mark Crispin Miller) reports:

Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.


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