Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Disruptive Uncle Sam, Rising Eurasia and Murky Pittsburgh

As published at Veterans Today, Unz Review and TruthSeeker, 11/7/18:

All floridly unequivocal praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Universes, and to his faithful Servant and Prophet, Mohammed, and may Israel, that abomination, smudge and curse upon mankind, be neatly erased with no trace left behind, so the rest of us can peacefully go on with our tedious and humbling labor, all while being soothed and titilated by the certain knowledge that, just around the blind curve, there’s our just reward of 72 pristine babes well stacked with full-grown, swollen and pear-shaped breasts, though some may prefer the less-developed, but to each his own. As for the ladies, just replace “babes” with “hunks,” and “breasts” with “members.”

From 2011 to 2016, I often provided political commentaries for Iran’s Press TV, and though I was only paid minimally, I gladly got up very early in the morning, and at a moment’s notice, to instantly offer analyses on current issues, be it tension in the South China Sea, US’ meddling in the Ukraine, the world’s indifference to Myamar’s mass murder of the Rohingya, the Occupy Movement or the farcical charades that are American elections. Usually, it was just a phone interview, but sometimes, I would put on a suit and tie and head to a Philly studio to debate, via internet feeds, with everyone from ex US generals to well trained talking heads from deep pocketed think tanks. Sometimes, I would be enlightened by the other guests, such as the fearlessly penetrating, honorable, slyly humorous and very Muslim Kevin Barrett.

All these Press TV sessions were uploaded onto YouTube, until they were suddenly erased, for this Iranian network was charged by the Israeli ass licking US government as pushing propaganda, conspiracy theories and fake news, unlike, well, CNN, FOX, CNBC and the BBC. My handful of appearances on Russia Today are still up, though for a while they were stigmatized with, “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government.” My Wikipedia page also lies that I’m “a regular commentator on Russia Today,” for Russia is evil, you see, Putin is the new Hitler and I must be a Neo Nazi for repeatedly bellowing that Israel shouldn’t exist, among other heresies.

I just love the smell of Zyklon B in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening and night, for it means that I’m nicely deloused, you know what I mean?

This month, another Iranian network, Tasnim, asked for my response to renewed US sanctions against the Islamic Republic, so I said:

First, the renewed sanctions prove, once again, that America’s words mean absolutely nothing, for just two years after it signed an agreement, it decided, without any reasonable pretext, to tear it up. America is not just unreliable and unprofessional, but a rogue nation.

US sanctions will certainly hurt Iran’s economy, but not as much as intended, because key US allies such as South Korea and, most importantly, the European Union have decided to not honor these sanctions. Further, Iran will continue to trade with Russia and China. Who will be damaged the most by these sanctions, paradoxically, is the US, for American companies will be blocked from the Iranian market, and its vast energy sector. Do you think Boeing is happy with these sanctions?

It is inevitable that Iran’s ties with China and Russia will become stronger. With China and Russia leading the way, the Eurasian landmass is being economically integrated, and Iran is an important component of this, not just for its oil export, but its strategic location. Since the US has no role to play in this new alignment, it has done its best to sabotage it. This, it is doing by economically attacking, and even militarily threating, Russia, China and Iran, as well as preventing the European Union from having closer ties with these countries.


Since the American economy is much more fragile than it appears, America’s sanctions against Iran and Russia, as well as its trade war against China, constitute economic suicide. The US is also forcing its allies into closer cooperation with China, Russia and Iran, for otherwise, they will sink with the dying empire. Having wrecked several countries for Israel, America will end up imploding itself, for Israel.

Since my interview, the US has announced that China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey will be allowed, how nice of Uncle Sam, to still buy Iranian oil for at least six months. It’s quite pathetic, really, America’s disruption of Eurasia’s economic integration, but it’s also menacing to each man, woman, child and bug, for the dying empire may just blow up the entire planet as its last act.

Instead of fearing extinction, however, Americans are steered into arguing about people with dicks and balls using girls’ bathrooms, pale folks sporting dread locks and the next Holocaust. The always reliable US media announced that 11 Jews were killed in Pittsburgh, although there’s not a single pixel of visual evidence, just like there was none with, say, the Bin Laden assassination, so the cat must have instantly covered all the corpses with dirt and lapped up every drop of blood. In this age of ubiquitous cellphones, none functioned inside or near the Tree of Life Congregation to show images of terrified worshippers, bodies on ground or gurneys, blood splattered walls, fleeing survivors or triage tent, since Jews, being an oppressed minority, can’t afford even bottom end Huaweis.

If Jews in distress, terror or death are too disturbing for the public, then what about the Holocaust, as presented by horrifying images in countless books, movies, websites and museums? Across the world, there must be many more Holocaust museums than all those, combined, for the Holodomor, Soviet gulags, Allied firebombing of German and Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Nakba and millions of Muslim victims of the open-ended and bogus American/Israeli War against Terror. Jews are history’s unique victims, we must never forget, and in college, I too took a Holocaust course, for which I got an A or a B, I think. Over thousands of years and across dozens of countries, Jews have been singularly persecuted just for being Jews, and not for anything they may have done.

In many false flags, photos of the carnage were quickly debunked as fraudulent, so now, only a story is told, with no supporting images whatsoever. Although they have lied to us a billion times, we’re again asked to take their words as facts, and we do, because we’re beyond gullible and stupid.

In mainstream media videos of the Pittsburgh incident, all you see are dozens of militarized police swarming the scene, so the drilled message is, again, you must welcome armed agents of the state to protect you from your fellow citizens. Trump is also framed as somehow responsible, thus an anti-Semite, although the blathering huckster is just another abject servant of Israel. This sleight of hand doesn’t just obscure Trump’s record of enabling Israeli criminality, but demands that he facilitates even more.

To better serve Jews, Trump is willing to appear as their pinata, just as the Russiagate nonsense is a way to obscure the fact that Trump, though a supposed Russian puppet, is relentlessly antagonizing Russia, to the cusp of war. Though a deep state agent, Trump is depicted in even alternative news outlets as the deep state’s nemesis.

It is farcically ironic that the one state that has interfered with more foreign elections than anyone can count is accusing another of messing with its already rigged election, for with the unaccountable voting machines, any result can be programmed, just like with slot machines. Under such a joke setup, it’s only appropriate that a casino huckster has been selected as president.

Just as Obama was a professional wrestling good guy, Trump is the villain, but they both work for the same outfit, thus the economic and even military war against Eurasia continues, with Syria, Russia, China and Iran all attacked. Meanwhile, the American economy and society relentlessly unravel, even as Wall Street thrives, thus all is well. In formerly lovely Los Angeles and San Francisco, the exploding homeless populations leave plenty of shit for yuppies and tourists to contemplate, while in each American city and town, the unemployed, underemployed or never employed play Russian roulette with fentanyl, made in China. In Philly, I knew a graffiti “artist” who made his spraying rounds with a can of Narcan, so he could save any OD victim he came across. This good-hearted angel had prevented two from an eternal date with the virgins.

Here in Vietnam, the state also generates plenty of propaganda, but no one takes it seriously, for the Vietnamese government is simply not as skillful, seductive and sly as the mind rapists of Hollywood, New York and Washington DC. There is no Vietnamese Rihanna to mash your brain cells so that a Vietnamese Katy Perry can more effectively screw you through the ear with a flag pole. There are no Vietnamese Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon, etc., with their measured tones, concerned looks and humane words as they spin endless lies and, often, push mass murder. America is the greatest bullshit purveyor ever.

A year ago, Ron Unz emailed me and Philip Giraldi to say that FaceBook was deleting the “likes” for our articles, and it’s something they do against all of my writing, I’ve noticed, so that’s how meticulous and petty are our managers of perception.

Until the next US-triggered world war, Eurasians will go on with their business, and at a recent Saigon trade convention, Metalex Vietnam, I couldn’t help but notice the complete absence of American companies. Nearly all of the machinery and metal part exhibitors came from East Asia, although India, Turkey, Russia and Germany were also represented.

With not much trade left in him, Uncle Sam must bully, harangue, mindlessly lecture, stage false flags, lie nonstop and maintain endless war. Drenched in blood, he’s a dead man walking, a zombie.


Beagle Juice said...

Hey Linh, I've seen speculation that Vietnam will throw in with India, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philipines in Washington's war against China. Any insights on this?

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Beagle Juice,

Vietnam is buying Japanese and American weapons, and it has allowed American war ships to dock in Vietnam, and it's doing all this because of China. On the other hand, China is Vietnam's biggest trading partner, and it's right next door, and rising, with plenty of factories already in Vietnam, so this relationship must be tactfully maintained.

Having fought the US, the Vietnamese Communists know better than to trust the US, and they also know the US is in decline, with a huge trade deficit with Vietnam itself. China, however, is Vietnam's eternal threat. I've heard many ordinary Vietnamese bitch about China.

Should war break out against China, I truly do not think that all these Asian countries, save Taiwan, will actually fight alongside Americans. Vietnam certainly won't allow the USA to use its territory to launch war against China. I don't think it will even try to retake islands occupied by China. The risk is too great, and after the US is kicked out of this side of the Pacific, China will still be there, to be dealt with.


Unknown said...

Brilliant response to "Beagle Juice," Linh, and thank you.

Will never get such accurate insight in The Wall Street Journal.

Am hoping compromised Vietnamese wheeler & dealer officials who suck off the ZUSA cow teat don't get after your ass.

Beagle Juice said...

Dear Linh,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful response to my question; however, I think you’re wrong in one critical regard. There is no way that the US would entertain the idea of a war with China with only Taiwan as an ally. Our cowardly Confederate Generals have no intention of doing much more than holding the coat for the Japanese. If Japan opts out, there will be no war.

The Korean War may seem to disprove my theory, but at that point, China had yet to begin to recover from the long Japanese onslaught and its own civil war, so Washington felt confident it would meet with little resistance. At this point, the only conceivable blow they could now inflict would be a surprise nuclear strike by the Ohio class submarines, to which China would retaliate in kind. While China (having more to lose) would suffer more significant losses, America would be finished (possibly forever).

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for all of the excellent work you have done chronicling the decline and fall of America. I recently stumbled across your interview with Chris Hedges where you provided your take on the Trump presidency as being essentially an inverse image of the Obama fiasco. Everyone in America got to trade positions! Those who grimaced and frowned during the Obama years now looks hopeful and smug, and the Obamaites are now in hysterical revolt. Though, strangely enough, almost nothing has changed!

I felt very much the same way going into the election and abstained (as always) from the electoral process. The script never changes, during the first term, the president tries not to rock the boat and set the stage for a triumphant reelection where he can fully implement his plan during the second term. Alas, the second term is always mired in scandal, and none of the promised change ever takes place. :(

Like yourself, I’ve struggled in the manual labor section of the economy for several decades. I had the education to wear a suit and tie, but I didn’t have the temperament for it. Thus, I spent a lot of time drilling holes, climbing ladders, taking speed, and trying to flee the country whenever I could!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s simply not possible to even SEE America unless you’ve spent a good deal of time outside of it. The late/great Joe Bageant compared America to a hologram which can only be viewed from just the right angle. Asking an American about America is like asking a fish what water is like, or perhaps it would be more accurate to ask a fish who spent his life in a filthy river what polluted water is like?

At the moment, I’m living off some of my hard-fought greenbacks in one of northeastern Brazil’s decaying tourist cities. It would make for an interesting article, but people like you have always dissuaded me from writing. You do it so well, that I feel inadequate by comparison (sigh). When I get back to picking cotton on the plantation, I’ll do my best to send you a donation to help you continue your excellent work.

Beagle Juice said...

Regarding the synagogue “shooting” in Pittsburgh, I have filed it together with all of the other media announcements of which there is absolutely no evidence. A couple of decades ago, I came to the conclusion that everything in America is a lie and a swindle. In fact, I’m convinced that even the seemingly most mundane stories that appear on the evening news are created out of whole cloth. Why try to "spin" the news when you can just make it all up? Peak Oil, Global Warming, War on Terror, Ebola, Bird Flu, etc. It never ends.

George Orwell’s character, Winston Smith, was himself a creator of such “news stories,” but this detail of the novel’s prescience has been forgotten.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Beagle Juice,

A while ago, I did a little series of interviews with American expats, "Escape from America". If you feel like answering these basic questions, or add anything you feel like about your escape from America, and life in Brazil, I'll be more than glad to post it on this blog.

Thanks in advance,


brian boru said...

Superb analysis. The problem with America is that its system is totally in thrall to the jews and thus has a messianic complex, like the maniacs in occupied Palestine. It is quite capable of destroying the whole world if it thinks it is going to lose its control. I lived in the US for twenty years but eventually left in 1996 in disgust. It was a vicious police state then; it must be so much worse now.

grimychaz said...

Yeah way worse. At least back then your fedora wearing, dark rimmed glasses sporting hipsters didn't revel in the idea of drone striking American citizens with no due process. Now, the idea of massacring 2million Syrian Christian children gives their Soylent green riddled flacid members a raging boner because "muh Russia." It's really fucked up here man everyone is a bloodthirsty psycholath.

darkman9 said...

Correction: It's Don Lemon not John Lemon

Linh Dinh said...

Thanks, darkman9, it's now corrected.

Unknown said...

Hey Beagle Juice!
As you apparently live in Brazil --
Ever watch Arnon Milchan's extremely disturbing film, "Brazil"?
Fyi, in a couple second flash, & weirdly inverse to 9/11's tower collapse, Milchan's "Brazil" displays towers rising from the ground zero & debris (in upheaval) is cast about about.
I am incompetent with basic technology to make copy of this especially weird scene & my hope someone could do it, perhaps on social network in which I do not indulge.
Perhaps at minimum you can watch the film?

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