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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Restored buildings--Budapest 2


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Conatus said...

I went to Budapest a few years ago on one of those boat tours. Yeah it is a little down at the heels but I chalked it up to Communism. Vienna, right up the river, was big money shiny but the Rooskies left in 1955 whereas the Russians were in Budapest 'till '91?

What you rarely realize about the Hungarians is they were always on the Germans side. I mean they had to be, they only have about 10 million people compared to 80 or 100 million Germans.
They lived in a bad neighborhood in the 1900s maybe things will be better now.

Also i heard the Hungarians paid over half their salary for rent(the affordability index) mainly because the Germans and French came in and bought everything up after the Russians left. it was cheap and they had the money.