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Saturday, July 11, 2020


An An Vietnamese Restaurant in Deokpo-dong on 7-11-20--Busan

An An Vietnamese Restaurant in Deokpo-dong. It's owned by a Korean husband and his Vietnamese wife. He waits tables and does deliveries. She cooks.

Today, there was also a Vietnamese helper who had been in Korea just a month. He's here to study at a university.

A woman came in with her half-Korean son to buy two durians.

Owner, "I haven't seen you in weeks."

Woman, "I was so sad, I didn't want to go anywhere."

"Why were you sad?"

"I was so sad," but said very weakly, and that was that.

There was a list of songs on the TV screen. Among the more predictable titles like "I Only Need You to Love Me," "Why Haven't We Held Hands?" "Today We Must Part," "When You Lose Someone You Love" and "Please Don't Love Me," there was a novel one, "To Love Someone of the Same Sex."



eahilf said...

Being surrounded by the ugly urbanscapes depicted in your fotos could make anyone sad.

Richard said...

I find many of these photos compellingly beautiful.