Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Room at City Hotel on 12-29-20--Cairo

If you're in Cairo, I have two extra beds in my room.

The last time this happened was in Zgorzelec, Poland. That room was so cheap, I started to wonder if I had booked a shared room by mistake. I went to bed half expecting strangers to barge in at any moment.

The flight from Beirut was packed, so there was no social distancing, period. Though we were warned to keep our masks on, they had to be taken off when meal was served, so suddenly, it was OK for everyone to share the same air.

Egypt is famous for being chaotic, and I got a taste of this even on the plane, with babies crying, a restless boy kicking the back of my seat, men standing up while the plane was still taxiing and people ignoring the stewardess' instruction to get off by rows and respecting social distancing.


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Unknown said...

Yo Linh!
From my experience, I don't think you will find any barrooms/restaurants in Cairo. However, top hotels likely will accommodate.