Monday, September 20, 2021

Are Angry White Pussies Crypto Jews?

As published at Unz Review, 9/21/21:

Max Jacob’s most famous poem is “La mendiante de Naples,” or “The Beggar Woman of Naples”:
When I lived in Naples, there was at the door of my building a beggar woman to whom I would toss some coins before climbing into my car.

.. One day, surprised at never having been thanked, I looked at the beggar woman.

Now, as I looked, I saw that what I had taken to be a beggar woman, there’s a wooden crate painted green that contained some red earth and a few half rotten bananas.
There’s no surer way to stop people from reading than to insert a poem into an article. To commit this vile act right at the beginning is to chase away nearly everybody. Fine, it’s just you and me, then, all three of us, so move closer.

Just as Jacob mistook some spoilt bananas for a destitute woman, perhaps the Angry White Pussies, rarely seen in real life, but swarming all over the internet, are crypto Jews?

Take my hecklers, for example. Some are apparently real people, but some sound so moronic and deranged, one must wonder if they’re fake personas concocted by, say, Jews? After all, I haven’t been the greatest friend to adherents of the Talmud, despite my lifelong devotion to chopped liver.

If you’re a hasbara agent, you can try to kill two birds with one stone by attacking any “anti-Semite” while pretending you’re a stupendously stupid white guy.

Exposed to such, foreigners may conclude that Americans have become so absurdly moronic, they deserve their bankruptcy and degradation, such as being led by a reality TV conman or braindead pederast.

How mentally challenged are these Angry White Pussies? After I had interviewed a white man, an AWP attacked me for what this white man said!

Too imbecilic to understand that an interview involves two people who don’t have to agree on anything, this AWP ranted, “The next time I see a gook name on this site, I’m not even going to bother reading what it has to say. It’s already made up its mind about me, so I’ll return the favor. Fuck you too, slant-eyed cunt. I hope the next time you play Minecraft and walk around a city controlled by the Democrats you vote for, a mentally ill nigger crackhead tweaking on fentanyl, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc. knocks you the fuck out for no reason and takes your inventory. If that happens to you I’m sure you’d still be blaming whites, considering you’re stupid enough to return to a 3rd world country you’re a wanted criminal in.”

Even after a bottle of Four Roses, swigged at record speed without any Hostess Donettes as whore duh, a sleep-deprived retard can’t sound this concussed, so maybe he’s no AWP, but a Jewish ambulance chaser or bookish rabbi amusing himself after dim sum?

Again, I’m not against individual Jews, but only Jewish thinking, so I’ll condemn someone like the Egyptian Nasser, for example, for deploying us vs. them (a natural outgrowth of chosen vs. unchosen) and collective guilt, to wreck his country.

Jewish thinking is the militant refusal to see individuals, only groups, so it violently shoehorns everyone into categories.

If you hate the bourgeoise, landowners, urban dwellers, rural folks, whites, blacks, Latinos, Orientals, Jews, homosexuals, vegetarians, meat eaters or billionaires, etc., you’re indulging in Jewish thinking.

I have no time to hate anybody. I just hate Jewish thinking. Plus, as a traveler, it wouldn’t be wise to stumble into strange lands with an assholic attitude, not only because locals will gladly repay you in kind (plus interest), but you won’t even see them, so why bother coming?

Even if they’re not Jewish sock puppets, Angry White Pussies serve Jews. By ranting away so idiotically, they can only lead sane observers to conclude, My God, these white extremists are truly clueless monsters!

There is an AWP who keeps insisting I make everything up, that I wasn’t in Albania months ago, and I’m not in South Africa now, “I doubt Linh is in South Africa. It is possible these days to sit at the coffee shop and write travel blogs complete with photos […] This little Gook wants to show how tough he is. Its the old story, the 5 foot pygmies are always into the Rambo thing. Yet, a few harsh words and Linda Linh is triggered.” Elsewhere, he suggests I’m a homeless man in San Francisco. That’s not commenting. It’s insanity. Somehow, I’ve pushed this pitiful AWP over the edge.

As sadistic Deliverance buggers, aw-shucks Beverly Hillbillies, Flannery O’Connor’s dumbshit white trash or swinish and fart cupping Honey Boo Boo, poor whites have long been caricatured in America, so the AWP may just be another repulsive rendition. Acting grotesquely, he defeats himself while benefiting his worst enemies, with none laughing harder than social engineering Jews.

Offline, he also serves Jews perfectly, for he votes for Jewish puppets, sends tributes to smirking Jews and pays to become addicted to Jewish media. He borrows money from Jewish usurers to send his kids to Jewish dominated colleges to be brainwashed by Jewish thinking. With each war for Jews, he’ll enlist or cheer it, at least, plus tithing his income. Jewish wars are festooned with American flags on porches, cars, clothing and coffins.

Prompted by Jews, many hate whomever Jews despise, be it Russia, Muslims or even themselves!

Even those who realize they’re merely Jewish throwaway tools don’t dare to whisper “Jews,” not even when alone, with all the lights turned off, lest they dox themselves.

Nor will they do anything about their darkening prospects, beyond virtually huffing their castrated rage against Muslim war refugees, Mexican busboys and, well, a guy like me whose last book, Postcards from the End of America, is mostly about the plight of poor whites, and some poor blacks, too.

Since Angry White Pussies do everything to benefit Jews, it’s only fair to ask if they’re crypto Jews?

Some may be, but most are probably not. Having spent their entire lives in a Jewish maze where lies lead to lies, they’re well-conditioned to bark, growl, grovel or play dead, anything to please their master.

Good boy!


craig dudley said...

excellent rant with well deserved targets. recently in conversation with a friend i made analogy with joos to italians. in the sixties the italians were angry that they had been all labeled as mafia or some such approximation. in reality only a small percentage were 'made'. i'd say to some degree the same is true with the joos and the zionists, though the numbers would certainly be different as you discover when looking into it that the joos/zionists own virtually all of the media and banks, just for starters. and when you look further the protocols of the elders of zion have been mirroring the direction of history too much to be purely coincidence.
it seems that nobodies satisfied and all demand you be them which is a hard thing to do as its hard enough to be oneself without trying to be another.

Matt said...

I do believe there are Americans that demostrate American exceptionalism, they are the free minds who go out and explore the world, meet the people, see the world for what it is and appreciate and accept it,

unfortunately there are other Americans who stay at home and imagine the world through the prism of their deeply rooted pre-conceptions,
this I describe as being exceptionally American.

I've not travelled much but what little I've managed has been quite eye opening, I see the world differently on my return,
I relate to your writing and appreciate your postcards, I'm more comfortable reading them here because the Unz Review is getting more toxic with some of the new contributors and the below the line comments being quite deranged,

I like Mr Unz, I enjoy his scorn of the looniest commenters but at times it is like wading through molasses to get to the occasional island of sanity.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Matt,

When you live in a continent sized country, it's easy to be insular. Added to this, Americans have been told their entire lives that they're simply the best at everything. Unmatched in deviousness, their media also tell them constantly exactly what to think, and whom to love or hate.

Although the average Laotian has not traveled a hundred miles, he doesn't think he's superior to everybody else and entitled to kick anyone's ass. He'll fight to defend his land, yes, but no more.


Empire Smasheredzzz said...

EmpireSmasher here but these days I am EmpireSmasheredzzz! I am fuckin'celebratin'. You are a fuckin' assasin. The best. You are an inspiration of mine. The only Blue Collar Scholar writting in the English language. I joined Twitter. To get kicked off. I had some American followers. I decided to be cruel about the American Soul. Couldn't get kicked off. Would even finish with Jack? What would Linh Dinh do. After this I've been in a Purgatorio of 12 hours for days. "The Dems are so fucken' sick they would have a campaign motto like this to own the Trunpists "Make America Rape Again" heh thank you Linh.