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Sunday, September 5, 2021


Nigerian owned joint in Rugby on 9-5-21--Cape Town

Nigerian owned joint in Rugby. It wasn't quite 9AM, but I asked for a polony gatsby. She steered me towards a fish and chips, however, so I had that. When it came out, I exclaimed, "Looks great!" which got a big smile out of her. The food, though, was awful. The chips were undercooked, and the fish wasn't crispy enough. Whatever.

I had been roaming the streets since before dawn. Just after 7AM, I took a photo of two women who posed for me. I thought it turned out pretty good, but later, I accidentally deleted it. As I stumble towards that ditch, mental lapses and mistakes will become more common, and it doesn't help that I tend to overextend my physical and mental limits.



Anonymous said...

Please see a doctor.Ignorance is not bliss.If everything is fine…great!You are looking extra tired and in a very unsavory place.
Your faithful fans appreciate your adventures..since we get to live vicariously through your stomach churning shenanigans but not enough to want to hear you are in dire circumstances in such a sordid place.Philadelphia looks like Disneyland compared to where you are right now.
Are you really in such financial trouble or are you just miserly?I admit when I was young I also ventured out in sketchy places even though I could afford better accommodations out of youthful curiosity.At our age…we should be more prudent.Sorry for being a nag and I am not even your wife.I know you are a people pleaser so I will take advantage of your innate kindness and ask that you please see a doctor just for a routine check up.Thank you in advance.
P.S. I bought your books and I’m giving it as gifts.Will be buying more for Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linh,

I'm a little older than you and did my 120 countries over 30 years kinda like how you're doing yours now: on a very tight budget but always having money for beer. Be careful with the photography, I've come close to several fist-fights over taking shots of Moroccan Muslim punks in Brussels, the city I've been pretty-much stuck in since I got married to a Portuguese EU employee almost ten years ago. It's always a treat to read a new posting from you, I hope you're around to write many more in the years ahead. Don't over risk it!

All the best.

P.S. You deserve a huge audience, a huge book deal. I hope that your ship soon comes in