Tuesday, October 19, 2021

With the Covid "vaccine" situation so urgently critical,

I just want to post this video from Del Bigtree, where the latest facts are most clearly presented:


xlarry said...

hi linh,
thanks for posting this. i've searched both duck duck go and google and surprise can't find the video. can you give a link?
i think bigtree's pretty good. he was one of the featured experts in 'the truth about vaccines', which we watched last year at the beginning of lockdown--about 16 hours. i'm as always a bit skeptical, eg robert kennedy is heavily featured and is possibly an agent.
as for bigtree, what makes me skeptical is that he seems to think, or want us to think, there's a virus at all. and he reads us all sorts of official statistics. still, somewhere in the middle he hits, very possibly, on the master plan: that there's a huge range of diseases and that you can only be sure of death at 11 years. so there will be a large trickle of deaths for the next 11 years, then all who've been jabbed will be gone.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Dan,

Link to video:


I agree with Bigtree that there's a virus, but just because I believe this doesn't mean I buy into the official deathcounts or responses to said virus.

I'm almost certain I caught the coronavirus in Tirana, but without any treatment whatsoever, I survived it.

The key takeaway from above video is that even official sources acknowledge there are horrendous problems with the covid "vaccines." Bigtree is careful to point out that those who die within two weeks of being vaccinated are counted as dying from Covid, and not the vaccine. Vaccine deaths, then, are much higher.


Linh Dinh said...

Death from myocariditis (inflammation of the heart) within 11 years is just one symptom from the fake vaccine. Once your immune system is messed up, you're vulnerable to a host of other problems.

Linh Dinh said...

I have a Vietnamese-American friend living in Saigon. For weeks, I warned him against the Covid "vaccines," especially the American ones, such as Pfizer and Moderna. I sent him many articles and videos. His sister back in California was echoing my counsel. Ignoring us, he just got jabbed twice by Pfizer.

What decided it for him was the fact that his anti-vaxx sister got Covid and was in the hospital, where she was placed in a ventilator, which is exactly the wrong treatment. I hate to say this but it will probably kill her.

They mistreat Covid patients to bump up the death counts, and steer people towards the much deadlier vaccines.

Had I gone to a hospital for Covid, I might have ended up dead also.

xlarry said...

hi linh,
thanks for the link.
great comments, i totally agree. what i've always said from the beginning is, if it's the plague, where are the dead bodies in the streets? and why do you need a mega millions advertising campaign to tell us about it?
my parents didn't listen to my repeated warnings, and have been double jabbed. my dad is now suddenly going almost completely deaf in one ear, and my mom suddenly has pretty bad arthritis. all very sickening, and it's just beginning. take care man,