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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Killer Cure

As published at OpEd News, Unz Review and TruthSeeker, 11/7/21:

I often write about ordinary people and the banal, because each situation is a complex allegory, if not an intriguing painting, and no one is uninteresting. Plus, normalcy calms.

When you smell smoke, however, it might be wise to stop waxing about fried chicken, say, and see where the flames are coming from. In case you haven’t noticed, our world is burning.

It all starts with Covid. Covid locks you in, freezes your economy, destroys your business, wrecks your mental health, strains your relationships, drains your savings, empties your stores, disfigures your society, conditions you to be unnatural and, now, if you don’t agree to be vaccinated, threatens to isolate you (even further) and starve you to death, as charmingly decreed by that Olympus of human rights, Noam Chomsky, plus a host of others.

Never a fan, I find Chomsky’s prose devoid of sparks, such as is routine in Orwell, but maybe I’m just thick. In a Guardian piece, “Conscience of a nation,” Maya Jaggi swoons, “Chomsky ranks with Marx, Shakespeare and the Bible as one of the 10 most quoted sources in the humanities—and is the only writer among them still alive.”

In his 1967 essay, “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” Chomsky succinctly declares, “Intellectuals are in a position to expose the lies of governments, to analyze actions according to their causes and motives and often hidden intentions.”

In his 2002 essay, “Reflections on 9-11,” Chomsky points out that “despite what must be the most intensive international intelligence investigation in history, evidence about the perpetrators of 9-11 has been hard to find.” And yet, “Nevertheless, despite the thin evidence, the initial conclusion about 9-11 is presumably correct.”

Notice how the deft linguist went from “hard to find” to “thin,” but there ain’t none, Noam! From Building 7 to Betty Ong, none of this story makes sense. Still, Chomsky sticks to his evidence-free conclusion, so regarding 9/11, an event that has changed our entire world, there are no governmental lies to unearth.

Now with Covid, an even greater 9-11, America’s most celebrated public intellectual is, again, trusting the worst science.

In his 9-11 essay, Chomsky does state that the U.S. and other governments would seize “upon 9-11 as a window of opportunity to institute or escalate harsh and repressive programs.” Plus, “Israel recognized that it would be able to crush Palestinians even more brutally, with even firmer U.S. support.”

A crisis, then, is a great opportunity to institute your evil plan, but why wait for cave dwellers to knock down three skyscrapers and puncture a hole in the Pentagon?! Just do it yourselves. Which brings us to Covid.

A key aim for the planners of 9/11 and Covid is the normalization of repressive measures. The first brought us an increased surveillance state, prison or even death without charge, the no-fly list and a nebulous definition of “terrorist.”

The second subjects us to, above all, a forced vaccination which may maim or kill, and, for those who survive, a passport that’s needed to do anything, shop, go to school, travel or just stroll down the street.

In constant fear of having your passport deactivated, you must obey each new diktat, no matter how absurd. (A core feature of totalitarianism is its relentless absurdity.)

Like I’ve said several times before, repressive systems learn from each other, so the West’s CommonPass or Green Passport, whatever they want to call it, is clearly modeled after China’s social credit system. It’s all about having total control of your life.

On 9/20/21, Paul Craig Roberts published a 2,200 word article at Unz that was never featured, “Conquered by a Fake Pandemic, We Can Kiss America Good-Bye.” It begins:
How obvious does it have to be before even insouciant Americans realize that there is something seriously wrong about the Covid vaccination program?

One would think we are already past that point even for the mentally-challenged.
To dismiss concerns about the Covid “vaccines” is to be retarded, Roberts is saying.

On 8/15/21, however, Ron Unz had written:
Beginning late last year, several of our regular columnists became vocal anti-vaxxers with regard to the new Covid vaccines, and as a result our website was swarmed by their zealous adherents, who soon began pushing their determined message on entirely unrelated threads. This greatly irritated me, and I made increasing efforts to drive them away. This is not an anti-vaxx webzine, and I was concerned that it might become perceived as such.

I didn’t know or care anything about the vaxx issue one way or the other, and was disturbed that so many seemingly rational people had suddenly become obsessed by that topic.
It’s irrational, then, to be “obsessed” with the Covid vaccines, according to Unz.

Having written two articles about the Covid “vaccines,” I’d say that, like most of us, I didn’t want to deal with vaxx at all, except that vaxx has become an unavoidable obstacle and even threat in my life. We have no choice but to be “obsessed” with vaxx.

I must admit to being rather startled by what Ron Unz said to Mike Whitney in an interview, on 8/1/21:
I tend not to be overly focused on constitutional or ideological questions. One way of looking at it is that America has certainly suffered far more Covid deaths during a twelve-month period than American servicemen died during the four years of World War II, perhaps even more than twice as many, and virtually none of those latter casualties were on the civilian home front. During time of war, it’s pretty typical for the government to suspend various freedoms, and if we consider the Covid epidemic in that light, the behavior of the government starts to seem less unreasonable.
So questioning the Covid “vaccines” is irrational, but the government’s suspension of nearly all our freedoms to supposedly fight Covid is not so unreasonable. Ron has shifted his stance on lockdowns, however, so maybe he’ll rethink the death jabs and its evil enforcement.

Ron Unz has written extensively about Covid as an American bioweapon aimed at China, so if we agree with Ron, and I do, isn’t it likely that Covid was also created by this criminal government to muzzle and strait jacket the home front?

Worse, it’s being deployed as a political, economic and biological weapon against as much of humanity as possible. Of course, Americans are also being culled.

There are too many of us, the elites have been saying for decades. This long-looted planet must be saved, at least for their superyachts and Learjets.

Useless eaters be gone!


Anonymous said...

Sitrep from Mexico: The news reported that the state I live in (Quintana Roo, think Cancun), had a 95% vaxx rate. Knowing that given the current state of affairs, that even for pre-deconstructed Germany this would have been an impressive feat (and this is fucking Mexico) I just chuckled. I asked my landlord (an old Mexican hippy) what he thought about that. "Lies, all lies, it's less than 50%!"

A few months ago the governor here decreed that to enter public places one would need proof of vaxx. I never heard anything more about it, lol. Only inconvenience is mask wearing in shops.

I have often said that one has two broad categories of places to live (given the current very primitive consciousness among humans). You can pick where the legions are stationed, or hang with the barbarians (e.g. today a narco shooting happened in broad daylight at a Cancun beach). Either those two choices or do like LD and hop on a desert elephant and head into the desert alone ;)

Linh Dinh said...

Sounds like you're in a tolerable place. So am I. Tomorrow I'll go to Old Station and have a beer or two. The Germans were here, so the beers are good, and a large mug of Hansa is just $1.68!

Normality is good.

Linh Dinh said...

Horrible news out of Costa Rica. Government just mandated the Pfizer vaccine for all school children:


Anonymous said...

LD, my health is crap, and barbarians like barking dogs so I can't rest much here, but I'll die a free man regardless of whether I'm threatened by creeps or cops.

Not surprised about Costa. Having lived there as well, it's a true imperial colony (Mexico is more of a vassal state). I always feel for kids who never had a chance. I've had an impossibly brutal yet utterly magnificent life, but my heart goes out to those of true misfortune (as opposed to poor decision-making) who never had a chance. Those spirits must be patient and demonstrate their divinity in more difficult (yet still rewarding) ways. There are always more lifetimes.

Be safe and well as always.

Anonymous said...

LD, was thinking how desperate and incompetent the globalists must be--after all, they are killing, sterilizing, and injuring the COMPLIANT people! I must confess though, I thought that this type of scenario would be rolled out under Trump as it was most likely that the pushback would come from flyover country. Maybe they are setting up deSantis to play the role of the pied piper of the right wing going forward. There never is a shortage of people with horribly low consciousness, is there?

John said...

This is my favorite piece by Linh Dinh. I wholeheartedly share his respect for Paul Craig Roberts, his puzzlement at the inability of Ron Unz to perform basic reasoning, and his disdain for the odious Noam Chomsky.
I have no opinion on the origins of this common and uninteresting virus, but I heartily recommend the prolific postings of Ivor Cummins for tenacious, detailed investigation of the entire Covid fake 'pandemic'.

By the way....I tried to post this comment at Unz Review but it was refused as being 'merely an ad hominem attack' rather than addressing the piece.

Biff said...


A pile of little arms

Linh Dinh said...

Hi all,

Here's one example of how vaxx was an obstacle in my life. I was invited to be in Paris for a week, from November 21st to 28th, with flight and hotel room all paid for. After this week, I could go stay with a friend near Toulouse, then just linger whevever in France until whenever. Marseilles is always tempting.

Since I've been canceled, literary invitations have disappeared almost completely, so this was very rare, but the catch was I needed to be vaccinated to enter France. Plus, there was the additional problem of entering the European Union from Africa.

I had everything solved. I would fly from Windhoek to Tirana, exit the airport, get a new Covid test at this airport, receive the result within less than two hours, check in again, then fly to Barcelona, because Spain did not require proof of vaccination. I would also be allowed in as a passenger from Albania and not Africa. Picking me up in Barcelona, my friend (from near Toulouse) would then drive us into France via a back road where there's no checkpoint. Hanging out in southern France until my Paris appearance, we could discuss this and that, laugh and drink ourselves silly.

Although complicated, this was a perfect plan, until Spain announced that it, too, would also require proof of vaccination from all incoming passengers.

Not ready to give up, my friend suggested that I fly to Lisbon, then take a bus into Spain (because there's no vaccination check at this land border, he claimed). With so many legs to this trip, and Covid rules ready to be tightened at any moment, I decided it was best to just screw Paris, and chill in Africa.

Vaccination proof will also prevent my near term return to Vietnam.

A good American friend has been traveling on a fake vaccine card, and he even showed me how to make one, but I don't need this extra anxiety when showing up at an airport. I hope it will continue to work for him.

A German I just met in Windhoek also has a fake vaccine card, but when I said, "Hey, maybe I shoud get one!" he didn't offer to show me how. It is illegal, after all.


Linh Dinh said...

Pfizer CEO says Covid vaccines, boosters needed to break cycle of disease even with effective pills

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CNBC on Friday that despite the company’s promising data on an antiviral oral Covid pill, vaccines and vaccine boosters are still important in the fight against the virus.

“The fact that we have a treatment is not at all a reason not to take the vaccine, in fact we should take the vaccine.
Some unfortunately will get the disease,” Bourla said in an interview with “Squawk Box”.

The antiviral pills are “for people that already they get the disease. This is for sick people, the goal here is to prevent people from getting sick,” Bourla said. That’s where Covid booster shots come in, he added. “Boosters are needed because without them we will never get rid of this vicious cycle of the disease.”

Some people still experience harsh breakthrough infections and symptoms, and that’s where Pfizer’s new pill, if approved, would be most useful. “We need to get to herd immunity,” Bourla said.

Pfizer said Friday its oral Covid pill, administered in combination with a widely used HIV drug, cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% in high-risk adults who’ve been exposed to the coronavirus. The company’s shares jumped more than 9% in early trading.


If cleared by U.S. health regulators, these pills would likely be game changers in the ongoing global pandemic fight. Pfizer plans to submit its data to the Food and Drug Administration “as soon as possible.” Bourla told CNBC, “We plan to submit before Thanksgiving holiday.”

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Linh, Essay is spot on! I think that it might get under Ron's skin a bit...I am beginning to wonder if he is "controlled opposition. We are getting closer to moving to Spain, one of few "free" countries in Europe. We are here now again and will be looking at a few properties to buy. I am watching a beautiful sunrise from my window as I type.No restrictions for the unvaxxed! Wonderful fresh seafood!! Cheers, Tom (from France)

craig dudley said...

its so clear even ray charles could see it, and you add to that clarity. good to see you still functioning and achieving goals even if it is finding a quality beer in a new land.

Zeno said...

“We need to get to herd immunity,” Bourla said.

What does "herd immunity" even mean, if this asshole wants to vaccinate everyone man, woman and child everywhere every six months, basically forever, and this just to supposedly reduce symptoms, but not stop contagion? I guess "herd immunity" just means we get to be treated like cattle.

I swear, every time I hear "herd immunity", I reach for my Luger. Or would if I had one.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi all,

For about seven years, I've had posting privilege at Smirking Chimp, meaning my articles can appear instantly, without being screened by its editor, Jeff Tiedrich.

Knowing how liberal Smirking Chimp is, and that its editor is a Jew who's very sensitive to "anti-semitism," I don't post each article of mine there.

Though I wasn't sure if my "Killer Cure" was kosher enough, I posted it anyway last night. By early morning, it has gotten two one-star votes, the lowest possible, but it stayed up for several more hours until it was finally deleted.

It's fascinating how the American left has become a militant defender of not just a criminal government that routinely violates human rights and the rule of law, but Big Pharma!

As one who's familiar enough with the ways of Communists, especially of the fellow traveler variety, I can't say I'm all that surprised. Having encountered many red soy boys in my life, I feel as much contempt for them as for the angry white pussies. They're clearly plagues to their society.


Anonymous said...

Yep, no true liberals (those freely open to new ideas) nor true conservatives (traditionalists), just the left and right wing of one sick ass bird. The problem as always is that everybody is just a product (even PCR admits this and has no solution). Only consciously choosing to be who you really are (love) will bring salvation.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi all,

Much of American political thinking is just cheering for your own team, with all the zealotry and distortion that implies. Again, I'm reminded of this by a new article by Juan Cole, a professor of history [!!!] at the University of Michigan, "Fightin' Joe Biden Wins big, on Jobs, COVID, the Dow and Infrastructure, but Corporate News downplays Successes."

Cole, "Biden isn't scattered or weak or a do-nothing. His will be the most domestically transformative presidency perhaps since that of Johnson, just on the basis of what he has already accomplished. This is why I suggest we call him Fighting Joe, to combat the unfair image conveyed by the corporate news organizations that miss Trump."

Can you imagine having your kid in Cole's class?!

Though I never applied for an academic job, I was invited to teach writing at several colleges, including the University of Montana, UPenn, Bard and Naropa. This sporadic and, ultimately, brief exposure to American universities was enough to convince me they're the most conformist and, at times, insane institution in the country. They're brainwashing centers.


Biff said...

Hi Linh

I remember when I was a Juan Cole fan back when he was a critic of Bush’s imperial adventures in the Middle East. Then Obama got (s)elected, and suddenly he became a cheerleader for the exact same imperial bullshit - then reality rang my bell once again.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Biff,

I got kicked off Common Dreams when I kept criticizing Obama before he got (s)elected the second time.