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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Food Lover's Market on 1-12-22--Windhoek copy

As American supermarket shelves go bare, Namibian ones are well-stocked. This is Food Lover's Market in Windhoek at 9:17AM this morning. Guess which one is a shithole country, with fake elections and clueless, barbaric citizens across the political spectrum, and a much higher "vaccination" rate?


Biff said...

Well, that looks quite nice. The photo in the link of the American shop is a stark contrast. Looks like Wal-mart shoppers bovinus amercanus are gonna be on a diet - I suspect violence will ensue.

Linh Dinh said...

Oh come on, Biff, they're high IQ first worlders with a president who makes less English sense than a shitfaced Thai bargirl at 3 in the morning. Armed with the largest racial slur vocabulary in history, they're always ready to sling virtual mud! Not just brave, they're also brilliant, Biff, with half of them still worshiping a casino conman who insists they be Pfizered to death!

Since we can't even hack it in Toledo or Fresno, we shouldn't talk, stuck as we are in third world jungles, with you watering poppies in the Golden Triangle, and me learning how to shoot rats with a bow and arrow.

Martin said...

That would be a nice looking grocery store anywhere, but in Africa? This can't be where regular Africans buy their food.

What jobs are there in Namibia where regular Namibian employees earn enough to do their weekly grocery shopping in this store? I know that to the north, in Angola, the oil wealth brings in billions of dollars which affords the select few all sorts of luxuries, what brings the big bucks to Namibia?

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Martin,

My main point here is that there are no supply line issues in Namibia. Every supermarket I've seen is well stocked.

Food Lover's and Checkers are the nice supermarkets. Shoprite and OK Foods are the cheaper ones, with more limited selections, but they are also well stocked. Near me there's an independent Louis Botha market, and its shelves are full. There are also people selling produce from shopping carts all over town, including right outside the downtown Shoprite and Wernhill Park Shopping Centre. Black market street peddling is tolerated here.

Unlike Angola, Namibia has a tiny population, just 2.5 million, so social problems are more manageable, but there is extreme poverty here.


Linh Dinh said...

P.S. Although Windhoek is about the same size as Oakland (and even blacker!), it's not nearly as squalid or dangerous, and Oakland has been gentrifying for two decades, with a massive influx of Woke white hipsters and white professionals.