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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Checkers on 1-12-22--Windhoek copy

Checkers in Windhoek at 9:32AM this morning. Remember that Namibia is mostly desert, so just about everything has to be imported, yet there are no supply line problems here. Southern Africa is also the epicenter of Omicron, so everybody should be dead or dying, no? Geez, maybe all the food and fuel shortages in the West have also been engineered, like the Covid crisis.


Wesley Bellairs said...

Start paying truck drivers to stay home. That has a good success rate if collapse is the goal.

Linh Dinh said...

To aid the incipient chaos, we also have cutbacks to police departments, unvaccinated cops being fired and violent criminals being released by Soros-backed district attorneys. Already, violent crime is up across the country, with the broken economy another major factor.