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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Egg banh mi for breakfast on 5-11-22--Vung Tau copy

It's not exactly breakfast at Tiffany's but the guy who runs this stand makes a pretty good two-egg banh mi for 64 cents. About 60-years-old, he was jabbed twice. I said, "You're lucky, brother, that nothing bad happened, but don't take the third jab! Above all, don't let your kids or grandkids be jabbed."


Anonymous said...

Weren't all the vaccinated ("Jew jabbed", in your parlance) supposed to be dropping like flies on the streets by now, according to your writings from a while ago? I recall you hinting that millions were going to drop dead by Christmas last year ("Darkest Christmas" etc.)

Linh Dinh said...

I wrote "Darkest Christmas" just two weeks before Christmas, so no such hinting that "millions were going to drop dead by Christmas."

From your tone, I assume you've been Jewjabbed, so good luck with your health in the months ahead!

Linh Dinh said...

Hi everyone,

It's sad to see anyone so confused by the Jewjab at this late date. If you know such dimwits, gently steer them towards Steve Kirsch, or have them listen to Shankara Chetty.


craig dudley said...

spoke with a friend yesterday who got the booster in november. now he's getting a heart catherization today and being set up for a valve replacement. if they install a joojab in me it will be after i'm dead or unconscious.

Rabbit said...

Still plenty of time for "something to happen"

Martin said...

Good shot, I assume Mr. Egg Man took it.

As much as you walk around, you'll burn off that two-eggs sandwich in no-time and be hungry for lunch.

As for those Covid shots, the truth is coming out and it's looking worse and worse for those who got the gene therapy mRNA jab. The old-fashioned jabs (the adenovirus-based vaccine: Sputnik & Janssen) seem not to be causing a lot of health problems - yet.

Linh Dinh said...

Yo Martin,

Camera was placed on the ground and set on automatic. The low angle makes me, or at least my beer belly, look monumental!


Anonymous said...

Hi,here in Switzerland I know two people who got SADS after the jabs,43 and 47 yrs. old.The 47yr.old was a strong man,like a mountain.I dont know anyone died from Corona.
I guess death is just a syndrome now,like PMS.
On the other hand,in 2020,I passed by the hospital many times,no signs of congestion at all,the only difference I saw,was,now they had about 5 to 7 security guards to prevent QR-codeless people from visiting their loved and possibly dying ones.If that isnt evil,what is?
PS.your writing is a lot more monumental than your belly!

Linh Dinh said...

Hi reader from Switzerland,

Hopefully the World Economic Forum will be abolished or destroyed soon so Davos, thus Switzerland, won't be associated with such evil! What madness we're living through...