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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Two little girls eating breakfast at 6 33AM on 9-29-22--Vung Tau copy

Only my fourth time here, to have stewed beef with bread for breakfast ($1.68). The girl in uniform is the owners' daughter. The other girl is her friend from the neighborhood. Since the schoolgirl was eating too slowly, she was getting an earful from her parents.

Mom, "Other kids, you only have to tell them once, but with you, it's the same every day. It's already 5:40! Stop sucking on that food and chew it!"

Finally done, she came to my table and did a little bow with her arms together, "Uncle, I'm going to school."

Even with complete strangers, Vietnamese use familial terms such as aunt, uncle or brother, etc. This little girl's manner was exceptional, however.

Since her mom has seen me several times, she now calls me dad [bố], though uncle or even brother would be sufficient.

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