Saturday, April 26, 2014




Born in Brooklyn Heights in 1941, Peggy moved to Washington Heighs as a child and has remained here ever since. The only other place she's been is Wildwood, New Jersey, where her family used to go during the Summer, for its beach. Peggy worked 40 years as a school crossing guard, and now comes to Reynold's every day at 8AM, as it opens, "I get up at 5:30 or 6, then I come here. I come here to watch television because I don't have one at home." She runs errands for the bar, does its laundry at a laundromat and they pay her with bottles of Coors Light. Nearly every day, Peggy orders a pastrami submarine from the same deli, and settles with them once a week, though she does tip the bicycle delivery man $2 each time. She entered Reynold's for the first time 44 years ago, 6 years after it opened. The bartender, Brian, joked, "They built this bar around Peggy." Peggy's husband died in 2003.


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