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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chuck Orloski just emailed me:


“Linh, This past November, a friend of mine, Leo Maxville, 25, a Eucharistic Minister at St. Ann's, got his school bus driving license, and was assigned a route which someone prior to him hated and QUIT. A little background? Some students are so misbehaved, the particular schools Districts are ROUTINELY required to assign an ‘aide’ to ride bus everyday and help the driver maintain order, safety.

Yesterday afternoon, Leo entered the driver's room, sat and looked very discouraged. I asked him, ‘What's up, Leo?’ He handed me his completed (standard) form used by driver to make official complaint against student misbehavior. I looked at Leo's form and he checked every possible section of listed violations committed by ‘Reegan’ (7th grade, maybe 12-years old) during the morning bus pickup. Including ‘Mischief, hitting, tripping, profane language, damage to bus, Etcetera.’ Following is what happened to Leo who is also St. Ann's Youth Ministry Director.

The ‘perp,’ Reegan, typically sits in rear of the bus as do many both behaved & mischievous kids. However, a fellow student saw Reegan take an ink pen, poke a hole into the school bus seat, ripped it a few inches, and ink let loose all over the seat. (Note: Reegan's mother is white, father black, they live in Scranton's notorious Valley View Terrace Apartments)

A fellow student witnessed Reegan stabbing the seat and reported him to the female (late 20s) aide who sat in bus middle. Immediately after reporting what happened, the ‘whistle blower’ student was punched in the face by Reegan, an act which sent the aide running to bus rear, and making attempt to quiet things down. The aide sat with Reegan, and she motioned to Leo Maxville to continue on his route, until suddenly, Reegan started to PUNCH the hell out of the aide! She cried out and Leo once again stopped the bus, parked, and went to her aid. Upon Leo's arrival, Reegan, outnumbered, retreated to another seat. With red face & bloody nose, the aide furiously exclaimed, ‘I've had it, Reegan... I'm going to contact the Principal!’

Leo told me that the Principal simply told the aide, ‘O well, do what we're supposed to do... call Scranton Police!’ The aide called the cops and within a few moments, a Scranton cop arrived on scene and entered Leo's bus. By law, allegedly, the cop could not run Reegan downtown, reason because he's only in 7th grade. I am told that, in order to haul a mischievous and in this case VIOLENT kid downtown, the student must be in 8th grade! Holy shit, Linh? Needless to say, Leo was pretty rattled with this insane experience, and I offered to fill-in for him, switch bus runs for a while. Leo replied, ‘That's real nice of you, Chuck, but I heard your kids are not angels either, and besides, your run takes almost an hour & half to complete.’ Frankly, I want to do Leo's route just to experience the madness for a few days.

Finally, Linh and I'm sorry to take-up too much of your time, but here's some detail on Reegan's parents: White mother, corpulent, always a butt hanging from lips, she always has her hair shaved like Telly Savalas. Last Friday, she came to meet Reegan at bus stop and she wore a Dolly Parton style wig! Leo Maxville described Reegan's father, Beaux, as a ‘real wing-ding.’ He's a big guy, 30s maybe, and when he's at bus stop, Beaux tries to ‘hit on’ the aide who is, according to Leo, ‘nothing that would turn a guy's head.’ Typically, as Reegan disembarks bus, his father routinely tells Leo, ‘Ahs give you A'ficial pahmission to treat 'ma boy like you need be when he does actin' up, sir.’

Upon return, maybe you can meet Leo Maxville and listen to other school bus driving travesties.”



Chuck Olroski said...

Linh: So you know and those others interested in this matter, school bus drivers are required to undergo training (& periodic refreshers) in order to fulfill the role as a "MANDATED REPORTER" in the area of child protection, under the "Child Protective Services Law (CPSL).

Late last Summer, while fulfilling "Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance" obligatory classroom training hours, I sta on my ass & began to consider emotional ABUSES school bus drivers do NOT get to see, for one example, the extremely distorted parental "rearing" kids are daily subject to.

On my daily route, not surprisingly, the most troublesome kids I must grapple with are from rather affluent stock, usually "broken homes." They're of course spoiled, have high I.Q.s, expensive Smart Cell Phones, and demand to establish THEIR rules of school bus behavior.

Since Empire (+ Hollywood & T.V.) has engineered our sick society, including dumbing-down the nation's youth, government regulations are in place to cure it. AND ONLY YOU (Smokey?) & THE POLICE CAN PREVENT CLASSROOM SHOOTINGS!

x larry said...

great comment chuck. your email to linh made me sit up, reminding me of so much.
the situation there (in usa) is incredibly bad, ALL due to tv, and mass, pop, 'culture'. this has been going on for almost exactly 30 years. the mid 80s saw the ball start rolling, then rap came, then snoop doggy dogg (i remember hearing him for the first time as a cook at the copa in central philly, the only white guy working in the kitchen, and being shocked--yes, completely shocked--by the words i heard. now he's downright funny, innocuous, it seems, though i'm far from up to date on the exciting world of rap), then (simultaneously) shite 'acts' like madonna and the spice girls--once more, i was completely shocked when i was with two friends smoking in soho london, summer 2001, when a limo pulls into the alley where we were and out gets 'posh', victoria beckham, i didn't know or care who she was but the people i was with found out she was playing in the club whose back door she'd just entered, anyway we went in, and this talentless, well, bee atch was f'n lip synching. yes, this once was shocking. how long ago? a mighty fourteen years, i mean fucking light years! now she's the cool as they come (besides kate and pippa middleton) milf that shows the world how to raise children in the most cutting edge ways with robo dad. well, that's england, which believe it or not is actually sane compared to usa. but there, america--two or more generations raised on the most insanely stupid tv (now they DO in fact watch it voluntarily). what chance has a kid got with these kinds of very damaged, not to mention absolutely brain dead, parents? the whole world does in fact NOT live this way--dumbed down as they too are. just say 70 years ago, or even forty (the end of the 1960s), the standard was so high in america, and we shone for the whole world to see. forget the 'we've always been evil' crowd and argument---NOT TRUE. this was a country with THE HIGHEST moral standard of the past 2000 years (i would say). not only moral, but intellectual, and social too. what IN THE HELL has happened? what COULD POSSIBLY be the future of this place? more triple wide fucking fat asses that are packin and very, very dumb (and violent too it goes w/out saying)? people are in dire need of real help there. the kind of help that real parents used to give, not just to their own but to all the neighborhood kids--when there were neighborhoods. then there were other pillars of the community, teachers who really cared and more importantly had real character---that disappeared word. etc.
thank you and rant over!

x larry said...

fast times at ridgemont high and valley girl were the beginning of the end. that valley girl talk spread across the country, it was a joke at first, then people just talked that way. the steep slope to dumb dumb began there.
try watching some old talk show from the early 70s, donahue, or (i recommend) the week john lennon and yoko ono co hosted the michael douglas show. the level of intelligence was pretty high. hope was in the air--the lennon was being pursued and persecuted by the fbi at the time. they brought on their own guests. pretty radical, certainly for tv, some of these people. also dick cavett. granted, these were in fact tv talking heads, but just to give an indication of the level of intelligence of the average viewer back then. or, watch the carter/ford debates, where they not only were civil but at least seemed to answer real questions on policy, and in depth.
i also blame that spielberg, who ushered in thirty years of hell where pleasure used to reside, in movie theaters.

x larry said...

but what's really at work here? who's really pulling the strings?
see also 'what's the matter with kansas' book, showing a once bright, cheerful, very independent minded, radical, and very pro socialist state (remember woody guthrie--just oklahoma, essentially the same), and how it from the late eighties gradually became a state of right wing christian reactionaries, who spew hate and where resides the very reverend phelps

Linh Dinh said...

Hi x larry,

It certainly didn't happen by accident. Through the mainstream media, they can hype or suppress anything and, further, shape the character of an entire nation.


x larry said...

yes, linh, and of course dear dear MISTER corporation, that loves and cares for and caresses its human family, its employees--oh, you know, they call them 'teams' now, but still. they lovingly took the most horrific shit on detroit--just one teeny weeny example. but before they even left detroit, they had levelled to the ground the city's most vibrant neighborhood, the bottom--excellent (though sad etc) to read about in coleman young's autobiography.
there's gore vidal's 'what robert moses did to new york city' essay, detailing that little shit weasel's systematic destruction of neighborhoods throughout the city. now of course he has his own state park on long island. but the list is obviously very, very huge. but yes, corporations plus media (being itself affiliated corporations), that's round about it, with their gubmint arm to do heavy lifting in far off resource-rich places

Chuck Olroski said...

Larry: You're a very thoughtful guy. I am very sarcastic and I believe the highly effective "Process" indoctrination kicked into high gear when, on 11/22/1963, a bullet struck the front of JFK's head and a patch of the Father's skull went flying to limousine rear.

For me, & acknowledging JFK was a skin-hound, this awful event symbolizes how easy it is for the wealthy powerful, with bad intentions, to begin the Process of totally eradicating sound PARENTING... and as you wisely assert, Larry, gradually populate the U.S. with "absolutely brain-dead parents."

"Why," you ask, Larry? And why keep a general population, students, lawyers, bureaucrats, & even teachers dumb and obedient? "What in the hell happened?" you ask, above. I for one do not buy into the idea that such perverse social engineering happened, cross continent, by mere ACCIDENT.

D.N.A. and fingerprints of extremely wealthy, immoral, & "fat ass" cannibals are all over the U.S. human refuse; distributed in streets, in apartments, in trailer-parks, shelters, in condos, beneath bridges, in McMansions..., in ME.

In "Brave New World," Huxley wrote prophetically on how intoxicants & "soma" can be introduced into all castes of humans. In that 1932 book, imaginary "Controllers" had a choice between "World Control and Destruction." They chose world control, and in contrast to our times, our Controllers require control, and persuade formerly "free" citizens to make choice, "you're either for or against." And unlike JFK & Nikita's restraint, they wildly flirt with nuclear destruction.

Forgive me for sounding so didactic, pontifical, & professorial, Larry? Your comment really got me fucking going. Thank you!

Somewhere in "Moby Dick," Melville discussed there's always grisly men imbued with enhanced evil octane, & who are "pillars" of the sea community, convinced -- ?

x larry said...

thanks again for a nice rebuttal or rejoiner, chuck.
i hardly know where to begin, though i can see we're in agreement on the whole thing anyway. you may be right about jfk. really it seems to be earlier (of course you could go all the way back), it hardly matters. but to clarify, it was those five crucial years after ww2 where they locked it all up for good and all, where they began seriously planning the 'project for a new american century', 'full spectrum dominance', and the full suppression, dominance, brainwashing, and all that that we had in store and of which we can so easily look around now and see such ripe fruit.
you had some very nice quotes. i've yet to read melville, and must read huxley again, it has been so long. i read one of his earlier books way back too, i can't remember which, but there was some eccentric recluse who had a ranch outside l.a. with a hand-scrawled sign-poem hung on the gate, something like 'roses are red violets are blue, keep the fuck out, this means you!' (that's not it exactly, but roughly the spirit of it)
but speaking of your quotes, i would add something i read a while ago by nietzsche, it was a collection of early very long essays by him, four i think, when he was still pro wagner (that was one of the essays). but in one of these, he talks about the diabolical few, the 'elite', and their incredible power, and their incredible evil. in the same essay he says that anything, absolutely anything, no exceptions whatsoever, can be (and will be he implies) twisted any which way to suit their purposes. no writer is immune, no single piece of writing, no matter how airtight, is immune. no life, no matter how genuine, even saintly, is immune. and of course we can look to the 'saints' themselves to see this truth--many were killers, mass murderers, just like our nobel peace laureates. they do love their humor! i can never stop chuckling whenever, here in uk, i pass cromwell street, for example. but there's also jackson, miss., etc.
finally, i very much agree and perhaps would go further as to the 'by design' argument you put forth, that is, the most sinister (nothing against lefties!), complete, full spectrum, crude and violent as can be, 'conspiracy theory' as to who's doing this.
two things i can't recommend enough. one, a book called 'transatlantic love affair', love letters of simone de beauvoir to nelson algren--in this, besides some lovely personal things, you will feel you are living through the period, so full of hope, i mentioned above, between 45 and 50. then i at least felt the greatest sadness, around 1950 in the book, when the writing was so on the wall, when america, england and de gaule got their shit together finally--adios beautiful socialism. sartre was so great, i think.
the other is wilhelm reich, who spoke of mankind's 'emotional plague' going back many thousand years into pre history. in his time, the authoritarian family was its main perpetuator. but he too knew what was what, and had no trouble predicting that in the near future (he was writing in the 30s and 40s) the family would much improve but the plague would continue, now completely from the outside--the great forces of the diabolical, the faceless 'elite' who own everything, including and especially us and our minds, with their all powerful corporations, media, church, military and gub mint.
sorry for yet another endless rant, where i no doubt repeat myself. cheers!

x larry said...

last sentence above,
nearly forgot schools!
as for nietzsche thoughts above, there's now no need to even twist things around, just control all publishing. blip, there goes a certain little nietzsche essay! blip, there goes that distasteful chapter of old so and so!

x larry said...

very sorry, but this is addictive, unfortunately.
just trollng through some earlier comments on this blog, and reminded of chuck's proferred quote of a few days ago, which hit me then and inspired me as it has been some time for me. thanks chuck, here's chuck's quote:
'...following is a reflection by Czeslaw Milosz, from the international anthology, "A Book of Luminous Things," kept on my bed lamp stand. He writes on topic of "TRAVEL," something you indulge a lot.

"In old Arabic poetry, love, song, blood, and travel appear as four basic desires of the human heart and the only effective means against our fear of death."

Charles Orloski said...

Larry: Thanks for the meaningful comments, I will try and get "Transatlantic Love Affair" because my attempts here in the Homeland are not working very well!

In August 1969, & having graduated Riverside H.S. quite dumbed-down by my own volition & passions, I became intrigued by Charles Manson & The Family. Long afterward, I read Ed Sanders important book, largely neglected by the MSM, and titled, The Family." Sanders explored the effect dark weirdness had upon Charlie. Larry, why fart around? I'll' cut to chase, satanism.

Today I am concerned that high- paid Head Hunters are assigned by people in high (low) places to seek madmen who are capable of committing horrific crime, and make deep political FEAR impact. This is another "exceptional" American characteristic which distinguishes us from what we're trained to call uncivilized barbarians, currently, for example, the U.S. family offspring, ISIS.

O well, Manson is bush-league as compared to the wicked murders committed during Waco 1993, and 10-years after, "Shock & Awe."

If you find time, please consider "Google search of Eric Chaet, 100 So-Called Poems. Over a year ago, he and I had a crazy falling-out, and unfortunately have not spoken since. At any rate, during a work period (2002-2008), I suffered & endured the most fierce harassment and THREATS compliments of a brainy Branch Manager. Eric Chaet wisely recommended I read Herman Melville's "Billy Budd" in order to grasp the essence of a madman's mind, modus operandi. Recall JFK had popular saying for the masses, "ask not what your country can do for you," but please look at Chaet's So Called poem, titled, "THE WORK ONLY YOU CAN DO." Chaet's often a crab, but he certainly has helped me through days & nights which had sharp claws, wore red tights! Thank you, must prepare for P.M. school bus run.

x larry said...

thanks for insights, chuck. i have quickly checked out eric chaet. looks interesting. always good to know (of) another hippy freak (seriously). the only poet i've ever been able to recite by heart (granted, i simply don't really read poetry, at least till now) is richard brautigan, and the only one i still remember is 'horse child breakfast', of which i fancy i do a fair bit of justice in my spoken rendering, though it's been some time.
as for manson, i have heard of but not read 'the family', i did though read vincent bugliosi's 'helter skelter' about 20 years ago while languishing in korea. he used to really scare me, and probably still would if i, for instance, met him.
as for satanism, i don't personally believe in satan or god, but am open to anything. i did indeed find david icke's theory about lizards from outer space controlling us. but then again, as i often tell people, we ARE in outer space--it's not like we're normal and the rest of the universe is somehow odd.
as to a vast, terrifying conspiracy--count me in! nevertheless, i keep in mind reich and what he said--that it is in the (present) human structure to be fascist. it's not simply IMPOSED (he says) on us--we must allow it, we must love it and fully accept it. so that, according to reich, is the problem, the problem (of course) is us.
also, if we could, childlike, try to imagine what goes through some evil 'elite's head, say a david rockefeller, we might see something like this: everyone wants what i have, if i don't have it someone else will, this is the only way, this is the way of the universe, this is life itself, and too fucking bad for them! so what would you do? just like when you're really mad about a woman, and you try to figure out how to get her--eliminate the competition! in the case of a girl, make other guys look bad and yourself look good. in the case of having all the wealth and power to yourself, make sure everyone is off the scent, crazy, and dumb as fuck.
that in a nutshell is perhaps what i think.

x larry said...

i should add in both above cases--getting the girl and keeping the power--that the thoughts laid down are those of a psychopath

x larry said...

to add a bit more to statement 'off the scent, crazy and dumb as fuck'.
worked to the bone, complete slaves in mind and body with hair trigger violent impulses towards any oddball, and totally humiliated while simultaneously seeing oneself as free, supremely good and just, and noble and honorable. in short, our society of moral cowards, of the chest thumping sort, who are real big men when it comes to sports teams or countries (usa, usa--or, same thing, kill the gooks, sand niggers, etc), but who only cower before real power, yes sir! yes sir!

Chuck Olroski said...

Larry, Bugliosi's book did not go anywhere near as deep into the evil inner workings of "The Family," the gripping book by Ed Sanders. The only inkling one gets from Vincent Bugliosi is when "The Process" members visit Charlie in the slammer.

I don't try and impose beliefs upon people, and certainly have NO desire to implant Satan's existence upon anyone. Personally, NO ONE IS SMART ENOUGH TO BE EITHER CERTAIN OR SURE OF EITHER GOD(s)or SATAN"S EXISTENCE? Can we agree here, Larry?

However, here is an interesting quote from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World; "Evil's an unreality if you take a couple grams of soma." Note, for Huxley, the word "Soma" might be equal to Xanax, video games, porno, Super Bowls, etcetera. Uh Larry, admittedly, suppose give even ME a few hours with Pamela Anderson & Viagra additive, and U.S. bombing of cities, drone killings and school shootings would not exist?

I don't know what kind of space we're in Larry. It's all so Icke-confusing... our being subatomic matter, flesh & bone, and somehow held together. Ten (10) years ago or so, I used to read NY Times about the "Supe-Collider" experiment undertaken in France. Scientists want to smash particles into teeny-weeny bits and find what became commonly known as The God Particle." Frankly, again, I am not smart enough to tell anyone HOW to think, but whether there's actually some future reward (promotion) or punishment (demotion), I try and live with a sense of care & respect for others... until the point when tyrants get my "goat."

Am glad you took time to look at Eric Chaet's "So Called Poems." Like Herman Melville, Chaet tries to help people rationally deal with life's storms & nasty creatures, and he helped me shake-off some chains which I bound upon my SELF. Thank you!

Chuck Olroski said...

Larry: Back to my little tragic story, email topic about Keegan & Family, and its very kindly post by Linh, one might wonder WHAT"S NEXT (?) for them.

Over period of time, properly administered application of distorted catechisms can direct people toward brainless perversity, greed and justifiable violence. There will be neither J. Edgar Hoover or Sec. Tom Ridge around to kill-off this particular threat to the American Homeland.

Thank you, pardon my jump back-in blog, interruption! Again, What's Next? Your turn, Larry.

Chuck Olroski said...

To all (those still interested):

Linh Dinh was a rare writer who wrote bravely about horrors committed by Dr. Kermit Gosnell. My, my, even the dude's last name sounds like "gospel," a rendering which a skilled PhD-devil might invent. (I wish Linh still might be checking into this post, and provides "link" to his truly GREAT American article)

Again, before the End..., what's next?

x larry said...

hi chuck,
let me try to answer you, in my own way--that is to say, with my own opinion on things.
we all have our personal obsessions. you state at least one of yours as satanism. i, on the same lines, am more than anything obsessed with the same basic thing, but i don't call it that. i couldn't tell you what i think, as it has nothing to do with anything i ever thought for most of my life. it has become what used to be called surreal--but that's far too nice a name for anything in these drone and internet times. it's off base, unsure of anything, helpless, utterly meaningless--that type of thing goes some way to describing my daily existence, what i feel. just spending hours writing to various people i've never met and literally don't know at all is a good example--but this activity is one of the better-feeling ones of the day.
i want to escape, i want to jump out (of my skin, or of the boat). 'anything out of this world', to quote baudelaire (that was what he longed for, but that was way back in the 1800s, when industrialism was in full swing). but there's no escape, short of suicide, which is not fair to your family, especially if you have kids. besides, you want to try to at least figure SOMETHING out, right?
i agree that no one can say anything about god or satan with certainty. again, what i said above applies to me here--all i grew up thinking on these subjects may just not apply anymore, such has every perception shifted and such do i constantly feel the need to re-filter or re think everything, eg everything i've ever read or watched--i can't just re hash old opinions on these things as they can't possibly be true anymore. a quick example, as just last week a group was talking about something, i finally asked what it was they were raving about, it was the movie harold and maude, had i seen it? yes, and no, i didn't like it, i didn't share their opinion. i loved it when i saw it, prob around 1990 or 89, when i loved going to theaters or to the cutting edge video shops to catch up the great old movies. so i loved it, but about five years ago my friend had it, and i absolutely hated it--i saw the propaganda machine at work, as i do in everything now.

x larry said...

so that's my obsession, or part of it, the lies and the lying machine. but 'satanic' individuals, why not? their acts certainly are. my old problem with religion is that i just look at who benefits. with christianity, i have never been able to believe, because to me it has always been absurd--but when i was a kid, i really wanted to believe, for sure.
as to the keegans, i think that's 'reegan' in the email on blog, you probably don't want to know my opinion, as it isn't pleasant. i don't think there's much hope for people like that, and there are so many. if your childhood was fucked, you're fucked--and even if it was good, you're fucked as you've got to live in this world of loonies and the damaged. to me, the single biggest question could be this: how can damaged people not raise damaged children? i see, i FEEL, this question, all day every day. and we're atomized, and each is left to deal with such a huge burden him or herself. what do we do? drink, try to forget it, smoke, and that becomes our focus, or maybe do yoga and think only of the body (could be sex or a combination). it's too much, far, far too much--for ALL of us.
my conclusion? we're not supposed to live this way. we're supposed to live in groups, large families or tribes, and not 'mass societies'. and look at our 'morals' too. i've always looked with a certain longing on snippets of certain societies and their practices--particularly regarding sex. ours is the most needlessly perverse and violent society, sexually speaking. why not do like certain tribes, and when you go to your friend's house, fuck his wife (it would be rude not to)?
well, maybe i'm getting carried away, as again, i don't even know you at all.
hope not too offensive, though it more than likely was. if so, sorry.

x larry said...

the huxley quote is good. i have something of a distrust of huxley, also bertrand russell, based mainly on some conspiracy theories i've come across in the past ten years, from people like alex jones.
but the quote is telling in one way for sure--they know how to use drugs on us. i think because of this, revolution is now impossible. hope i'm wrong

Linh Dinh said...

Chuck mentioned my article about Kermit Gosnell, so here's the link. Back then, I was still publishing regularly on Common Dreams, but they stayed clear of this because of their stance on abortion. What Gosnell did was killing live babies after they had been born, however.

x larry said...

there are all kinds of conspiracy theories and documentaries out there. i recently watched stuff on the boston bombing, and the connecticut school shooting, showing them both to be completely staged. i tend to believe these things, and i truly don't believe any of these 'terrorist' acts of the past fifteen years are real--i believe they're engineered by our gigantic terrorist state, our world govt, run by us, uk, france, germany, etc, much like 1984, none of it's real, and these terrifying people can't be touched.

Chuck Olroski said...

Larry: I definitely appreciate your deep thought answers. Would be dumb to ask serious questions to people who are not serious? I only wanted to convey what I think TO BE the most dangerous & hidden skeleton in the collective box in which they like us trapped within.

I am a daily regular on Alex Jones By mid-1990s, I began to learn about truth being found in the weirdest of places. In fact, as an under-grad at U. of Scranton, 1985, I started to read Lyndon LaRouche and his weekly publication..., gosh, forgot its name! In one issue, LaRouche claimed Fyodor Dostoyevsky was a Satanist, and the latter was/is my favorite all-time author. Here I once thought LaRouche was wise and suddenly I began to think less of him. Cicero: "our times... our customs!"

I also heard negative things about both Bertrand Russell and Huxley, but I really like "In Praise of Idleness" and "Brave New World." Furthermore, there's likely clergy who'd vote in favor of excommunicating me. And sometimes I wonder how the fuck some ministers get paid for the work they do?

I usually follow my grim gut anymore, and like a lesser-income god, try and separate wheat from chaff, AND of course get eaten-up along the way by life's 1-constant -- COMPETITION.

The latter statement helps to simply summarize my worldview to a degree; good competes with evil. Question whether either are "personified" is quite baffling, maybe "over our heads," and I totally respect where you're coming from, Larry.

Linh: Thank for posting your Gosnel article. The Media selectively tears into serial killer backgrounds with investigative determination, like those who committed Nickel Mines, Aurora, VA Tech and Newtown.

In contrast, I don't know of anything written about Kermit Gosnell's upbringing, Honor Society & Country Club membership, and the bloody ladder he climbed to get where he wanted.

In the name of C.S. Lewis, Uncle Screwtape and Wormwood, thanks to all who listened to me! MOre snow coming to Scranton area tomorrow - 1st Day of Spring, another freaking school closing.

x larry said...

hi chuck,
i read your comment this morning and now it's late, and i've thought about it for much of the day, and what i might write back. i more or less wrote a short book today, or began researching one.
anyway, and that said, i've just finished my fourth beer, something i've really cut back on since july, so tonight's like old times, ie i'm a bit in a fog and not very motivated. if we were hanging out drinking and conversing, i'd no doubt get in the mood to rant, philosophize, and all that.
you had all kinds of food for thought in your post.
let me just make a couple of quick comments.
alex jones, lyndon larouche: i think jones could well be 'one of them'. nobody goes around yelling like that. beside the fact of his growing 'celebrity'--so he for instance chats with people like charlie sheen. as for larouche, his ideas have gripped me a bit, though i don't have time or energy to investigate much.
all i've read is his essay on bertrand russell, in which he lays down i think his main theory: that the world since exactly the year 1400 has been in a struggle to the death between, literally, venice and florence. so, with something like that, i think it could be worth checking out. for a reality check perhaps, he was, i at least read somewhere, an advisor to reagan. whatever that could mean. and so was paul craig roberts, who linh likes and me too, at least some of it, though i always with anyone get lost when economic discussions take place.
competition--life's constant. this is one i'd like to really respond to, but definitely not at this moment. one thing that comes to mind--'or so we're told', that is, this is perhaps the main 'constant' drilled into us from birth, overtly and covertly--strange for a bunch of 'christians', no?
and quickly back to russell. he wrote, too, 'why i'm not a christian'.
a question i have about these types--the aristocrats, especially english, but anyone of european descent. they never REALLY cut to the chase, they never give the game away. i include my at least one time favorite, gore vidal, in this. i recently made a little button because someone had a machine at sommething called 'the people's fair', here in brighton uk, which they do every year or more often, and we had the chance to make our own political pins. one of mine was, 'everything that is published is suspect'. so, gore vidal, bertrand russell, aldous huxley, eric blair aka orwell. ok, orwell and huxley too i think, though i really need to re read it, do come out with some stuff. but russell?, vidal? vidal said something like, regarding congress, 'they never give the game away'. but this guy was very good friends with hilary, surely he knew her game. he never calls them mass murderers. i could go on.
back to linh. i am interested in linh's take on communism, at least of the vietnamese kind. i wish to look much more into it. i've been to vietnam for a week in the late nineties and was totally ignorant of this stuff, but i remember thinking or being told that it was now capitalist. it seemed that way. but i will say i don't like the argument about communism being what we 'saw', some power game that took that name. i'm not doing myself justice here so i'll stop. but i try to find hope and not see things as utterly hopeless.
back to 'competition'--it's all very low grade. biggest thug wins. life is just like high school (popularity contest, etc). what competition? how about real competition, that is really, rationally, convincing anyone or everyone of anything or everything? we could start with religion, and move on to politics, property/money, history, future history.....
thank you


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