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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


ProtesterS SMALL



x larry said...

let me guess--none of this protest merited any sort of mention in Da Presss.
i say NO MORE WORLD RELIGIONS! how false can false be? but just keep repeating that lie for several thousand years.

Linh Dinh said...

Yo x larry,

The television cameras were inside to cover Bibi and his worshippers. Outside, I spotted Al Jazeera and a Spanish speaking anchor. (Click here for story.)

OK, now I must go back to trying to fix my damn computer...


Chuck Olroski said...

Yo Larry: Not to be contentious, and I know what you mean, but as a semi-practicing Byzantine Catholic, eliminating people like myself and Jewish protestors (as seen in L.D.'s pics) to Netanyahu's speech/Zionist-religion would fulfill the 1%'s nightmarish business plan for mankind's "lower orders."

As I'm on the Blog Bully-Pulpit, let me preach that it's important to pay attention to this iconic photograph? Annually, Israel gets > $3 billion U.S. tax dollars for military aid. Propagandists will say, "O, the munitions will be made by Americans, so shut-up and pay!"

Some more secular DECEPTION? U.S. Congress in attendance at Netanyahu's speech are afraid to assert to unwashed masses the fact that Israel has a large stock of nuclear weapons -- a point for which Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician @ Dimona facility, went to jail for.

You're right, Larry, "How false can false be?" AIPAC controlled Congress says to brain-washed Americans, nukes O.K. for Zionist Radicals, but not O.K. for Ayatollahs. Also, I don't need either a vengeful god or an "American Sniper" movie to see how taxpayer money's spewed into the War on Radical Islam, or whatever the fuck else they want to brand it, and simultaneously, (right now!), a portion of U.S. Supreme Justices desire to further terrorize American working-people by cutting Federal subsidies for fucking affordable health care.

O yea, Larry, maybe Karl was right, "religion is opium of the people." However, the U.S. government, in concert with C.I.A., Bank money launderers, & the Prestige Press providing shotgun cover -- is peddling the most powerful opium that western civilization has ever shot up. It's Khyber Pass Gold.

(sigh) Now the government wants to legalize weed in order to tax it, keep U.S. people stoned, out of riotous streets, & WORSHIP Bibi Netanyahu and Lady Gaga. (Note: Linh D. will remember the old War Chief saying, "We had to destroy Saigon in order to save it!" Today, fast forward, the government prefers to save Tel Aviv at all costs and destroy America.

Apologize for being so long-winded, Larry... please lob back? This is serious shit, Enemy's motto is "have some shit." Man -- how I wish I were not subject to D.O.T. random D&A piss tests! I'd like to hot-piss in their martini lunches, gin & tonics.

x larry said...

hi chuck (and linh),
thanks for comments. i'll try to 'lob' a couple myself.
my comment on world religions is utopian, at least to me. i do realize some of the great people especially in the catholic faith--i was born one myself, irish catholic, still remember my totally atheist dad reading the bible after dinner, which would shock anyone who knew him now. had a lovely great aunt, from ireland and living in kc, never married, very religious, went to church every day. also very intelligent, and read tons. loved history, esp. irish, and travel stuff--i remember reading 'the brendan voyage' which she gave us, which enthralled me. also, i have two nuns i've met in the family, and god knows how many others i haven't! believe me, i want, or at least wanted, to believe. i also greatly admire catholics such as chavez and castro, and especially perhaps the courageous priests of central america and other places, whose religion was (before being murdered) the true one of jesus (if he existed). lovely ideals of jesus, i mean it. unfortunetely these are the opposite of church practice very often throughout history.
another great catholic: gabriel marcel, who wrote the excellent 'man against mass society'. another thing. i read a very old book a few years back by some catholic priest of around 1850, a history of what the first queen elizabeth did to catholics here in blighty... drawing and quartering and the like, very nauseating.

x larry said...

finally, i am very interested in the current writer israel shamir, who writes very anti jewish stuff and thinks judaism is evil. i won't say i agree. i will say i am not qualified to answer, but that he makes a case for it. that said, i've got problems with his take on things, one, his christianity (which, as a realist, he says is the only entity that can, or at least could, stand up to judaism's world takeover). another is with a guy i read on his website, a philly native incidentally, called michael jones. jones' article was very interesting, i just had a problem with something he said about my personal favorite, wilhelm reich. basically said he became crazy through his beliefs--i believe this was a reference to his sexual writings and beliefs, and jones seems to be saying he died of syphilis. all i know is he died in u.s. custody, in lewisburg prison, pa, where god knows what they did to him. he, from what i can see, was a very great man, if ever there was one.
anyway, here is a most interesting article by a catholic from shamir's website. his name is professor marek glogoczowski, and it's titled 'open letter to michael jones and israel adam shamir'.
i think you'll find it very interesting to say the least.
maybe another final point on catholicism: the absolutely loathsome church of england, religion of the hateful anglo saxons.
what else?
yes, shamir says i think the same as you, that getting rid of religion is a big part of the master plan. i must agree.
my utopian 'no more world religions' is a harkening back to an imagined pre historic time, a la wilhelm reich (or yes, indeed, perhaps he was 'one of them', i don't know), where people were rational, and (one of reich's very big things) not at all mystical. how he knows this, i don't know. or, alternately, i imagine the world of indigenous people everywhere, which was animist. this, to me, is not a matter of belief, it is just true. spirit is in everything. our minds, or souls, interact with nature and are a part of it.
back to the 'world religion' comment. i do think they are evil, or unnatural, and of course great tools of control. but unnatural. to me it kind of goes back to marcel's 'man against mass society'--they ARE mass society! (which i think is very unnatural, and will destoy the earth, IS destroying it before our eyes.)
think of crusades. inquisitions. witch hunts and burnings. now mass murder of muslims. or the abominably stupid rapture people and the damage they cause--they WANT it to end! opium of the people, i don't know.
let me stop for now. i'll probably write more later. cheers!
dan (real name)

x larry said...

also, in the above-cited article by the professor, he makes a great case for christianity being hijacked and for almost 2000 years being what it is and what people think it is. his main point is the willful stupidity of christians for all this period. who could argue it?
i personally don't believe in god. i don't believe 'god' talks to anyone. i can't stand the 'everything happens for a reason' brigade. tell that to the mother and child blown apart in donbass! (and billions of other examples). i have always found it all preposterous. indeed, so did the church father tertullian, who said BECAUSE it is so completely absurd (the whole jesus story) it MUST be true.
it is obvious who it benefits, why, and how.
now it is not even necessary of course. our imbecility as a nation and planet has say a hundred fold over a few generations, or even one, ago, increased. very stupid, and very confused (for the thinking ones). but mostly just very powerless (unless you choose the military or police and get that real tool, that powerful penis, in your hand).
i have had about ten or even fifteen years of what could be called shock therapy--the complete unhinging of everything i ever used to think. this started with waking up one day in my early thirties after teaching in korea for three years (i waa recovering for a year on a spanish beach--but some recovery! it's harsh, harsh, harsh, there and everywhere!), and realizing my entire 'schooling' was false. i had been brainwashed, made to 'learn' ALL KINDS OF SHIT that they 'taught' me. i had had four years of college and knew shit! my three years in korea vastly broadened my knowledge, mind, and perspective--to say nothing of my True Schooling, philly itself!
anyway, since that day in 04 when i picked up and leafed through 'a new pearl harbor' in a london bookstore i have, like so many others i suspect, been significantly altered. now, i really can't believe much. i wonder to just what extent we're being controlled. i mean, could david bloody icke be right?!
(but don't trust the fucking english, i say!) how about lyndon la rouche? how about alex jones, or chomsky? or how about none of them?
i truly wonder if they're not ALL a part of it, somehow, these diabolical fuckers, child murderers. forget physical murder, bombings and war. they destroy EVERYONE inside, where it really counts, right when they're born. and you have no chance if you want your kid to escape their vicious, dripping tentacles. who could ever have dreamed of the complete control they now have of us? why, why, why?! these very, very few want to (and there is zero reason to believe they are in the slightest way failing, flagging, or in any danger) secure their and their progeny's survival, how? by making sure they completely control and repress absolutely everyone else on earth, so there's no chance of anyone taking over or manhandling, much less murdering, them. who's up in arms, now? who even knows it, AT ALL? every children's book i read, i see it. every pop star, tv show, movie, newspaper, magazine, and yes, scholarly paper. and literature too. normalize, normalize, normalize! people will, and must, always look to AUTHORITY. if not, watch out for the police FORCE, or, even more dangerous, the work FORCE, against whom you have no chance. they'll make jokes if you're pensive... in short, they'll make jokes. you're done in a day. no chance.
geez, well, that was certainly a bit of a rant. sorry, chuck, hope no offense taken anywhere there! cheers,

x larry said...

i almost forgot what made me make that first comment in the first place. i looked up, who were where some anyway of the jewish protesters were from, and watched a bit of an interview with a rabbi weiss, titled 'the truth about zionists'. weiss seems to be the force behind this organization, and i think he was even at this protest himself as i think it was him that was mentioned in the al jazeera article linh gave link to in a different comment section.
anyway, i didn't find the rabbi offensive, but just thought, well, i'm tired of these religions anyway (the 'sky god' ones of gore vidal's phrasing). my 'how false can false be' comment was for all three of them. i mean, reading your religion in a book. just go outside! (that is, before all the earth was paved over by these same fuckers). i believe people naturally want to cooperate. our way of life is so unnatural now--god knows there are enough theories bandied about on this--we think BIZNISS and PRIVATE PROPERTY and MONEY, and of course the necessarily endless war and daily warring of all against all (our neighbors,etc).... we think this is perfectly ok, perfectly normal. god, i'm just starting celine's 'journey to the end of the night'--he describes it so well, but in a ww1 setting. the absolute lunacy! all (in the book literally) murdering all. but nothing's changed.

x larry said...

back to chuck's letter after a very long rant...
oh, american 'health care'! all is criminally insane, and just plain criminal. the heads of big insurance, big pharma, and let's just through in big chemical and every other fucking mutlinational, should be tortured then slowly murdered.
communes, a la the original paris commune, or a sort of prototype in the albigenses of the middle ages (who were genocidally murdered by the church's goons, notably an english 'bulldog', i think it was either a woolsey or perhaps a cromwell--one of their ancestors--who led the charge with greatest glee), need to make a massive comeback.
how, oh how, to bring these fuckers down?
as to 'we had to destoy saigon to save it' quote, there are many such. paying the price for freedom (through war of course), bringing democracy to X country (through war of course), taking on evil doers everywhere (through the great never-ending and never-endable war of all wars, of course). vietnam (and cambodia and laos) only perfected the monstrous acts of korea. i.f. stone's 'hidden history of the korean war' is jaw dropping--it was fought, literally, for nothing! civilians are where it's at, man! did lao tzu ever have it so bad? cheers,

Chuck Olroski said...

Larry: My life is quite harried, trying to drive school bus daily, pay rent, Etcetera... am sorry that I do not have sufficient time time to reply to all your thoughtful points. However, as everybody desires to share what they HAVE learned, I will say three quickies?

I love reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky "Brothers Karamzaov" which takes a complex & non-judgmental look into Man's nature, the good & bad. Notably as I'm a Catholic, Dostoyevsky believed western Christianity was on the way to perdition.

Also, Miguel DeUnamuno, a Basque-Spaniard wrote a book called "The Tragic Sense of Life." Back in the late-1980s, an elderly Lehigh University Professor of Victorian, an atheist, listed Unamuno's book as among the world' best (most comprehensible) religious- philosophy ever written. The Basque dealt with "doubt" and its dynamic & necessary connection to "belief."

R. Niebuhr taught me how strong is the individual human conscience and will to do good, in contrast to INSTITUTIONS which are subject to shady politics & fall into corruption. Tomorrow, I might get free, write more, and I thank you very much for the thought, especially regarding the remarkable Wilhelm Reich. Did not know he did time in Lewisburg Pen, which is little over 1 1/2 hours from here.

x larry said...

hi chuck,
thanks for writing back. i too loved karamazov. a very beautiful book, which i've still not finished after getting about halfway through it twice! i did read 'the idiot', which was also great. much better than the pot boiler crime and punishment. i've only read i think some newspaper article on unamuno, i think when i lived in spain. he seems not to be well known in the english speaking countries. i certainly never came across him in political philosophy classes at temple. will have to check him out. i've only known one basque guy. i moved furniture with him in barcelona. emilio was his name. he was a very smart guy, very impressive. but then at least half the guys i worked with, catalans mainly, could have been college professors in usa. and not only that, but movie stars! yes, these lowly working men were quite intelligent and educated, and with dashing looks. don't know nieburh. his comment on the strength of the conscience rings very true, and reminds me of nietzsche's 'strength of the emotions'.
also, glad you know reich! so few have even heard of him, it seems. i need to get back to my studies of him. i have only read most of two books, the function of the orgasm and the mass psychology of fascism, which during the 1968 unrest students in berlin and i think paris too would chuck (the book) at riot police, if i have that story right in my head. would that they would now!
well, i won't get started on reich. i've already written a diatrab or two to linh on him. cheers, chuck.


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