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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Feliks Dzierzynski--Leipzig 2

[Feliks Dzierzynski]



Chuck Olroski said...

Yo Linh: Thanks for this picture, as I am monitoring the gradual descent and retardation of US law, I happened to be re-reading Solzhenitsyn's fascinating chapter "The Law Matures," from The Gulag Archipelago!

Here A.S. talks about old Bolshevik revolutionaries who did time in Tsarist dungeons which (for Solzhenitsyn) were minor league as compared to the hard labor Soviet camps, for example, Sakhalin and Yakutsk. Regarding Cheka's Felix Dzerzhinksy, Solzhenitsn said, "he had the hardest time of them all, Dzerzhinsky spent all his life in prison... but according to the (Soviet) yardstick, he had served just a normal 'tenner,' just a simple 'ten-ruble' bill,' like any ordinary collective farmer in our time."

O man, you lucky hound dog, how I'd like to visit the Stasi museum! 2002-2007, I worked for Teem Environmental, an emergency spill response company owned by P. Stassi. Given his strange and secretive nature, most employees were amused by the company's not being dubbed Stasi Environmental, Inc.

Thank you and a collective ho-ho-hello from Carol, Dan and Joe.

RegularPoster said...

The Western lies and propaganda against bolshevism and people like Dzerzhinski, Stalin, Lenin etc. really knows any bounds. The reliance on bourgeois supporting scumbags like Solzhenitsyn and Robert Conquest is so overwhelming that is mind-boggling how the "educated and civilized" Western population has been once again brainwashed into beliving the typical bourgeois lies. This time it is that the commies and bolsheviks are all evils and bad, exterminating millions of their citizens for fun and terror blah blah blah. Disgusting.

Chuck Olroski said...

Dear Regular Poster:

Thanks to you, brain washed no more, I can see pretty clear now, and I might as well burn my book "Kolyma Tales" by Varlam Shalamov, and put all my Soviet Army Chorus (vinyl) records back on the shelf.

Indeed, "yesterday's pig is tomorrow's bacon," I learned that from Animal Farm, and thank you..., I remain yours in Bolshevik Law Enforcement!

Anonymous said...

Lol I knew that animal farm one was coming. Orwell sure did some serious historical analysis in that one.
Ok, sure, bolsheviks were murderous tyrants who slaughtered billions of their own citizens, raped and murdered the poor innocent germans and were pure evil. The Stasi and KGB were putting everyone in prison for fun. At the end of the day, isn't that what the bourgeois media and historians are repeating every day, those guys have never had an ideologically slanted view, right? And historically their track record is untinted - those guys would never lie.

Chuck Olroski said...

US globalists and CIA welcomed Solzhenitsyn's exile in Vermont until he issued essays and works like "Warning to the West" where he discussed the coming convergence of capitalism and communism.

During Jimmy Carter presidency, Solzhenitsyn was branded "insufficiently educated" by The Best & the Brightest of the West, and he became virtual persona non grata in Vermont while the goodie-goodie US formed the Mujahadeen to fight Soviets in Afghanistan and helped secure a portion of the lucrative poppy trade for financing future CIA missions. .

Anonymous said...

I once saw books by Solzhenitsyn in a history (I don't mean historical novels or historical fiction, literally history a.k.a. science) section in the biggest book store in Finland. So much for that scientific approach to economics, history and politics.

If you only knew how much the Russian libertards relied (still do) on talespinners like Solzhenitsyn to push their free market and Stalin-evil crap down everyone's throats for decade you wouldn't be so fond of his crappy novels, where he tells such blatant and outrageous lies for the sake of saving the world from the evil Bolsheviks.

But to each his own.

Chuck Olroski said...

Dear Anonymous:

Politics is a pretty deceptive science the way it is, and one should be especially careful when responding to someone who writes anonymously and with venom.

But given your insightful question to L.D. on Eric Honecker's picture on the Stasi wall... well shucks, who the hell am I? And I continue, exposed and living the American Dream in "talespinner" reverse. \

At any rate, the only novel I read by Solzhenitsyn was "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" which was daringly published by Novy Mir and used by Nikita K. (a Russian "libertard"?) to jump start de-Stalinization. Nearing the end of his life, Solzhenitsyn wrote a "blatant" OP-ED, published by the "libertard" US Prestige Press and where he called NATO's bombing of the beautiful city of
Belgrade "barbaric." Looks like Aleksandr wanted to help save the world from the evil Globalist's Cancer Ward?

Finally Anonymous, come put of the closet? Upholding anonymity on the World Wide Web is a wealthy encrypted man's game, and I find that it's really comforting to speak with people straight up. Thank you very much though.


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