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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Germany Update's Update

I forwarded to my Frankfurt friend two comments:

Dear Linh,

Love your reports, but I must take exception with your refugee excitement. In my local area of Oberbayern, our village of 8,000 souls has 'taken in' about 200 refugees with no problems. They are starting to work productively and will integrate surprisingly quickly.

1 million very foreign refugees is a drop in the ocean of 80 million Germans. Germany ( or at least Bavaria ) has a powerful culture which isn't going to be changed on tiny bit by the latest wave of refugees.

I agree that the push towards assimilation needs to be ernest. Deportation for the slightest criminality should be swift, automatic, and require the barest minimum of judicial process.

My personnel observation of the flood of refugees in Rosenheim & Munich during August, Sept, and Oct 2015 was they appeared in the main from levantine merchant classes. I suspect many are Christians.

Germany desperately needs population growth.

please keep writing, really love your reporting

Alonsa [not her real name]

Gordon K. [at Unz Review] says:
October 13, 2016 at 9:31 pm GMT • 300 Words

Let me put the comments from a Frankfurt resident in perspective – because I am a Frankfurt resident as well and because I work close to the Frankfurt main station in that very area the text claims german police to have lost control. IMHO that is an exaggeration. While there are always 20 to 30 young men of mainly north African origin around apparently selling drugs and while police is complaining that it is hard to get these people convicted in court, I wouldn’t say that police has lost control. While these young men are said to get aggessive from time to time I haven’t seen it. Most of the time they don’t interact with residents or travellers or tourists.

Those guys are either refugees or (I guess more or less) illegal immigrants from failed north African states destroyed by NATO and/or EU imperialism. They may have experienced violence and drugs throughout their lives. In Germany they can’t get jobs because they often only speak arabic or aren’t allowed to work. They don’t get few if any welfare payments from the government but live in a rich society with lots of expensive consumer goods. So selling drugs may seem like an easy solution to them. The government gives them little or no money to sustain themselves and does little to nothing to integrate them into german society. Few german language courses available, housing them separately from the german population. So what are their choices? Blaming muslims in general or some kind of loss of german identity for those problems is overly simplistic – and like almost all simplistic solutions wrong. BTW: We had at least one employee of our company harrassed by police while going to work from the station (or going home in the evening). I sometimes contemplate whether I should be more concerned because of aggressive police officers (even though this problem is certainly not as bad as in the US) in Frankfurt.

My Frankfurt friend responds:

Hey Linh,

I'd rather say the responses are stupid.... or even dangerous (sigh)…. I will try to explain:

I also have had no bad personal experiences with refugees - but it doesn't mean, that I don't see the problems. If this village in Bavaria Alonsa is talking about really "integrates" the 200 refugees into the workforce, it would be a miracle - but still a local one. All other messages from all over Germany are rather bleak:

The big German corporations wanted to hire refugees by the thousands - so far 200 have been hired (in over one year). Great.

Also in Bavaria, in Rosenheim (nice city), the local authorities started a huge campaign to integrate young refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. into the workforce, once the huge wave came in. Germany already has a rather good system of integrating people via different measures into the workforce.

They tried everything – courses, to learn German, trainings on the job, courses, to understand the German labor world etc. – and guess what? After half a year they had to admit that they failed. Why? Simple – the refugees just didn’t have the knowledge due to lack of education to understand the German labor market – its complexity, the way, things are done here etc.

Of 100 or 150 refuges ONE made it into an apprenticeship to become a skilled worker. All others had dropped out of the apprenticeships they had been offered. Too hard- too little money – no motivation etc.

And these were the youngest, Linh – the ones, where some people had hoped that THEY will be the ones to be integrated quickly - well – they were wrong.
One CEO of the Project in Rosenheim said to the press, that due to their experiences, she thought, that about 80% of the young Refugees in Rosenheim were not fit for the labor market – and that it was next to impossible to make them fit, because they lacked even the slowest standards due to the immense differences in the education systems.

The German labor office stated, that they think, that after one Year in Germany, 10% of the Refugees should get a job (which sounds rather optimistic or even absurd). And that – Hurra! – after 12 years, up to 75% of the refugees should have a job.

Can you name me one country in this world Linh, which makes such an insane immigration policy?

Now some people say: But with Syrians it’s different! They are so well educated (and yes – we have PR Campaigns telling us over and over again, that all these Engineers, Computer Experts, Designers etc. will contribute oh so mightily to the German workforce – HURRA!).

Sometimes I really fear for my compatriots- is it German nature to be so easily fooled – then – under the Führer – and now? But back to the topic:
The propaganda– sorry – I mean the news – is telling us, that half of the Refugees have at least completed secondary school – so the Headline in this article is: Highly qualified, but without apprenticeship- oh God, the stupidity of it all….. well, at least even the official media states, that only minority of the Refugees have completed studies or are able to study. But let’s look into it more in detail.

First of all – this is all according to what the refugees said – there are no credentials, no certificates, nothing, to prove they told the truth. But okay, let’s assume, they told said the truth. Let’s look at the Syrians:

2011 they made the latest TIMSS tests. TIMSS means “Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study”. They do these tests, to see, how good is the knowledge of pupils in these areas in fourth and eighth grade. 2011 45 countries participated for eighthgraders. Syrian pupils were participating – and Syria was among the lowest ranks – combined on place 39.

Germany did not participate (we follow other tests called PISA) – but the US did – and reached places 9 and 10.

In the famous PISA tests for mathematical skills, where 65 countries participated, Germany reached place 16. The US reached place 36. Syria did not participate.

Now – we all know, that tests also have faults – but still: When you look at these results, one should start to think. A German education expert, Ludger Wößmann, did not only that, but he looked in May 2016 into the Syrian school system once more and compared it with the German school system – and came to the-not-so-surprising conclusion, that Syrian Eightgraders lacked about five years behind – in comparison to German Eightgraders. This was due to the fact, that the standard of education in Syria is much lower – education in Syria was more orientated on Sharia and Religion.

The same had to be said to the Syrian apprenticeships, when they were compared with German apprenticeships – the methodology, the curricula etc. – everything was vastly beneath the German standards.

The board of Trade Munich, an institution not really known for many Nazis among their staff, conducted a study this year, where they did research on Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan young men, who had started an apprenticeship two years ago (before the great migration wave came) – and found out that, after two years, 70% had canceled the apprenticeship.

Too hard – too little money…. Etc.

Again – I want to emphasize that this was, when circumstances for support etc. were still good – now the circumstances are much, much

So all in all – I don’t know what’s more scary Linh – people like Alonsa, who still delude themselves and reject to see the disaster, which is coming – or the disaster itself. I don’t know.

Still – it is the destruction of Germany and we can watch it in a first row seat…. The refugees act as a sort of fire-accelerant…. BECAUSE – guess what our officials are already thinking about? Because the realization slowly creeps into some minds above, that not all is well in Denmark (or Deutschland rather), some people have already said , that…. We should lower the standards for students! And for applications! And for education! Hurra! Great idea! That’s the way to compete in the 21century – Hurra Hurra und dreimal Hurra!!

Okay- enough of that- as to the second guy, Gordon - he is insofar right, as one can surely still walk and travel through the central station in Frankfurt (I do, too). The police said, that they have lost control and were solely referring to drug selling – so it does not mean, that we have civil war already at the central station - we don’t. But the atmosphere is changing for the worse – and I know women personally, who don’t go to the Central Station at night anymore alone, because…. Like everywhere.

As for the second argument, it is the typical leftist attitude to switch the responsibility – the poor refugees, who start selling drugs, have no other option – that is just crap. It is true, that many of them are housed badly sometimes, but they all have a roof over their heads (and many German homeless people don’t!!). They get between €140 – 350 a month – which is not good, but not bad either. The way, to let them wait, until the asylum procedure is finished is bad, I agree – but all this doesn’t excuse refugees from stealing, dealing, raping or whatever!

This is the twisted mindset of the left, where they are sooo empathetic towards poor strangers, but they would NEVER show the same to some poor German bastard, who yelled in public something like “Fucking refugee” or even had a fight with a refugee, because he has lost his job, cannot afford the travel by train to see his mom in the north and sees these young men stepping on trains, not being controlled (they are refugees! Nazi!) and he lives in his shitty apartment, no chance for a change and sees, how some of the refugees get nice new apartments in new, extra build houses (it is our obligation! Nazi!) and he cannot afford the extra treatment by a doctor and sees refugees being transported by Taxi to a doctor (it was an emergency! Nazi!) etc pp.

And slowly, but surely, his anger is rising….. and one day it will explode. And THEN! Comes the final twist – because then, the media and the left have the final proof: SEE!!! We are full of Nazis!!! Shame on you Germany! (And if a refugee plants a bomb? – Ah – we must understand him! He is traumatized! Oh the poor fellow….).

These people sometimes make me sick Linh – they do, what Jesus told us we should never do – they condemn others – and they have huge, huge bars in their eyes…. Hypocrites of the highest order.

Well……It will fail – in the very end it will all turn to dust – but until then – it will be a zoo. Or something resembling a Blade Runner scenario. Not too nice, but inevitable.



1atheo said...

Pushing toward assimilation disrespects the minority. It is plainly and obviously supremacist.

If you don't wish to co-exist, better to limit immigration to much smaller numbers.

Put yourself in their shoes.

German and Italian-Americans were forced to give up their communal tongues and cultures as a result of the wars. It was a great wrong.

Naive liberals wanted "Negroes" to integrate and become like themselves. Only supremacists can sustain such folly.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the US has forced Germany to send more pilots and aircraft to kill non-terrorists and blow up civilian infrastructure in Syria.

The US and its vassal German politicians are intent on destroying Germany.

salish cedars said...

This is an interesting quandary. In light of the supposed need for population growth, as well as the problems caused by at least a portion of the immigrants, due to cultural incompatibility is there any talk of looking to Germany's diaspora abroad to fill at least part of the yearly quota? This could apply to any other country, as well. I know Ireland gives consideration to people who can prove having at least one grandparent from Ireland. There are many intelligent, skillful, even highly educated Americans (in the broadest sense, as in the entire western hemisphere) of German ancestry who might be enticed to return to their roots. That way you know that the people you let in have some familiarity with and respect for your culture and require less in the way of economic support.

Linh Dinh said...

Three Kansas men charged with bomb plot against Somalians | 14 Oct 2016 | Three men were arrested on Friday and charged with plotting to bomb an apartment complex in western Kansas where 120 people lived, including Muslim immigrants from Somalia who also used one apartment as a mosque, federal officials said. The three men, Curtis Allen, 49, Gavin Wright, 49 and Patrick Eugene Stein, 47, were each charged with one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction in Garden City, Kansas, Tom Beall, acting U.S. attorney for the District of Kansas, said at a news conference in Wichita. Officials said they were members of militia groups.

Linh Dinh said...

I received an email:

Thank you. I very much appreciate someone from Germany giving the REAL truth. My father-in-law lives in Munich. I’ve watched over the last 20 years the refugee problem escalate from a trickle (“we need more workers”) to the flood it has currently become. Very recently, we insisted that my father live in the United States with his three kids. He jumped at the chance specifically because Munich has lost so much of what it was, as you described. I love Bavaria, but fear that it will be lost along with the rest of Germany and the EU. I’m not sure what you teach, but your students are lucky. I’d love to provide them the “truth” instead of the politically correct stuff they are currently learning.

My father-in-law isn’t exaggerating. I’ve seen it first hand. Various parts of Munich are disappearing. Suburbs are becoming ethnic ghettos and small villages outside of Munich look more middle eastern than German. (Specifically Neufahrn bei Freising. It’s on the train route to Munich, next to the airport. ) Tell your friend that all great floods began with a single drop.


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