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Monday, April 26, 2010


Hank--Center City

5/11/09--Hank thinks hyper inflation is coming, but not for six years, enough time for Obama to be reelected.

"What's the positive to this downswing?" I asked him.

"We're still in Iraq. We had to go in there to prevent the Chinese from taking over. They're thirsty for oil, that's why they're all over Africa already. Look at Sudan. If we weren't in Iraq, our way of life would be over."

"So our soldiers are suckers, no? Most of them don't think they're fighting for oil."

"Yeah, I guess they're suckers, but every society uses its young men to fight its wars. Between 18 and 25, they're aggressive and can be trained to kill. After that, they'll start to think!"

"At that age, you also don't think you're going to die."

The ruling class won't let this house collapse, Hank continued. "Can you imagine if we had 50% unemployment? There'd be chaos on the streets. People would be killed all over the place."

"I don't think you'll need 50% unemployment for that to happen. In any case, I'm not as optimistic as you are. I think we'll have hyper inflation much sooner."

"I have to stay positive. I have too much invested in this country to see it go under, and besides, I have to live here."


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