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Wednesday, April 15, 2015






x larry said...

hi linh,
there was a japanese fast food place we often went to before going out in a certain part of seoul, then when i moved to nyc i found it there too. i think this was it. must admit it was tasty, but i'm a fast food junkie. cheers, and hope all's well with you.

Linh Dinh said...

Yo x larry,

In the UK, you have the Japanese noodle chain Wagamama, which is founded by a London-based Chinese guy. It's very good, though.

I can't believe you're admitting to being a fast food junkie! I do like fast food fried chicken. At Popeye's, you can get 12 pieces for $14.99 plus tax.


x larry said...

hey linh,
oh yes, at least in the old days. now i eat better food than i've ever eaten, ever. we're growing our own, and there's a community allotment we've gone to once a week for a few years run by the unemployed center, also another one once a week, so we have vast quantities of the highest quality organic in the fridge most of the time. my big vice now is doritos or other 'crisps', plus guiness for home drinking, or if on the wagon, dr pepper, plus usually a reeces cup. oh i'm terrible. but i've cut way back on mickey d's and bk lounge etc. in korea american fast food was like a delicacy, or a fix. we'd have it a few times a week--we'd, or at least i'd, crave after it, mcdonald's, burger king, subway (one of my favorites there), but the big gourmet experience, maybe once a month, was tgi friday's. there was also a great space age denny's, but very far from where i lived. wagagmama i know of and there's one here in brighton but i've never been. will promptly check it out. and soon i shall try pho. but bratwurst is what i crave in the street, and luckily quite a few places for it have sprung up recently. i love a little japanese place, cheap and packed with students, called pompoko, which is basically fast food. now there's a super little hole in the wall (literally--the counter's on the sidewalk), carribean, called back-a-yard. well, certainly i could go on and on and on and on and on..........