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Monday, June 29, 2015


St Vincent de Paul soup kitchen in 6-15--Wilkes-Barre

St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen. A hot, excellent lunch is served daily to about 300 people, and no one is denied. In blue apron is cook, with Chuck Orloski standing next to him. Unless he's on a bus run, Chuck volunteers every Saturday at the St. Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen in Scranton. Most people who go to these soup kitchens are not homeless, just poor. For many Americans, going to a soup kitchen is already a daily routine, but imagine how overwhelmed these places will be when the economic collapse really accelerates. Stock markets are diving today. The Asian markets are closed, and Shanghai was -3.34%, Tokyo -2.88% and Hong Kong -2.61%. It's blood red across the board today.



destroytheuniverse said...

like your t-shirt Chuck
honoring the GREAT one
Jimi Hendrix

Unknown said...

Dear destroytheuniverse:

Just so you know, the Hendrix T-shirt was a gift from a regular female patron of Saint Francis Soup Kitchen. Busty, I almost shit when she began to take it off in front of a crowd of dining people, and I relaxed when I saw a tank-top beneath the Hendrix T.

I love Jimi Hendrix, "Hey Joe" unforgettable, and he really came to artistic guitar heights while with Band of Gypsies. Thank you!