Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Web designer with diabetes begging on Girard Avenue--Northern Liberties

Girard Avenue, on the edge of gentrifying Northern Liberties. Scott Liffman is a web designer. He gave me his work website, but it's defunct. At Linkedin, there's this:

scott liffman
UI / UX / Responsive Design / Front-End Developer

Greater Philadelphia Area / Design

Current: MediMedia USA, inkOperated

Previous: City of Philadelphia, Office of Innovation and Technology, SeaChange Interactive, Villanova University

Education: Philadelphia University



Ali said...

He could technically find work at a tech company given his present skills, in Facebook or Google or wherever. I wonder if he tried applying to those places.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Ali,

I didn't talk to Scott long, but the guy appeared homeless. He's educated at Philadelphia College, a school I'd never heard of until yesterday, and I've been in Philly nearly 30 years.

Here's Scott Liffman's FaceBook page:

Scott was very soft spoken, polite and called me "sir."


Linh Dinh said...

Hi Ali,

I told Scott I'd post his business website, but it's dead, so there's nothing to post.


Unknown said...

I knew him when he worked for the City of Philadelphia. I've recently been trying to find him and communicate, but no luck so far.

Anonymous said...

Scott Liffman Sadly passed away Nov 9 2019