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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Bernie Sanders supporter with Communist flag--South Broad



RazorSharpSundries said...

Nazis are attacked in the streets, & perhaps rightly so. But every body respects a commie's right to free speech. The deaths of untold millions not withstanding. Thanks for the valuable reportage once again, Linh. You are doing good work.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi RazorSharpSundries,

Nazis hate Jews so they're evil.

Since many Communists were/are Jews, Communism is still cool.

One of the chants yesterday was, "Fuck the bourgeoisie!"


Linh Dinh said...

Four months ago, I wrote:

Sanders’ base are mostly comfortable whites who pretend to be anti-racist while staying as far away from all minorities as possible. They also mock and despise poor whites. While heavily invested in Capitalism, many pretend to be Socialists, while their spoiled children pose as Communists. Sanders' supporters are those who voted for Obama twice without feeling any remorse, for all they care about is appearing to do what’s right.


Trump, Sanders and Clinton are simply trotted out to absorb people’s anger and passion. The military banking complex will continue to do what it wants to do. It doesn’t matter if Clinton or Trump is our next President, American living standards will only nosedive further, with only our super corrupt ruling elites thriving. Behind walls monitored by drones and combat vets, they will chuckle as we try to lob Molotov cocktails onto the fringes of their golf courses.
Ironies pile on. A billionaire narcissist infamous for flaunting his wealth, with a fortune made on emptying suckers’ wallets, is posing as a populist. The Donald’s groveling before AIPAC should wake up his witless followers, but it won’t, since they’re so desperate for a messiah. Meanwhile, a “socialist,” i.e. an internationalist, can only win primaries in the whitest states.


Soon, Sanders will drop out and tell his base to support Hillary! People conveniently forget that war mongering Kerry once ran as an anti-war candidate. Obama, too, posed as anti-war and anti-torture. It is beyond sick, this farce.


Linh Dinh said...

Even after the WikiLeaks email fiasco, Sanders shows himself to be a most loyal company man. Of course, I'm not surprised.

"I am proud to stand with her," Bernie declared yesterday.

Of course, you are.

Responding to my Sanders comments in March, Rob Kall of OpEd News wrote, "I'll buy a lot of what you say, but Sanders is not being trotted out by the establishing. They are sh*tting themselves over the possibility of him becoming president and for good reason. he's the real deal."

Whatever, Rob.

Rudy said...

Your analysis was/is superb, Linh.

With no clue about who would supposedly represent what, I just said something like 'no matter who becomes the next figurehead, the deep state agenda will remain unchanged'.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Rudy,

I'm sure you saw everything I did. Professional wrestling is much more real than this shit.


LJansen said...

Hi, Linh. So right. Since I usually refer to the election cycle as kabuki, I decided to look up the word. One of its meanings is "bizarre" theater. Guess I should look up "bizarre" because election foolery is so accepted among the population, bizarre may not be an apt description. Anyway, great job. Linda

My Word said...

I'd rather live in communist Vietnam than die under nazi trained amerikan bombs. who did more harm to your native country the communists or the fascists? subtracting the natural and justified retaliation by communists against those fascists? The reality is that we all hate living under bolshevism but it's the reactionaries who bring them to power.