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Sunday, January 12, 2020


Swedish Pizza and Baking House on 1-12-20--Vientiane

My writing station for today is the Swedish Pizza and Baking House! Just being within sniffing distance of delicacies named Can Can, Budapest and Schwarzwald make me feel indescribably rich, but I don't touch none of that. Laobeer here is an agreeable $1.35.

This appears to be a popular hangout for old Chinese guys. Seven of them are sittting right next to me, but outside and separated by a plateglass window.



eahilf said...

I don't think beer would go too well with vanilla cake -- maybe they ought to offer a plate of spaghetti for guys like you -- anyway, something savory, not sweet -- although I once knew an English guy with a (bad) habit of drinking orange juice with Italian food -- practically turned my stomach.

What's the weather like on a typical day there at this time of year? -- I suppose warm enuf for a beer just about any time of day.

Linh Dinh said...

It does get hot, but it's not nearly as stifling as in Saigon or Hanoi, for the streets and sidewalks here are not nearly as congested. There's also less pollution. The many temples here are also like parks, so I'll just walk through one, if I want a momentary reprieve from the streets. Lao tuk-tuk and taxi drivers may not know the name of a street, but they can take you to any temple.

Martin - Alaska said...

I was in Laos in 2004 for a month (crossed overland from China) and loved it there, especially in the non-touristy North. What saves Laos from becoming another overrun Thailand is its fortunate lack of beachfront property.

You're a great writer Linh so long as you aren't blaming the Jews (I'm Roman-Catholic) for all the world's problems.

Anonymous said...

I do like reading about your experiences, travels and your insights an reflections.
I am a proud revolutionary socialist; so, I don't see any single ethnic group as the root of today's multitude of problems.

Frank from FL