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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Macedonia Square on  9-26-20--Skopje

My friend Petra writes from London:
I must admit, I was utterly stunned by your photos of Skopje, as I had been blissfully unaware of all this trashy nonsense taking place, before seeing your blog. I knew about the controversy Alexander the Great statue caused and remember the Greeks getting very upset over the whole issue. I knew that as a consequence, even the name of the country had to be changed, but I had no idea that this architectural initiative to turn Skopje into Las Vegas of the Balkans was happening for a couple of decades. It's ludicrous and delusional! This is their national identity they want to present to the world? Who are they trying to prove themselves to, the Greeks, the Albanians or to the Serbians!?

When I saw all these statues I couldn't help but laugh at the thought that they are so lucky the BLM movement hasn't quite picked up over there (yet)! Let's hope the Gypsies, or even the African refugees going through, don't suddenly identify with BLM. They would have so much work to do!


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