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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


City of the Dead on 1-12-21--Cairo

City of the Dead, where people live next to, or even inside, building-sized tombs, many centuries-old.



Unknown said...

Yo Linh!

Amazing picture, thank you. A question. Can you photograph such people without causing any ire?

Linh Dinh said...

Yo Chuck,

I'm pretty good at gauging what's acceptable. With this photo, I wanted to get at least the laundry and some animals in, to show that the place is inhabited, then this woman walked into the frame. Several people had already seen me with my camera, so it wasn't a problem. I interacted with about six people at the City of the Dead today. No one spoke English beyond a word or two, or a phrase.

In Cairo, several people have said to me, "You are welcome," when they simply mean, "Welcome!" It took a while for me to catch on.

Folks are very friendly here. Two people offered me seats on subways. One seemingly drugged guy did give me a bit of problem on a bridge, but I snarled him away. Had to.


Unknown said...

Reckon an entire article could be devoted to life in The City of the Dead.­čą║

Chuck Orloski