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Friday, February 5, 2021


My $427 a month room on 2-4-21--Tirana

My $458 a month room. I have a fridge, desk, private bathroom and access to a washing machine. My landlady speaks no English, but is very nice. If I decide to stay an extra two months or so, she'll probably give me a discount, but it's already a pretty good deal. My downtown neighborhood is very lively, but I'm in an alley, so it's quiet, and I'm on the 7th floor, so the view is pretty nice.

On the taxi ride here, the driver had the news on the radio. Albanian sounds like a language I can sort of figure out, at least enough to learn more than a few words.



Anonymous said...

Linh- you should read about the pyramid schemes in Albania. At one point in the late 1990s about 60% of Albanians invested in them, before they all collapsed.

Linh Dinh said...

I remember reading about that. It's incredible what these people have been through.