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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Covid Feuilleton #7

As published at SubStack, 1/8/22:

[Berovo, 9/23/20]

To balkanize is to break up into small, mutually hostile political units, as prompted by ethnic or religious differences. Though Yugoslavia was touted by many leftists as a multicultural paradise, it was held together by a high-living dictator, Tito, who ruled for 35 years, until his death in 1980. Right or left leaning, the infantile love dictators, a Big Daddy to take care of everything, but what they’ll get is a Big Brother to step on their smooth, soft face, with a few tatts to mask its naivete. Hypnotized by Jewish thinking, privileged, pampered Western “radicals” have no idea, so they openly worship red tyrants, the only kosher kind. How many cliché sputtering dough-faced soyboys have I met in my life? “It’s the only hope for the downtrodden, man!” Granted, Tito was not nearly as bad as Hoxha in adjacent Albania, but why should anyone have a hypocritical dictator lord over him for life?

Post-Tito, Catholic Croats, Catholic Slovenians, Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bosnians and Muslim Albanians violently balkanized, with the mostly Orthodox North Macedonians, who are essentially Bulgarian, also breaking off. 

On 9/23/20, I took a bus from Belgrade to North Macedonia. My first few days there, I spent in Vladimirovo, the home village of my friend Aleksandar Todorovski. Since we were only ten miles from the Bulgarian border, I asked Alex if he would be understood on the other side.

“Of course!”

“So you speak the same language?”

“Pretty much.”

“So you’re Bulgarian!”

“No, we’re Macedonians.”

With only 1.5 million people, North Macedonia is a weak, landlocked country. “Wouldn’t it make sense, Alex, for North Macedonia to merge with Bulgaria?”

“No! Why should we take orders from Sofia?”

This exchange about a tiny, obscure nation is pertinent because it stresses, again, that most people are essentially regionalists, with an attachment to a very specific region and way of life. Often, we bristle at commands from 500 miles away (and sometimes, from just across the room!), so obeying diktats from any global government makes no sense whatsoever.

If Macedonians and Bulgarians already have different demands, how can you impose uniform policies on Angolans, Vietnamese, Costa Ricans, New Zealanders and Ukrainians, etc., but that’s what globalists are trying to do with their “vaccines” and “health” passports, with Covid as a pretext.

Klaus Schwab, “The world will be a very dangerous place if we do not fix multilateral institutions. Global coordination will be even more necessary in the aftermath of the epidemiological crisis, for it is inconceivable that the global economy could ‘restart’ without sustained international cooperation. Without it, we’ll be heading towards ‘a poorer, meaner and smaller world.’”

Verbal tricks from a mass murderer, that’s all. By coordination and cooperation, Schwab means universal subjugation under a cartel dominated by Jews and blue-blooded whites, all Satanic. Even if Schwab was Vietnamese and not Jewish, I would still say fuck you! Nothing is uglier than unchecked arrogance. Coupled with power, it’s genocidal.

The Vladimirovo house where we stayed needed fixing up, which Alex was doing bits at a time, for he worked in Skopje, 95 miles away. This will be his refuge, though, should everything go to hell. With its tiny plot of land, Alex won’t be able to grow much, but at least he’ll be surrounded by hundreds of people who have known him, and his family, forever. Unlike most of us, Alex has maintained ties to his organic community, with its wattle and daub houses, religious festivals, goats, sheep and solid, friendly folks with a deep-rooted heritage they would be willing to die for. No society has survived any other way, although often, even that isn’t enough.

[Berovo, 9/24/20]

Communist countries and other dictatorships used to have nearly-impossible-to-get exit passports, to prevent their citizens from going abroad. None ever tried to keep millions locked inside their own homes for weeks, or even months, until the Covid plandemic, a truly unprecedented achievement! To repeat myself, the most salient feature of totalitarianism is control of movement.

Life wasn’t virtual decades ago, though. Now, a man in solitary confinement can have all sorts of autonomous, masturbatory pleasures, such as venting impotently at honeypot websites that dissipate if not misdirect his anger. Jerking off, though, is his main political and social opiate.

In Skopje, I met a 36-year-old dentist, Zoran, who was just waiting for Covid restrictions to be lifted, so he could emigrate to Australia. His English was halting but improving rapidly. In Perth and Melbourne, Zoran had relatives ready to take him in. Not only that, there were four Macedonian women down under willing to marry him. Spinsters, obviously, so no great beauties, but they were still under 40. When Zoran told Alex he would only wed for love, Alex set him straight, “Just pick one with a house! That’s the most important thing. You need a house to live in. If you make enough money there to buy a house, you’ll die before you’ve paid it off!”

After five weeks in North Macedonia, I decided to fly to Lebanon, where my friend “Taxi” would put me up for as long as I wanted. Moreover, it was in Hezbollah country, so how could I resist? I’d get to look into Israel without entering it.

Near midnight on 10/27/20, Alex drove me to the airport, with his son and Zoran also in the car. Saying goodbye, I joked with Zoran that perhaps we’d see each other in Australia. Neither one of us expected that free, open country to still be closed more than a year later and, not only that, to suffer the worst Covid policies anywhere, with extended lockdowns, forced “vaccination,” vast quarantine camps and protesting citizens lustily beaten up.

By 1/1/22, two despairing Aussies have set themselves on fire, with the New York Post reporting on the second victim, “Australian man self-immolates after ranting against COVID vaccines.” Very unbiased, eh? Madmen rant.

Undeterred, Zoran has consented to be Pfizered twice. It’s just the new normal. To live again, one must be Jew jabbed, even if it means to die, abruptly even, or be maimed.

No one knows how much longer must Zoran wait, but he will certainly wait, for at the end of the Covid rainbow, an unloved, unattractive wife and much needed house beckon. Also promised is an early death that can come at any moment. Hundreds of thousands have already dropped.

[to be continued, of course and unfortunately]

[Bitola, 10/8/20]

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