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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Beautyfur on 6-19-22--Vung Tau copy

A hair and nail salon called Beautifur! Notice also massage, gel and wass (for wax). English has never infiltrated Vietnam to this degree. It wasn't nearly this bad even during the Vietnam War, with hundreds of thousands of Americans and Australians here.


TomHum said...

Yep, that is how they take over countries!

Linh Dinh said...

Hi all,

A reader left this comment that was somehow erased, "Perhaps an indelicate question, but do you know if "massage" parlors in Vietnam offer sexual services like many Asian massage parlors in the US do?"

Anyway, the answer is: most massage parlors in Vietnam are just that, with some even staffed by blind people, for one of the few jobs traditionally available to the blind was as a masseur. There is a slang for sexual massage parlors in Vietnam, "massage from A to Z." Every so often, there is a news item of one being busted.

Hostess bars are common in areas frequented by foreigners, so sex tourists go there to find prostitutes. There are many foreigners whose experience of Vietnam doesn't go much beyond these hostess bars, but don't worry, they'll talk your ears off about Vietnam!


Anonymous said...

"VN bị Mỹ hiếp dâm tinh thần, đi đâu cũng thấy 'Happy New Year'." Writing seen on a wall in a Vietnam city during the war. Sure, it was mind rape.

Biff said...

“ Every so often, there is a news item of one being busted.”


“Didn’t pay the cops”

Ron said...


Please get this book translated into Vietnamese. There is no such thing as a virus. The only pathogens are bacteria, parasites and fungi. Bioweapons use the former and proteins (i.e. castor oil - Ricin).

Virus Mania:


Here is a free pdf version of the book (2007) edition:


Nobody needs to be wearing those face diapers in open air.

Linh Dinh said...

Hi Ron,

It would be useless to translate such a book, since it would be blocked from distribution.


Rabbit said...

Such a book isn't going to be read even in English speaking countries. More and more fucking idiots are putting their masks back on right now here in Perth, Western Oz. There isn't even any demands by the government bastards, no talk even of Moneypox, it seemed to die off after an initial bump in news, yet these damned retards somehow feel a need for their masks. After the mandates on them ended, most took them off, but now a few months later, most have donned them again. The stress of living with their little face blankies became too much.