Thursday, January 21, 2016


Plate of pierogi--Zgorgelec

I walked in to find a lady at a table. Since she barely looked up, I assumed she was a customer. I went to the counter to pick up a menu then peered into the kitchen to see an old woman, whom I waved at. I sat down. After about two minutes, the first lady stood up, turned around and said to me, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” It turned out she was the waitress and cashier.

The place was more bar than restaurant. Middle aged men would walk in, order a tall draft of Okocim then drink at a table mostly in silence, though they all seemed to know each other. Sauntering in, a guy said hello to everyone and shook their hands. Seeing me, he shook my hand also.

This plate of excellent pierogi filled with a pork paste cost me $2.20. A bowl of fantastic tripe soup that also had bits of ham and vegetables went for $1.90.


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