Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Saigon under lockdown:

Saigon under lockdown--Hai Ba Trung in District 1Saigon under lockdown--Ben Thanh MarketSaigon under lockdown--Tan Binh DistrictSaigon under lockdown--Tan PhuSaigon under lockdown--Ba Hom in District 6

From top to bottom 1) Trung Sisters Street in District 1 (downtown) 2) Corner of Ben Thanh Market (downtown) 3) Tan Binh District 4) Tan Phu District 5) Ba Hom Street in District 6 (where I walked up and down nearly every day whenever I was in Saigon)

These images are astounding. Normally, there's always some traffic on every Saigon street, even at 3AM, and a Saigon day starts at 5AM. In the middle of the night, farm produce is brought to wet markets all over the city, and there's always a cafe that's open wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Shlomo & Shylock figured out that it's easiest conquering a nation-state by capturing the leadership and institutions, as humans--ever focusing on their bodies and minds--tend towards apish hierarchical structures. Poor all those little Vietnamese dudes who died defending their nation for naught. Ironically it was the legacy of their dogged determination to follow orders that doomed their cause. Best to listen to the divinity that you are rather than the insanity of the mind (whatever its source) or plunging into corporeal hedonism.

Anonymous said...

The commies have done a great job of destroying every business in the country.... Just like in commie china, I can't figure out why the hundreds of millions of people won't get rid of in any way needed, the commies and have a free country. You start at the local level and work your way up. You remove them just like they would remove you with no second thoughts. super sad.

Big JiLm said...

I am a US Citizen who has been to VN 4x, and this is unbelievable. My wife is from there and she says no one can go out. This is obscene and the VN people need to revolve and overthrow the commies, they have long outlived their usefulness, and unless they want to be free, this will never end.